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And it’s back, bigger and better than ever! The Links List (with 1000 elephants!)

Yes, I know this is sorely overdue, and as such is sickeningly long. As in around 100 links, long. *sighs*

But, as always I feel compelled to share this with you all, and so I give you my newest links list, sorted by Fandom (or lack thereof).

My previous links lists can be found here.

Harry Potter

To start with Fanart.

As always, being an entirely not-arty person myself (at least when it comes to drawing – clothes is a different matter), I remain hugely in awe of people who can draw well. Two of these I have found on LJ do some really, really great HP art, in very different styles.

caladan_dd does incredibly detailed and stylish paintings. She has a truly unique perspective on the characters (which can be slightly disconcerting to start with, as some look very different from both the movies and how they are usually drawn), and a wonderfully vivid fantasy style. She is also rather fond of Tonks, and Remus especially.

In stark contrast is lberghol’s very cute cartoon sketchs. Again, with some great characterisations, she does some of the most adorable black and white and coloured cartoons I have seen. Though she does tend towards the younger generation, and the more fluffy scenes, she can also do more serious work too.

Simply Potterific. Basically, it’s a Harry Potter fancomic. It gets updated semi-regularly – no idea how often, but it is updated. Lots of random amusement, though you do tend to need familiarity with canon to get some of the jokes. My particular favourite: This one, set late in PoA. Great fun, really.

And a single art rec: The Gory Spoilery Alphabetic Guide to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. No, not gory like that, just HBP retold by art and poetry. Lots of fun, with great black and white pics. Sadly unfinished the last time I looked in, though.

And onto the main show, Fanfiction.

Yeah, I know, I am obsessed. But in the wake of HBP, some utterly amazing fic has been written, and it has brought a lot of older fics back to the surface in peoples re-immersement in fandom. I’ve got a huge variety of stuff here, many pairings (or gen) and many lengths.

To start with Yet another parody. This one, however, is of HBP. Though there are a few going round, this has to be my favourite HBP parody, because it is both witty and very funny, at the same time done with genuine love and without ever being too harsh. The shipper comments are especially amusing.

Now, I am certain everyone around here has at least heard of shoebox_project - I know I have recced it before. Well, an essential supply for someone who wants to be able to reread without spending hours online, or waiting for the pictures to download for those poor types on dail-up: The Shoebox Project in PDF.

Now, for one of the most unique things I have come across: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Poet, or in other words, HBP ala The Waste Land. Now, I quite like The Waste Land in all it’s insane brilliance, and seeing this utterly astonishing reworking of it was something I found truly spectactular. The style and pattern is pure Eliot, but the story…Gah! If you like HP and poetry, you must read this.

Dreams. A rather nice post-HBP genfic, about dreams and memories and the past and future, it’s a rather interesting look inside the head and thought processes of our dear Harry.

Heroes and Villains. Now this is utterly astounding. A look inside the head of Lily Potter on Halloween, 1981, this simple one-shot managed to reduce me to tears. It makes Lily real, it makes her human, defiant and loving and so very, very heroic. Tragic and brilliant. “No one ever wants to kill as badly as their victim wants to live.”

Monster. An almost finished (short) chaptered fic, this is the story of Harry and Ginny (yes, it’s H/G) and their relationship with both one another and their other friends. What drove me to rec this (apart from great chacterisations and emotion) is the great interactions between Harry and Hermione, recognising the great love between them, but not in that way. Oh, and having a Ginny who is strong and real and not just the token love interest or pushy bitch she seems to end up as in so many post-HBP fics.

And while I’m on Ginny fics, Momentum. This is a great character study of Ginny, taking in account all of her characterisation’s changes, PS to HBP. It gets into her head, and shows us who she is and why she is like that, without ever santifying her or making her seem flawless. For me, this is the definative characterisation of Ginny.

Devil’s Advocate and it’s sequel Love, Blood and Rhetoric. Two Tom/Harry fics (though the second rather more so than the first), and yes I mean Tom, not Voldemort. These take a rather more sympathetic look at Tom (they were written pre-HBP), and the interesting question of what if Harry hadn’t destroyed the diary. Fascinating interactions (I love Harry’s words to the present day Voldemort), and a truly unique ending.

