Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

A request, and then more Tennant!love

Firstly: To tinyteddyqueen.
Could you please, please, please get Casa Del to let me know if I have the job soon. As in preferably before the end of the week. Because I really need to work out my plans for the holiday, and I need to know where and when I am needed. And if they leave it too long, I won't have a place to stay, and I'll have to turn them down.

On a rather more cheerful note, the second part of Casanova was on tonight. As always tres fantastique, what with the music and costumes and Tennant!

But, as hilarious as the whole multicultural stuff was - and the accent jokes, and all the talk in the French court - this was, as I noted in DVD viewing, the more serious part. What with the ending that makes me cry, and all the horror of what goes on in Naples (the look on Casanova's face there...) and the duel and it's outcomes...well, this is the part where we see just how damned good the actors are. And poor Rocco...and young Jack being just creepy...and poor Henriette...and even Grimani, the bastard, you can't help but feel sorry for.

As much fun as all the satire of modern society was, this is still the dark, serious half. And damn, you can feel it.

Still, I was also amused by the random guy who turned up right near the start, to see if anyone was using the TV room, and ended up staying to watch the whole thing. Rather fun. And he seemed to enjoy it - laughed at a few things, jumped (literally) during the duel with Grimani and all.

We may have a new fan...

On a different note, the Most Random Graffiti Ever:
(Seen in Brunswick) "Suicidal Toast Brain Kick"

Well, it's no "Bad Wolf" that's for sure.

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