Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

One Down

Okay, first exam = Done. It wasn't quite as difficult has I had expected, but considering my recent apathy for Programming, and the fact I spent rather more time working on my Creative Writing folio, I am still expecting to have failed it. I don't think I crashed and burned like Maths last semester, but I still think I failed.

Oh well! It's not like I'm continueing with the darn subject.

In other news, there is very little other news.

Er, sorry about that.

But, in order to bring you some discussion of interest, I felt it necessary to fill in some more time. So I went and downloaded that radio broadcast of Much Ado About Nothing, starring *cough**David Tennant**cough*, and listened to that earlier.

Well, sort of listened to it. I tuned out a little in a few parts, partially because I am dead tired, and so had difficulty keeping my mind entirely on it (and Shakespeare is one of those things one needs to concentrate on, if you want to enjoy it), and partially because it was a radio broadcast. And I always prefer to see my Shakespeare on stage - or on screen. Without the visual, at some points it got a bit blah.

But, as I sure you could have guessed, the main draw was Tennant as Benedict. And he was quite fab, I must say. Very funny, all snarky and sarcastic. *sighs* You gotta love a man with a quick wit. And OMGACCENT!

Anyway, my Fave Tennant MomentsTM (excluding the snarky flirting):
- "I am loved of all ladies." Too true, mate, too true...
- When he eavesdropping on the staged conversation about how much Beatrice loves him. Sounding all offended and annoyed, and then pretending to the wind when the others hear him. *grins*
- Singing! Yeah, it's crappy singing, but he isn't supposed to be a good singer, and it was Too Cute!
- Benedict stuttering over the word "marriage" near the end.
- And an interesting double-entendre from Beatrice over Benedict: "So I would not should he do me..." Interesting.

Now, I shall sleep. Possibly.

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