You know those “Tell me 20 things about yourself memes”? Well, one bright spark had the great idea of applying this to the Harry Potter characters, and started a challenge based around it. This is the Masterlist. Pretty much every major character shows up at least once, with some many times more. They do vary in quality, but they are so much fun, and a very innovative way to do both a character study, and in a few cases tell a story. I can recommend the Draco Malfoy one by furiosity, and the Hogwarts one by siriaeve.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Dark Lords. As the title implies, this is complete and utter crack. But, damn it is good crack. Harry as a Dark Lord due to a “hostile takeover” of the Death Eaters? Tom from the Leaky Cauldron telling the angsty tragic backstories of all the characters? Kinky tattoos, hysterical slash, and this line: “You like that—Master? My—ability—to multitask? How g—god—goal-oriented I am? Willing—ohfuck, you’re so tight—to go the extra mile?” This fic take cracky slash to new and brilliant heights.

This Undiscovered Country. Harry Potter meets Death (ala Discworld). A bit meta, mostly because half the fun in reading this fic comes from working out where all the quotes are actually from. A brief bit of amusement.

Exterminatus. In which Sirius watches Doctor Who, and decides he wants a Dalek. Because I am a crossover geek, and am enough of a fan of both fandoms to appreciate the fun here.

Now, heartsncraftslb has written a whole pile of really great humour fics with some fantastically original characterisation. Most are interconnected, and take place within her own version of events (still canon, just addressing things we don’t see in the central narrative). Which led me to the problem of exactly what to rec. In the end, I decided to just add a link to the Author page, so you browse til your heart’s content.

In lieu of HBP, a large proportion of fandom nutters were outraged by a certain relationship. And no, I am not talking about Harmonians this time. The fact that Remus and Tonks got together astounded many, most of whom were convinced that Remus was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on Nitrous Oxide. So, in order to comfort these poor idiots, violet_quill came up with A Helpful Guide to Offing Tonks, in which you can learn how to kill Tonks ala the classic literature of your choice. Cracky, but fun.

And, with what is quite possibly the best for last Correspondance between John Howard and Peter Pettigrew. In which Howard (repeatedly) inquires about becoming a Death Eater, and Pettigrew responds. Just read it, you’ll love it.

And, where would I be without a bit of solidarity to fellow reccers?

Recs pages

Morning Frost Recs. A Multi-fandom recs page, though with an emphasis on the Potterverse. Not the largest recs page I’ve come across, nor the most fandomly diverse, but with some great fics recced, anyway.

Another multi-fandom recs page. This one, however, is absolutely massive. An utterly huge number of fandoms covered, include some rather obscure ones, but again with an emphasis on HP. Covers gen, het and slash, and with a very large number of recs. I am particularly fond of the gen section.

And now, in which I rec recslists of recslists on my recslists. Very confusing, isn’t it? But two lists of other reclists, some I have recced previously, others I haven’t. This one is updated fairly regularly, and the lists are sorted by the reccer, and listed giving the sort of recs they contain (ie. A challenge, ship or time period, etc.). This one is less comprehensive and updated less often, but gives summaries of the reclists contents and usefulness.

Now, every couple of weeks or so, tunxeh comes up with another of her Commentarii, in which she recommends fanfiction, fanart, essays and other meta-ness, and just things of generic interest. Regularly updated, and great for finding good discussions and thoughs as well as good fanfic and fanart.

A masterlist of recs, sorted into slash, gen, het and so on, and full of some pretty darn good fics. I am unsure how often it is updated, but it seems to be pretty good.

Multi-pairing and multi-style recs. Exactly what it says on the box. Fics of many shapes and sizes, sorted by pairing (or lack thereof) and category.

The Zone. Another fairly extensive list of fic recs, this one has sadly not been updated in quite a while. Again sorted by gen/het/slash, this has a bloody huge selection of slash fics, some of which are quite…graphic.

And, courtesy of the GAFF Forums , some genfic recs. Since anyone can add their recs to this list, the quality can very somewhat, and some of the selections are debatable, but generally pretty darned good.

