Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

And I am no longer freaking out

Okay, so tinyteddyqueen came over, and I went and yoinked a damn lot of music from her. Everything she got off me, all the stuff I already had from her, and quite a bit more. I mean, I used to have a bit over 1500 songs, and now I have almost 1200. And I still have to gack stuff from fa11ing_away *cough**Much Ado and Who themes**cough* and also my big stack of CDs back home...

Im going to end up with heaps more music out of this, aren't I?

Otherwise, I have also discovered that rebooting Windows meant I lost Word and the ilk. So on pfctdayelise's advice (she's one of my new flatmates), I went and downloaded Open Office, which seems to work fine. And, free!

What else...

Due to my codec updating, I can actually watch that high quality CiN clip you gave me, fa11ing_away, which means lots of nice shiny squee. Oh, and I tested out my torrent program thingy with a smallish file from Niteshdw, and it also worked.

Which means I should be all set for downlaoding a certain something come Christmas-ish.

And now I shall have to keep setting up teh computer. What else do I need to do...

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