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Doctor Who killed Snarry!

I love fandom_wank. That place is utter crack. Utter, utter crack. It never fails to cheer me up.

Basically, there was wank involving the owner of a Snarry fic archive. Naturally, people at f_w are vaguely amused by this, in a "people are silly" sort of way. Someone comments that this wank could have happened in any fandom, and list Who as one of them. I comment on how there's probable DW shipper-wank coming up in the future, and manage to spawn a Doctor Who comment conversation that dominates the entire thread. (And gain a few members for my flist)

Later, the wanky archive owner closes the archive, and f_w gets stormed by Snarry fans, angry that we supposedly killed off Snarry. A rather sane (if annoyed) f_wer explains just what went down in the thread - mainly Doctor Who - and that blaming the death of Snarry on f_w is essentially blaming it on Doctor Who.

I am now suffering from an intense desire for iconage.

Damn, it was entertaining, though.

Which I kind of needed, in the wake of some stuff that happened yesterday.

Firstly, the exam results.

I failed Maths. Again.

I think I've kinda got the hint now: Maths is NOT my thing. Kinda funny for someone who skipped a year in the subject and won prizes for Maths at school, but hey, I no when I'm done.

Passed all my other subjects, mind, which was good. Scraped my pass in Programming, which I had been slightly worried about, so was pleased there. Didn't do as well as I had hoped for Psych (Pass, 63%), seeing as I had gone so well on the lab report, so I mustn't have done all that well on the exam. *sighs*

What I was happy with was my Creative Writing Results. Got a H2A, which seeing as I only barely scraped that for my weekly tasks, meant I pretty much must have gotten H2A on my folio. Which is quite good, really, seeing as some of the stuff I wrote for it was a bit...different. Like Subject 1452, which still has to be the strangest thing I have ever written.

But, in other less that cheerful news: Apparently VSU has been passed. Fuck. And it's all because of bloody Family First. No deals with the government, my arse.

And just to keep up the theme: The Mary Cooke Lounge Conversion is going ahead. I repeat, fuck.

I mean, where else am I supposed to lurk with my friends between classes and all, when I have nowhere else to be? Yeah, some of the Old Second Floor types seem to have been whinging about the MCL getting crap, but newsflash, I've only been around one year! I don't know any better! And for me...it was a place to be, you know. A place to go, to meet up with people, to have fun. And now it's going.

I mean, half the Second Floor people around I would basically never see if it wasn't for the Mary Cooke. And the thing that worries me most is that as far as I am concerned, the social life in the MCL practically is Second Floor. And if we lose the Mary Cooke, I'm worried about loosing that.

Which is a big thing for me.

It's going to sound terribly melodramatic and cliche and all that, but when I came to Melbourne, I knew nobody. Literally. And finding this place, with people who were fun and interesting and shared my interests and liked me was a huge deal. For once, I could be myself. I'd spent so many years being the slightly odd, quiet, smart girl, always watching and listening, and never saying what I was thinking in case I got laughed at for it, shut away reading because I preferred the company of books to people. But here, I could be who I wanted to be for once, a hyperactive, talkative, opinionated, obsessive geek-girl. It was so freeing.

And I've enjoyed this yearmore than any other I can recall. It was so much fun. And I don't want to loose this community, these people, and if we don't have our place, our spot to be, this area where we can just be, I'm afraid that this might happen.

Gods. No wonder I sat up for hours talking Doctor Who on fandom_wank.

And just because I felt like a bit of randomness, an amusing sign I found in the city the other day:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Speaking of random, a piece of advice: Don't fall asleep after long periods of messing around on LJ. You end up having dreams about LJ entries.

Now, my next Links List should be in the works soon. Fifty plus links, and some really good stuff, it'll be up before Christmas.

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