And finally, not really a reclist, but a community that has produced almost entirely great HP fics: femgenficathon. Looking at the many and varied females of the Potterverse, you can find wonderful oneshots without the huge shipper bias that seems to dominate the fandom. Great stuff.

And some other HP links worth checking out:

The HMS STFU. Moved over to journalfen ever since we were kicked off LJ for being OMGMEAN, a great place to hang out if you want to read about the stupidity that comes from canon denial. Yes, this normally turns out to be Harmonians.

And because I realised I have not as yet recced any good HP news site, I thought I would head straight for the big ones: Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron. I think the fact that the owners of these sites got a private interview with JK Rowling pretty much says it all: when it comes to HP, pretty much the biggest and the best.

mike_smith had never read a Harry Potter book. But, considering all the fuss he heard about HBP, he decided to read it. With no HP background. And review it, chapter by chapter on his LJ. Read his reviews here. Now, as HBP is my favourite of the HP books, at times he does annoy me a little, as he tends to talk down a little to people who like the books, and without the fandom background, does seem to miss the point of certain things that fans love. But there is no denying he is very entertaining and wonderfully scathing. A different look at HBP, that’s for sure.

Summary Executions. Has anyone in the HP fandom not heard of mctabby’s summary executions? A pretty simple concept, really – take the worst of the worst summaries in the HP fandom, and display them for all to see. Hysterically funny, without fail.

And next we have Doctor Who.

As I am sure pretty much everyone who knows me/reads my LJ has noticed as of late, I have quickly decended into a bit of a sqealing fangirl when it comes to this fandom. Still, it is great fun, and there is an awful lot out there that is worth reccing.

To start off with Doctor Who Fandom Overview. A great little overview of the many years of characters and plot covered, perfect for those who are either new to the fandom, or (like me) have only a passing awareness of the Classic series. Covers the Doctors, companions, some enemies, and with brief looks at some of the stories and common references that might turn up in fanfic.

Also, for those who want a better look at some of the classic series, BBC has online some Classic Who ebooks. Some are more readable than others, but they come with author commentaries, and hey, free books!

Now, onto some fanfics…

Ghost in the Machine is a particular favourite of mine, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has seen the new series (preferrably all of it, to get all the references), but would like to get into the classic series. It’s a wonderful, fun, plotty genfic – or as gen as a new series fic can be – in which Rose is accidently being flung through time within the TARDIS, and coming across many of it’s inhabitants. So, you get companions, multiple Doctors, and Rose interacting with several different Doctors, and yet misunderstanding who they are entirely. Sets up the end of the series beautiful, and all in all great fun.

On the subject of favourites, I was going to recommend something by icebluenothing, except I didn’t know what, seeing as it is all freaking amazing. So, I thought I’d just rec the lot of it. However, particular note must go to From This Day to the Ending of the World, which is set pre-“Rose”, and covers the time war, and how the Ninth Doctor became who he is throughout the series, Of More Value Than Many Sparrows, which seemsto be nothing more than a great little character study, until you reach the final line and realise just how devastatingly brilliant it actually is, and probably my very favourite, The Candle That Burns Brightest. This fic never fails to make me cry, and it is awesome. An AU but not, it is beautiful and tragic and brilliant and so very, very touching.

Might As Well. In which Rose comes to terms with losing “her” Doctor, and the Doctor comes to terms with his own changes, through the two going back to visit a certain guy in a leather jacket…Shippy, but subtly done, and at the end full of hope.

Of Goblets and Masks. A Who/HP crossover, listed here because it is rather more Who than Pottery. In which the TARDIS manages to somehow land the Doctor and Rose in middle of the Wizarding World, and the Doctor gets talked into keeping an eye on things at Hogwarts by his old friend, Albus Dumbledore. Written by hobbit_hunter, this is a fun WIP, and worth keeping an eye, I am personally looking forward to everyone’s reactions when a certain individuals real identity comes out from under the Polyjuice.

And now for something completely different, The Penumbra Cell. Despite the faintly hokey title, it’s a great introspective and philosophical debate, really – not so much a fanfic as a morality debate. But damn is it good. No swearing, no violence, no sex, no shipping, just clever writing and good morals. However, it is on the Outpost Gallifrey Forums, so if you aren’t a member you can’t see it, worst luck.

