Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Da da dada dada da dah Tequila! (Dalek!)

So, the night of Mexican was actually quite fun. We met up on Second Floor - tinyteddyqueen, fa11ing_away, de_chel, knave_scurvy, forsakendaemon, altheas, lena_supercat and myself - and headed off down to Taco Bills. Luckily, we had actually reserved a table (well, tinyteddyqueen reserved a table), and didn't have to wander around Melbourne killing time.

Food was, as always, quite nice, and the Margarita's were great. I got to try the strawberry one this time, which was rather yummy. And no, I didn't get drunk - I only had one and a half. Which is a pity, because I would have liked to have more.

The most amusing part came, I think, after we left, and several blocks later de_chel and knave_scurvy had to head back to the restaraunt because they had left their furry handcuffs (!!) behind. They even had to go ask the waiter if he seen them, I hear. Now, that I wish I could have seen.

Then we headed up to Casa Del. Ran into ranorith on the way, who joined us on our gelati hunt. After gelati (which was sadly lacking in lime flavour, the traitors), we lost de_chel, knave_scurvy and forsakendaemon to a party, and headed onto Brunetti's, where we ogled the cakes and some people got hot chocolate.

Then we headed back to tinyteddyqueens. We hung around, messing around with her computer and on the internet for a while, showing off a few things that altheas had copied for her, and some interesting flash animations.

So, I went and showed my own personal favourite: The Dalek Song. Which had quite a few people in stitches, and we watched over and over...and over again.

Then, lena_supercat and altheas left, becker_ showed up, and we ended up watching the entirety of Season Two of Little Britain. Which was hysterically funny, even if it got more and more "I can't believe they did that!" as it went on. But the Tom Baker commentary kept cracking me up, and Anthont Stewart Head getting a gay snog = fabulous.

After that I headed home. Not much happened until that tennant_love weekly chat, in which very few people turned up, and I was declared the Queen of tennant_love for sharing with masses both the Dalek Song, and spoilers from the Children in Need Special Trailer.

But for even more spoiler goodness, check out the trailer screencaps. *is dead from squee*

Random Quotes:
knave_scurvy: "So, who's Tristan stripping for?"

tinyteddyqueen: (To me) "You've just been Panda-whipped!"

altheas: "Second Floor: It's a spectator sport."

A quote of mine I was compelled to add
Me: "I lust for the cakes. I have cake lust."
This was quite amusing enough on it's own, but got even stranger a few minutes later...

tinyteddyqueen: "Look! It's David Tennant on the cake!"
fa11ing_away and I: "What? Where?"
At which point the two of ushave our faces pressed up against the cake display case, and are clawing away at the glass.

tinyteddyqueen: "Lots of people go down my dark alleys."

This next bit happened after my invention of the exciting new word "Chocolategasm"
altheas: "I have finished my essay! Melissa is the final proof against Intelligent Design."
Me: "What?"
altheas: (To the group at large) "Well, Melissa creates words. These words are not intelligent. This is proof that design is not necessarily intelligent."

becker_: "Work was a bitch - computer caught fire."
ranorith: "Burning CDs again?"

And the most disturbing comment EVER
becker_: "I have an attachment to David Tennant - he's in my pants."

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