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The end is nigh! (of the week, that is)

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone! Please try not to walk under ladders, break mirrors, or have anything to do with black cats. Cos I am kind of worried that bad luck might be contagious (naturally, I am exepecting something tragic to happen any second now)

On the subject of unlucky: I have just got the date for my Indonesian Oral exam. The 4th of October! The first day they do them! It's just wrong - I must be jinxed. Less than two months to go. At least I have worked out my major topic - Sumatra as a cultural centre for tourists (fascinating, I'm sure)

So now I have a nice long weekend filled with homework. Joy.

At least I might have time to catch up on everything, as well as get some reading done. The reading matter in question is: an fanfics that strike my fancy, finishing off Brave New World and for something a little lighter, The Da Vinci Code which I have been dying to read for ages.

Toodles for now,
- Draky, who is going off to read shoebox_project

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