As always, with the end of any television series, particularly those with a cliff-hanger ending, you see a huge number of possible futures written. In the wake of the regeneration, many, many fics have been written, and quite a few of them have been collected here. Many different takes on the one event, from the fun to the maudlin.

And in stark contrast, we have Don’t Look Now, But Your Ways Have Parted, a hysterical parody of said regeneration fics, taking a great look at all those cliches you see. One of the funniest things I have read in ages.

For a selection of good New Who fics, try The Mauve and Dangerous Awards. A fanfiction awards site, this has collected the best fics and authors in the New Who fandom. The award-winning fics are (naturally) fabulous, but there are also some utter gems amidst the nominees. Includes catagories Het, Slash, Gen, Humour and a bit of everything, really.

More good fics can be found at dw_recs, which has some really great stuff, both classic and new series, and also time_and_chips which is the place to go if you want Doctor/Rose fics (of any incarnation). However, T&C can involve a bit of wading through the archives, as the memories needs updating/

And because no Doctor Who reclist would be complete without it, The Dalek Song.


Though I love and adore this fandom, I have surprisingly few fanfic recs for it. This has a lot to do with the fact that I keep finding bloody shipper fics, and though I do like the canon ships, this is a fandom I like for things other than shipping really. Also, a lot of the most popular ships are non-canon ones I don’t see at all.

Still…if you have any more good fics, let me know.

To start with, Firefly Wiki. All your necessary info on the ‘verse’s finer details. Last time I had checked it had not been updated for Serenity info, but it’ll get there. A lot of good links can be found there, also.

Translations of Firefly Chinese. C’mon, everyone who watches the show wants to know about these! I mean, it not only helps get a hold of the conversation, but gives you a whole new vocabulary for insulting people in…

The River Tam Sessions. Is there a Firefly fan who hasn’t seen these yet? If there is, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Great little viral marketing clips, which add so much to River’s character, and add some creepy undertones to both the show and Serenity. The fact that Joss plays the shrink guy is also highly amusing.

And, because I wouldn’t be me without a few movie parodies, Serenity in 2000 Words. Great fun, and worth a read if you’ve seen the movie. If you haven’t…avoid like the plague, because it has spoilers out the wazoo. I’d quote some, except, you know, spoilers.

And now, part fanfic, part fanart, and part advertising, we have A letter from Kaylee. In which Kaylee tries to talk everyone into seeing Serenity again, and to getting all their friends to come along. Very cute and all, and almost scarily in character.

And my only true Firefly fanfic recs: ScrewtheAlliance’s fanfic. StA is a published author (Star Trek books, I do believe) and it shows. His two fics, Kaylee’s Lament and The Treasure of Lei Fong Wu (which is still in progress but updated very frequently) are long, well-plotted, intelligent and unpredictable stories, miles better than a lot of published TV-spinoff fiction is. Both Lament and Treasure are set post-series/pre-movie, and do great jobs at the characterisations. This especially shows in Treasure, which was part way through when Serenity came out, and yet still managed to feel entirely realistic and true to the characters. Lament is the first, and Treasure is the sequel, however like the best forms of sequels, you don’t need to have read the previous story to understand it. They really keep the feel of the show and movie, and as of the movie’s release, you can see some small foreshadowing and hints as to what is to come for the characters. Ships are per the show, and about as obvious. And though it might seem a bit slow at the start of Laments, hold with it for a few chapters. The story really grows on you.

In all honesty, these are probably the best action fics I have ever read in any fandom.

Other fandoms

As most people who know me can tell you, I have far to many fandoms for my own good. Here are a few recs from some of them:

Technical Notes, Skywalker Version 3.0 OS. How to set up and use Anakin Skywalker. Because no fandom is complete without some silliness and cracky fun.

Star Wars reclist. Yes, this only contains a few fics. But they are all very, very good. Assorted ratings and lengths, and either gen or canon-shippy, these are fics that seem true even if several are AU.

