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A review of that movie with the kid and the magic.

Yes, so after promising it last night, I shall now post a nice long summary of my night (well, technically afternoon to start with) out, and a review of that movie. Yes, you know the one I mean.

And a photo post shall also be immediately forthcoming, as soon as I finish this post and can get the pictures up on photobucket.

Anyways, as people who are contact with me at the moment are aware, my sleeping pattern is slightly out of whack. Though compared to certain other people's I know of, it isn't that bad - at least I actually see daylight.

In any case, it meant setting the alarm so I'd be up at noon. Yes, you read that right. Well, me had to meet at 4.30, and I had to get all the way into the city, and before then I had to eat, and do a bit of money stuff, and but food to sneak into the cinema...

Anyway, my internet difficulties having been already documented around here, I headed down the Union computer labs to do some important stuff befored I headed down to the movie. And naturally, Melbourne weather being what it is, it was pourinf down despite yesterday's heat.

So, by the time I reached Crown, I was pretty much modelling the drowned rat look (it doesn't help that I was distracted by some rather interesting chalk art along Southbank, which I felt compelled to photograph - more on that in the photo-post)

Also, seeing as I had only been up for a few hours, and was planning on going in my Hogwarts costume, I had decided to just wear the non-robe (and non-pointed hat) bit for ease of transportation. Though, as I discovered, without the robe, the Hogwarts uniform just happens to look rather like a school uniform.

And...well, let's just say that wandering around the casino in a schoolgirl outfit gets you some rather interesting looks.

Anyways, got up to Village, and found that as I was somewhat early, hardly any FAS people were around. So we killed time whilst the others arrived - very few in cotume, sadly. Whatsherface who was arranging it was all Slytherinised, and saikogrrl has her Ravenclaw outfit, complete with an amazing battery powered wand *insert dirty jokes here*, and me in my Gryffindor thing, of course, but very little else.

Still, it was fun standing there in full costume, and watching all the people walk past staring. Especially when I'd grin at them over the balcony. No, I'm not an attention seeker at all...

But, the time came and we moved into the wonderful Gold Class cinema, with cushy chairs and lots of room. (Naturally, tinyteddyqueen and becker_ showed up late).

And then...the movie.

It was a bit odd, to start with, what with the different music and all. The Harry Potter them was so recognisable, and the non-John Williams music was a bit odd to start with. Less noticable, once you actually got into the movie (to the point I forgot about the change), but still..different. Not better or worse, just a little unexpected.

Oh, and I need to clarify my position on the HP movies. Namely, that they are big budget fanfiction. So, I don't consider them canon (though if there is something I particularly like, and it doesn't contradict the books in any way, I might include it in my personal semi-canon status, along with a few fan theories and other speculation.

That said, as a work of fan fiction, I quite liked the movie. Canonically speaking, it was a bit of a shocker, really, but putting that aside I really liked it. It has style and fun and humour - definitely the funniest of the movies, especially in the fact that a lot of what was being laughed at was what they wanted you to laugh at, rather than certain aspects of the early movie which were just so bad you couldn't help but laugh.

And it was quite wonderfully dark in places, too, and I do like the increased maturity of it. Because as JKR said, the books start with a double murder, and there is death and torture and betrayal all through them, and for once the movie seemed to show this.

That said, I have some major problems with the movie, too. For a two and a half hour long movie, damn it went by fast. I wanted more! Yes, it was fast paced - a little too fast paced, I think. It just went wham, plot point, wham, plot point, wham, character plot point, all through the damn movie. No transitions, no sense of time passing, and far too little of the minor scene that a school movie needs to make it really feel like a school.

Certain scenes really should have been added or edited - I mean that dragon stuff was really stupid. Not only did they screw up JKR's whole reasoning behind the task - the dragon was sitting on the bloody eggs, she didn't want to leave them, so Harry had to distract her, and then grab the golden egg - and that he was the fastest finished, which is why he got such a good score, but they ignored the whole wider considerations of a dragon getting out.

It was just stupid and unnecessary. Even if the mini dragons did look cool.

Actually, I disliked all the changes they made to the tasks. The maze was rather boring, and the lake one (though the best), still seemed to drag a little. They also made Fleur seem rather pathetic. Yeah, she didn't do spectacularly in the books, but she seemed to be a lot more there than inthe movie. And I wanted monsters in the maze, dammit! Where was Harry using his wits, being clever for once?

Come to think of it, we saw disturbingly little of all the other champions. A pity, really.

At fire!Sirius was appalling. Though his letter was brilliant. "The bird bites" = *snerk* So Sirius!

I was also shocked at how fast the graveyard scene went by. Yes, it wasn't actually long time-wise in the book, but it took several chapters and a lot fo page space, and so it felt long. The movie scene didn't have that. I quite liked it, actually (apart from the lack of Death Eaters - what were there, 6 of them?), but it just didn't seem long enough to me.

The dancing stuff was also a bit pointless, but it was funny, and gave us a few good Neville moments, so I think I'll let them get away with that.

Another thing I really disliked was the ending. Thematically, it was just wrong. It was fine with Dumbledore's speech, and his words to Harry and all, but after that...they seemed to miss the entire tone of the scene in the book. Too happy, too normal end of school. Harry's still freaking out, he's going to have nightmares about what happened in the graveyard, he's not supposed to be so cheery.

I can understand why they also dropped all the political set-up and the like in the book ending, as it would be pretty boring on screen, but a few hints wouldn't have gone amiss, also.

And my final annoyance: Hermione. Emma bloody Watson, she of the amazing eyebrow acting. She just doesn't get the character at all, does she?

