Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Plotting, Planning and Potatoes.

Well, today I got what was quite possibly the most interesting phone call from a job application that I can actually recall. In that it came from a company that casts extras for TV and movies. Which was...random.

Anyway, the rather nice guy on the other end wants me to fill out an application form (currently sitting in my inbox) and email him soe photos, and I might get added to the list. And he said there is a lot of work at the moment, what with quite a few things filming right now...

Damn, that'd be good fun. Admittedly, I couldn't have it as my main source of income, but it would be rather amusing. I need to see what photos I have lying around...

Other jobly type things were slightly less successful. I went into town, finished my Chrissie shopping, and bought supplies for tomorrow, as well as dropping in a couple more resumes, and seeing a temp agency type place. Which was exceedingly busy and crowded, and I was told that I should come back again after New Years', when they were a bit more settled (the old boss had just left).


I have decided that tomorrow morning, I shall go about ringing all those numbers I found in the paper. As well as whoever it was that I missed a call from today. (I didn't even hear it ringing...)

Oh, and for dinner tonight, pfctdayelise made accidental roast potatoes. As in, they were meant to be baked potatoes, but somehow came out roast instead. Which didn't bother me much, seeing as they were really, really yummy.

The next links list is almost done, also. Only about 20 links left to add, and then I'll put it up here for your perusal.

Finally, courtesy of misscam, is this. Written on a dare from me, we have a short piece of Doctor Who fic, starring David Tennant and me!

*loves Cam endlessly*

ETA: For neo_leviathan, and anyone else who is coming along tomorrow, does 2pm sound alright? And call me, okay, just so I know for certain.

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