And some amusing Star Wars LJ comms. starwars_sues is exactly what it sounds like – a sporking site for Star Wars Mary-Sues. And there are some dreadful ones out there. bobs_discount is the Star Wars equivalent to vold_e_mart and is a fun idea, even if it doesn’t seem to get a real lot of usage.

Do you remember Backstroke of the West? Well, it seems that Lord of the Rings has it’s own version of bad subtitles. Look at this, and die laughing.

Want something utterly insane, but brilliant? Try Is This a Kissing Book? It’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy…entirely retold using Princess Bride quotes. As I said, insane but brilliant, and very, very funny.

And here’s something you will never see me rec again: Real Person Slash. This fic gets away with it, however, by despite giving all the characters the appearances (and names, sort of) of the LotR actors, the characters are pretty much all out of Good Omens. Yes, you read that right, it’s a Good Omens/LotRRPS crossover. Utterly hysterical, it really captures the style of Good Omens, and has some great meta jokes. And just wait until you work out who Lucifer is…

Buffyworld’s Season Eight. In the absence of any more Buffy (or Angel), a whole bunch of fans got together and decided to do something about it. And so Season Eight was born. A continuation of both Buffy and Angel, this is updated semi-regularly, and is some darn good script-style fic (complete with minor character casting, which is too much fun for words). Oodles of fun, and great to imagine.

A long time ago, I went and recced Jedi Harris, a great Star Wars/Buffy crossover. Well, though that has sadly finished, a sequel has been started: The Terran Jedi. Only one chapter so far, but it picks up where Jedi Harris left of, and is looking pretty darn good to me.

Okay, this is just too cute for words: Buffy Cartoon. Not only is it completely adorable in it’s own right, but it’s animated! That’s just…freaking awesome.

Expresso recs. Another multi-fandom recs site, this one has it’s major focus on Buffyverse fics. A great place to find some good fics for a fandom I seem to be drifting away from as of late. *sighs*

You know that meme that went round a while back? Where you picked out 12 fictional characters, put them in a list and then looked at the questions you were going to answer? Well, mctabby has collected a few of the funniest results here.

Whoa! Comment randomness. Just read it. Trust me on this one.

Years ago, Diana Wynne Jones wrote the brilliant Tough Guide to Fantasyland. Well, someone noticed that sci-fi was sadly missing an equivalent text. Thus, they brought forth the Tough Guide to SF. Great fun, and very amusing to anyone who either reads or watches sci-fi.

Gen/Slash. The title says it all, really. One of the most meta meta things I have ever read, and so very, very funny…Brief, but worth it.

A Psychological Study of Slash. In which someone completely unfamiliar with the whole slash fascination that so many fandoms seem to have going, decides to test out the appeal using tradition psychological methods. Funny as it is, but even funnier if, like me, you are a psych student.

So You’ve Decided to be Evil… Basically, a handbook for being evil. Lots of fun, and it should go on every aspiring evil overlord’s “To Read” list, along with the classic Evil Overlord List.

And because LJ can never have enough multi-fandom recs comms, here are a few to whet your appetite:
- recsrainbow
- imho_recs
- unfitforsociety
And I know I’ve recced it before, but I can’t not mention it here: crack_van

Oh, and as always, my ff.net favourites page has lots of fics I like, as does my memories.


Because not all fun is in fandom, guys…

David-Tennant.com. Yeah, I know, I am a complete fangirl. However, as much as I love DT, I don’t consider him a fandom, per se. So, this is the unofficial but very, very good site. Pretty much every bit of news ends up here, as well as the largest collection of pictures anywhere online. Mmm, Tennant…

And while I am Tennant-ing, also try tennant_love. Great fun, and lots of nice people, with news, pictures, icons and fanfic, and (if you join up) downloads and chats.

Thinkgeek.com. Because it is just plain awesome. The stuff for sale here? Brilliant. How can anyone not love plush microbes, or t-shirts with terribly, terribly geeky slogans on them? I mean, it’s the source of my dear darling “Joss Whedon is my master now” top.

Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing… As anyone who was around back at the mid-semester break might remember, I have a thing about stupid kids names. Which is why this name entertains me so damn much. In which idiots asking on baby sites for opinions on stupid potential names, telling about their child’s stupid name or getting stupid names in response (as well as genuine, classic bad names) are heartily mocked. You will not believe some of these names.

The Little Lytton Contest. Now, quite a while back, I linked to The Bulwer-Lytton Contest, in which people try and come up with the worst starting sentence for an (imaginary) novel. However, in the tradition of the competition’s namesake, these sentences tend to be rather…long. The Little Lytton is an attempt to find results just as bad, but much shorter. Brilliantly funny. My favourite entry: “In 3010, the potatoes triumphed.”

The Darwin Awards. Come on, has anyone out there not heard of The Darwin Awards? Anyway, a great place to go of you want to be amused by idiots proving Darwin right, and dying in stupid ways.

iGod. Okay, this is just plain cool. Click on the link, and…talk to God. One of the most randomly amusing things I have come across on the Net. And boy, does God say some interesting things at times.

Whitehouse.org. News from the Whitehouse. Very, very amusing. Of particular note, check out the advertisements. (Note for the humour deficient: This is a parody)

And in close association to that site, two abstinance promotion parodies: Sex is for Fags and Iron Hymen. I believe the titles tell you all you need to know. Utterly hysterical, really.

Intelligent Falling. “Intelligent Design” has opened the door to all sorts of…interesting theories. Here is the latest one: Intelligent falling. *chuckles*

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Have you too been touched by His Noodly Appendage?

Guide to proving your son is gay. I do believe the title says it all, really. How to prove that your son is gay.

Aliens for Bush. Yes, it’s true, George W. Bush has alien support. And it all comes out on this site. Makes a lot of sense, really. It certainly explains how he was re-elected, at least.

Jesus’s iPod. tinyteddyqueen, are you paying attention here? This fabulously fun article is a great discussion of exactly what music out there can actually be found on Jesus’ iPod.

And while we are on the subject of iPods, iAttire. Which consists of, um, attire. For your iPod. Yes, really.

Courtesy of misscam: Australia Gets Drunk, Wakes Up In North Atlantic. Bwahahaha! Quite possibly the funniest satirical article I have ever read. Just read it, it’s great fun.

The Periodic Table of Desserts. Yes, you too can learn about the periodic table – the interesting one that is. Anyone who has ever done chemistry will have a grin at this, particularly the little diagrams around the edges.

A day in the life of Nerd Cat. Exactly what it says on the tin, told pictorially. Amusing, and so very, very cute. I love Nerd Cat to bits.

Quite possibly the most disturbing photograph ever. Warning: Not Work Safe. Possibly not brain safe, either. One of the most disturbingly weird things I have ever seen, this just made me boggle. The things some people get up to…

South Park Character Maker. Yes, you too can make your very own character, in the style of South Park. Far too much more fun than it should be.

And because I had just linked to it the other day, Gaia Dream Creator. Make your own cute little cartoon people. Adorable.

Spelling Related Cartoon. Although it sounds boring, this cartoon is rather amusing. Especially if you are like me, and are one of those people that insists on always using the proper spelling, even on MSN. Or in text messages.

Maths proving Christ Resurrection. In which a mathematician uses…well, maths, to prove that Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead.

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study. Or, in laymans terms, a scientific study testing whether tinfoil hats actually work. Worth a look for the giggle factor, if nothing else. Very amusing, though.

Bush is Bad: The Musical. An entire musical, devoted to explaining just how bad George Dubya is. Man, I wish I could go see this…

And a few more personal type things – that is to say, things in which I have had some involvement:

An epic conversation between myself and misscam. In which I first meet with misscam (minibalrogmum on JF), and we have a conversation. About all sorts of whacky randomness. That goes on…and on… and on. For over a month now, it seems. Wow.

Goldie’s Star Wars Photoshop. I have absolutely no idea why I am linking to this. Perhaps it is the insanity. Yes, insanity sounds about right.

And finally, Memories from my own LJ. Things I decided it was worth remembering. My photos pages (yays for the Joss hug), the fabulous slave night full of quotes, and some of my crackified poetry. Stay tuned for more, folks!

And there’s that then. Well over 100 links.

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