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Fandom Random!

Yes, I seem to be overusing the word "Random" in my headings as of late. But it is such a great word! Handy for all occasions, and all that.

First bit of fandom random: Apparently, GoF will be rated M in Australia, due to "fantasy violence." Holy crap! This bodes well for the dark and nasty scenes in it, I do believe. I am liking this muchly...

Though it does bring a question to mind: namely, what the hell is HBP going to be rated when that movie comes out? 'Cos, a lot of implied murders and acts of terrorism, poisoning, graphic violence (the nose-stomp, Sectumsempra, Bill Weasley's wounds), deaths, more torture, betrayal, implied child abuse, and Greyback, who's a whole ratings issue all on his own.

And in another fandom: Joss posted on Whedonesque! How freaking awesome! And post NFA Buffy-Angel comics, the Spike movie thing, hints for the future of the Serenity-verse. And the fact it is, you know, Joss, and therefore riotiously funny in it's own behalf is just great.

<td align="center">Fun is most important in your life.

Having a high focus on fun indicates that you value your own enjoyment over anything else. And there is nothing wrong with that. Your motto is we're here for a good time - not a long time.

Life Piechart - QuizGalaxy.com
Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Yep. Definitely sounds like me. I mean, what is life without fun?

quotation marks
You scored 53% Sociability and 70% Sophistication!
There is a lot more to you than meets the eye. You certainly get plenty of "action," but you'd be happier if those who lusted after you were more selective. You hate being used as a general intensifier; haven't these people ever heard of underlining? Italics? And yes, you remember the cruel words Mr. Joyce directed at you. But you let none of this get you down; those who abuse you are destined for a "special" reward, sooner or later. You feel particularly warm toward periods, commas, exclamation points, and question marks, and usually wish to have them next to you. Parenthesis can sometimes trouble you.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 60% on Sociability

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You scored higher than 90% on Sophistication
Link: The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test written by Gazda on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

That's just brilliant. And oddly fitting, considering both my obsession with Teh Quotes, and of course the infamous Quotes Book.

BTW, what time and where do we meetup for our Mexican thing tomorrow, tinyteddyqueen?

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