Yeah, it was a vast improvement on PoA (she actually cracked a book this time, shock horro), but still... well, you can see Kloves' Hermione love is still all over the place. She was just there. Every. Freaking. Moment. Yes, this can't be helped in certain scenes, what with the Ron/Harry fight, but still...Harry says there was a "lot less fun, and a lot more time in the library" of her, and we didn't see that at all.

I mean, we all know Watson is far too pretty for the part, and her characterisation is too mainstream Hollywoodised, but a little effort wouldn't hurt. Instead we get overdone, overly annoying, all over the bloody place Watson. She's really staring to get on my nerves, which is a pity, because I'm actually starting to quite like most of the other's portrayals.

And also, this has nothing to do with Watson, but still...that bloody dress. As someone who has 5 formal dresses, 4 of which are unashamedly pink, I still think that dress was utterly hideous.

(I think I won't get into the costuming debate. Because you'd end up with a bloody great rant, and I haven't the energy for that right now)

So...onto some more positive things. Radcliffe haas improved immensely - He really is starting to get the hang of being Harry. In particular, Harry's rather drakly sarcastic sense of humour, and the more subtle stuff. I am actually quite looking forward to "There's no need to call me sir, Professor" being brought to life now. Also, the crying is much improved. It's nowhere near Oscar-worthy, but at least it didn't make me cringe this time.

Grint was also pretty damn good, although that might just be because he finally has something to do other than be the comic relief and pull faces. The fight stuff was brilliant - very teenage. And when he was trying to let Harry know about the dragons: Brilliant!

The other old hands were, of course, great. McGonagall was great, even if she had that cringeworthy speech at the dancing lessons, Rickman was good as Snape, even if he was hardly there (I bet he can't wait for HBP. Boy, is he going to have fun there), and Felton and the other kids were good. The twins cracked me up so many times - they were awesome.

Gambon...I'v heard a lot of complaints about his Dumbledore as of late. From the trailers and preview and all, I had highly expected to hate him. So I was quite surprised that I actually quite liked him. He wasn't my Dumbledore - but then again, neither was Harris. I think mine is somewhere in between the two, really. Gambon had a truly bizarre accent, and was bit too OTT in places (isn't Dumbledore supposed to be calm and in control?), but this is a man I can so see doing OotP and HBP. He can take on Voldemort, and can't you just see him in that cave? He really seems real as Dumbledore, and he loves Harry, he really does (no funny impliations, either) When we see him die...I'm going to be bawling for Harry, I know it.

And since I brought up Voldemort: Fiennes. Damn, he was having fun. He didn't look quite like Voldemort (where were the red eyes?), but he could do Voldemort. He was a little less nasty and cold than I had imagined him in the books, a bit too hyper, really, but he had that dark humour and menace, and that real power behind him, and this so was a an who would torture his servants for disobeying him. Needed a bit more authority, but I was happy.

For the other newbies: Richardson was utterly fabulous as Rita Skeeter, even if she was quite a bit more... sexual than I had expected. Pity she went MIA in the second half of the movie.

Cedric was great. Very like book!Cedric, and damn good-looking. Also, the campest thing I have ever seen. Dear Lord, his "Hufflepuff harem" and hitting on Harry...

Loved Gleeson as Moody. Well, fake!Moody, anyway. He could have used a bit of "CONSTANT VIGILANCE", and a bit more fierceness, but he was fun, and I liked him.

And, because I can't not mention him: teh Tennant. *sighs* Utterly, utterly swoonworthy. Damn, I wish we had seen more of him. But what we did see...charmingly crazy. That coat...and then in the pensieve. I wanted more there, dammit! Yeah, he was very different to book!Barty Jr, who pleaded with his father to be free, but that whole crazy thing was great. And watching try to sneak off...Plus the outfit? *swoon* And then the end, with possibly the slashiest line I have ever seen in HP...

The tongue thing was freaky. But in a kind of good way.

If I didn't already love him to pieces, I would now. (I was so pleased when a few FAS types mentioned he was hot afterwards. We have converts...)

Speaking of sexual innuendo, ye Gods! Myrtle being an utterly hysterical little pervert. And with the bubbles....I almost cried laughing. And the look on Harry's face when Cedric was getting him to the bathroom... it's like, "You're hitting on me. Dude." And Skeeter, and oh... so very funny. As well as the ferret down the pants (and innuendo if ever I heard one), and "I like it when they walk" and Barty's tongue and, oh it was fabulous.

I'd quote my favourite lines, but there were too many, and I'll forget them all. There was so very, very much funny stuff... Though I did quite enjoy the whole, "Ron said to tell you that Seamus said..." "What?"

All in all, loved it. Probably my favourite now, actually. Very, very good, even if it is just glorified fanfic.

Finally: "No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie" = teh awesome.

And then, after the movie, there was more walking around in the rain, before we wander up to Lygon street, and had a late dinner. Which was nice.

And that was pretty much my afternoon/evening out.

Random Quotes (some are a few days old now):

bellmeister: "Trust me, I've dealt with a lot of cutlery."

The Guy at the computer lab: "I didn't recognise you without your hat. You're in disguise... incognito."
Signs your fashion sense might be a wee bit predictable

saikogrrl: "My shirt's coming undone."
vassilissa: "I guess it's not just your wand that's flashing."

altheas: "Isn't it cute watching geeks run?"

PS: fa11ing_away, what happened to you? You weren't there. And I had saved the seat next to me and everything, we were going to have some sychronised Tennant!squee...

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