Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Family Matters

*sighs* Well, been away from my LJ a few days, mainly due to the complete and utter of anything to post about. Which is a pity, really. I don't like it when my life is boring.

But anyways, the family came down today - or at least Mum and The Sister did, for some Christmas shopping.

And of course, nobody seems to have been keeping me up to date on anything around my parents place. Such as, they have a new car. All blue and shiny, and actually semi-modern for once. (It has a CD player ZOMG!)

And the sister wandered in wearing a pair of my old cords. And my boots. And she informed me she's been listening to my CDs. And she wants to steal some of my music (she's getting an iPod for Chrissie)

Charming, really.

But, anyhoo, after showing peoples around the flat (not that took long), we went out for dinner. Mexican, to be precise. Which meant margaritas (what with my Mums fixation on them - she is experimenting with making the perfect margarita. Or something), which meant me getting lightheaded.

But still, yumminess.

And there was much amusement when we were entertained on the tram ride back by a whole bunch of protesters (though I don't know what, precisely, they were protesting) were singing some anti-Bush songs. Random, but funny.

Also, news brought from the parentals:
- They are Not Amused about me failing Maths again. Lucky I don't even like Maths, eh?
- On the up side, Mum brought along my Creative Writing Folio, which had come in the mail. I was right, H2A. *dances*
- Oh, and both parentals would rather like me to get a job soon. Any job.

So, on that note: Anyone in the Melbourne area on my flist, if you know of a job vacancy, see something, know of someone looking for workers, that sort of thing, inform me. Please.

I would actually like some employment, you know. *grumbles about companies never getting back to her*

On a more positive note, I need to do Christmas shopping.


Wait, that isn't positive, is it?

What else...

Oh, the other day a random sales person at Melbourne Central told me, quote unquote, "I like your style."

To which I just went "Huh?" I mean, I wasn't wearing anything particularly out there - at least not by my standards. It was all stuff any Second Floorian would have seen me in before.


A quote from The Sister: "How can you not have a television? Do you not have a soul?"

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