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Coming soon: One epic photo-post, and one squee-filled GoF review

It is now 3:05 AM. I am very tired. I am smelly and bruised, and have been put on hold for several hours all up.

I am also very happy right now.

Why, you ask?

Because I have managed to get the internet working again. Finally.

You see, at some point a little after midnight last night, just when I was finishing up online, the internet here died. Just like that, it stopped. And I hadn't the faintest idea why.

First I thought it was just my computer, but I spent rather too long fiddling with it, and nothing happened. Also, the fact that when pfctdayelise came home, her internet was down also gave me a slight hint.

So, I went to bed. This morning (well, afternoon, if we are being technical) when I woke up, it was still down. So pfctdayelise gave me the support line number for the ISP, but I hadn't the patience for being put on hold, so I just left it to use the Union computer labs, and then off to see GoF (more on that soon).

Then, after my GoF night out, I come back, and it still wasn't fixed. So I call the number. And am put on hold. For twenty-five minutes.

Not fun, really.

Anyway, I finally get onto someone (Patrick, actually), and he says there's nothing wrong at his end - it must be something on my end. Patrick asks a few questions about the router, and after a bit of scrambling about (and having to get the guy to call my mobile, so I can use my computer and talk at the same time), talks me through reconfiguring things. However, I need the account details. Which I don't have.


So, I kill time until pfctdayelise gets homw, and ask her for them. However, our combined attempts to use them to do what was suggested to me fall through, so I end up having to start by ringing the number all over again. Yep, yet again on hold for almost half an hour.

New guy, but same deal. However, no matter how hard we try, or what we do to rearrange things with the router, it still ain't working.

Finally, Steve - the new guy - gives up in despair, and tells me to try the router company's technical support, giving me a number, and just generally wishing I would go away.

I ring the number. Yes, more time on hold. After which I discover the number I have been given is for office hours only, and the 24 hour one is entirely seperate (and I am pretty certain not in Australia). So I try that. More time on hold.

(This is about the point where I have developed my new cunning strategy for entertaining one's self whilst being on hold - having a book to read in your lap. By now I have finished with Speaker for the Dead, and have made a start on Stranger in a Strange Land)

Anyway, when I finally escape the painfully loud Vivaldi music they have playing on their hold line, I end up with a disturbingly cheerful Indian sounding bloke, with an almost indecipherable accent. (Feel pity for this man - by this point I am in a terrible mood, and the accent was not helping).

Anyway, after getting the details through to this bloke about what I am trying to achieve (which was quite difficult, I assure you), we start the whole "he suggests and I try things out" routine. However, seeing as he isn't exactly local, he can hardly try ringing my mobile. So, I spend a great deal of time writing down what he says, running to my room, trying something out, and then running back with the results.

Both of us are starting to get annoyed at this, particularly because we aren't getting much of a result. Finally, he suggests that there is nothing wrong with the router, and that I should try plugging my computer directly into the modem, and seeing how it goes from there, before signing off with a last cheery "Thank you for using ______, good day!"

So, at this point willing to try anything (and being far too stubborn to give up at this point), I actually do as he suggests: unplug the router, and plug my computer directly into the modem. (Before my housemates worry, yes, I did plug everything back in after I finished.)

And shock, horror, Mr Indian was right! There was nothing wrong with the router, it's either in the modem of the ISP. So, I dig out the ISP number, and go all over again, complete with painfully long time on hold. But, when I finally get onto someone - Steve again - and expain the situation, things work out far better.

Yep, it's the modem. And, with just a nice little change of a few settings (though how they spontaneously changes last night, I have no idea), all is well in the world. Steve signs off on a job well done, and I yet again have the Internet.

Which just goes to show, persistance is everything.

It's taken me four hours, five support line phone calls, several hours on hold, a whole lot of crawling around on foot stools in the middle of the night, but the internet is working again.

Today is a good day.

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