Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

The Anti-meme Meme, and Other Randomness

So, teh Creative Writing Folio has been done. Edited, printed and handed in.

I ended up submitting five pieces in total - "Subject 1452", that other one from yesterday (which I titled "Storytime"), that cemetary one from last week (which I called "Spring"), and two bits of poetry I did ages and ages ago, called "On the Edge" and "Hell Is..."

Very little editing needed to be done for most of them, just a minor clean-up of grammer and phrasing in the most part. I did add a bit more to the end of Storytime, mainly just to give it an actual sense of conclusion (the end of the police interview is implied)

Anyway, ended up a bit over 2800 words, which is within 10 percent of the 3000, so word count was acceptable.

In other news, Comp Sci exam tomorrow. Ack! I think I am pretty well resolved to failing this one. The subject sadly started to lose my interest halfway through the semester, and the lecturer frankly sucked. So I'm a bit apathetic about it, really. I've decided I want to do a Psych major for Science, so it won't effect anything much.

Also, insomnius has declared a jihad on memes. Thus, ranorith has promptly created an anti-meme meme. Feel free to yoink for the sole purpose of annoying insomnius.

1) What is your least favourite thing about memes?
When people don't put the bloody huge pictures in them behind lj cuts. It's truly, truly irritating.

2) What is your least favourite type of meme that you've encountered?
The kind with really crappy options for answers. Or really obvious answers, come to that.

3)How would not doing memes help World Peace?
Er...no-one would have been sorted into which character/house/love interest they should have, and all this conflict would stop, and we would all be peaceful and happy and as one.

4)How would not doing memes help solve world hunger?
Because what with the world peace and all, people would be far more willing to share their food. And no-one would ever go hungry.

5)Explain in 43323 words or less why internet memes were invented by the Nazis.
43323 Because Nazi's like messing around on their computers. words

NEW QUESTION 6) Who is more likely to create memes, Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein?
Osama, obviously. He's still hiding in his cave, making more and more of them...

7) Create more questions of your own...

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