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Sugar High!

Yayness! Sugar Ball was on tonight (For those not familiar with Second Floor-isms, Sugar Ball is basically like a costume party, only with sugar instead of alcohol).

So, in the arvo I spent a bit of time working out teh costume. Which, in case you were wondering, was a (movie style) Hogwarts uniform, Gryffindor to be precise, I already had a suitable shirt, red and gold tie, black shoes and my ever-so-handy academic robes (and a little Gryffindor emblem to pin on, courtesy of the Potter Party back in July).

So, to finish off I headed up to that favourite of us Uni types, Savers. I managed to pick up a rather nice pleated grey skirt (which I'll probably end up wearing quite a bit. $8 is a bargain for a Fletcher Jones wool-mix skirt, even if I can't do the zip up all the way), and a maroon and gold knitted scarf for my costume.

And being me, I also picked up another few scarves for my collection. They were just so pretty. And rather cheap, also. And I also bought two new ties.

Shut up! My new ties are awesome - one is this gorgeous burnished bronze, and the other is all swirly colours, like an Impressionist painting. And I like them both muchly.

Anyway, I also went and picked up so new white knee-high socks (all my school ones were back home), and then toddled down to that costume place on Little Bourke for the piece de resistance - the hat! Black velvet, pointed, and very, very cool. And it looks fab with the costume.

Anyway, after getting shopping done, and killing a little time, I headed up to Second Floor for the Sugar Ball. And very few people there. Which is quite natural, seeing how little things seem to run on time around there, and only to be expected. But, once a few people turned up (and in costume), I went and got changed and joined the party.

We had some interesting costumes. annatheannoying's younger sister and friends seemed to make up about half the people there, and they seemed to stick to interestingly weird black dresses, though there was someone in a Santa cotume. But otherwise...tinyteddyqueen was Jesus (naturally - and, with bonus moonboots!), with fa11ing_away starting out as just a maskeradeguest, before changing into a "slave" outfit. Which first got her called Mary (as in the mother of Jesus), and then, most unfortunately, Jar-Jar. Well, her head-scarf-thing did look kinda like ears...

There was also forsakendaemon as the Antichrist (apparently), lenasupercat as a genie, bellmeister as a ninja, altheas as a Wolfram and Hart executive, annatheannoying as...something, and also a pirate and arriving later, a caveman and a few non-costumised people.

Oh, and I got asked by a couple of people just why I was wearing Gryffindor clothes (because there are several people whp are firmly convinced I should be a Slytherin. Also, I have Pansy Parkinson's hair)

It was lots of fun. Lots of (hideously unhealthy) yummy food, cakes and chips, lollies, and softdrinks. Like a kid's party, really. But much tasty fun.

We had also had a few games, quite a few involving balloons, a limbo competition, lots of dancing (and that shameful thing that is known as the Macarena) to both good and bad music. And of course, no party is complete without a viewing of the Weapon of Choice clip.

And lots of generic silliness, involving ballons, bubbles, and stick twirling. And that bloody rocket thing, which was the source of some terrible (and hysterical) dirty jokes.

Highlights included:
- Me winning the balloon races, due to throwing my wonderful hat over the line. (And copious cheating in the earlier rounds)
- tinyteddyqueen, our dear Jesus, singing along to "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life". Made even better by the fact the Christian Union was in the next room at the time.
- Getting to freak people out by jumping on balloons when they least expected it.
- The Squealy Doctor Who Fangirl Alliance (fa11ing_away and I) freaking out when iTunes put on a very cool Who Theme Remix. And then getting to attack blinvisible with bubbles while listening to it. And discovering that sylver_spiders had watched Casanova, and had joined the mighty legion of Tennant fangirls.
- Getting introduced to a random as having "the mental age of a three year old" after my memorable first words to them: "I'm a witch!"
- Getting, as a prize for my costume, a vert cool big pink foam dice.

After we got thrown out of the Joe Nap rooms, we then headed over to Casa Del for some nice gelati. Which involved walking along Lygon Street in full costume on a Friday night, which was rather amusing, actually. Got some very odd looks, and a bunch of girls in car yelling out to me "Harry Potter!" But also fun, even if there was no lime gelati at Casa Del.

Then back to Uni to sit in the courtyard and mess around for a while, and back to college.

*sighs* All in all, a good night, I do believe. Even if I am in need of sleep. And I must do some more work on my Creative Writing tomorrow.

Many photos were taken. Sadly, the digital camera is still being fixed, so all were on film, but I might try and scan some in if I find any really good ones.

Anyway, some quotes from the night:
fa11ing_away: "You know what I've discovered...the reason Jesus can walk on water.
God is a duck."

fa11ing_away: "I am not fucking Jar-Jar!"
As I had just taken a mouthful of drink at this point, I promptly managed to snort it back out my nose, and end up spending the next five minutes hunched over, in minor hysterics, with tears of laughter running down my face.

tinyteddyqueen: "Stop filming Jesus!"

lenasupercat: "Who can be loud and organise people - Goldie!"

altheas: "Can we have a new Jesus?"

tinyteddyqueen: (To me) "Don't put dirty thoughts in Jesus' mind."

tinyteddyqueen: (About fa11ing_away) "She's not Jar-Jar, she's my mum!"

tinyteddyqueen: "The Antichrist is sitting on Jesus!"

tinyteddyqueen: "Jesus makes everyone laugh."

tinyteddyqueen: "I do not have a TARDIS between my legs. I'm Jesus."

bellmeister: "That's what the Bible lacks - balloons!"

parakleta: "How is it you cannot stroke in a straight line?"

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