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Sex! Now that I have your attention...

Grrr. I am trying to finish of Passion - I need the first draft done by Tuesday for English - but I am currently stuck.

On, of all things, a sex scene.

Well...it is not so much a scene as just a brief description (only 100 - 200) words, but it is important to the story, and it needs to be done right. It isn't even graphic at all!

But it is so bloody hard! I mean, I have never written a sex scene before. I don't know how to write a sex scene. I am completely clueless. I can't do this!

And it's bogging down the rest of the story. I am over half way through, I know exactly how it is going to end, I know everything except how to write this stupid scene.

Any advice/assistance/pitying looks will be appreciated.

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