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We Wish You a Merry Links List...

And here it is! As I promised, yet another Links List, this one just in time for Christmas. It is my present for you, me dear darling flist.

Sure, no one actually asked for a links list for Christmas, but hey, it's what you're going to get anyway. So suffer.

Anyway, links are, in my typical fashion, sorted by their fandom or lack thereof – though I have a lot of non-fandom ones this time. The world seems to have been a crazy place as of late.

And, as always, my previous links lists can be found here.


Harry Potter

Ah, the Potterverse, king of crack fandoms. No matter how weird, wild or wonderful it is, somewhere in the HP fandom, it has already been done. There is no end to the amusement that can be found within...


And naturally, we start with a parody. sarahtales wrote an utterly hysterical GoF parody, that I defy anyone who has seen th movie to read without laughing. Also, the origion of the rapidly becoming notorious phrase, “dark, intense, leather-clad man.”

And the hand-puppet GoF parody. Quite a while ago I linked to the Jerry the Frog Productions Movie Parodies website. Well, this is their lates output, and it is as funny and clever as all their others were. You can't help but love them, really.

tophets_tool has also compiled a complete list of her Harry Potter parodies. So far, several of the books and the GoF movie have been covered, but I believe that more will be coming in the future.

Now, onto some more serious stuff.

In the Closet. As the Author's note at the beginning states, “WARNING: There are no warnings.” And in this fic, this is significant. Despite some truly disturbing stuff with the HP canon, there are surprisingly few horror fics. Well, what the author has done here is a horror story, in the truest sense. Disturbing, weird and creepy, this is one of those stories that just when you think you know exactly what's going on, the end comes along and manages to completely warp everything you think you know.
Brilliant for the sheer disturbing and wrongnessof the atmosphere it creates.

In the Country of Last Things. Based on the GoF movie, but no less brilliant for that, this is a great study of various different characters' reactions to the death of Cedric Diggory. It takes a lot of characters and manages to make them all seem real and three-dimensional and grieving, coping with the death in all their own ways. Beautiful and moving, the ending is utterly heartbreaking.

Changeling. Just a little story about some of the mischief Fred Weasley managed to get up to when he was a child...with a very unique twist. Trust me, you won't see this one coming.

Maps to the Stars' Homes. A non-linear fic, but largely set after the war, this tells the story of how Harry travels the world to escape, but how the past keeps on catching up with him. A great story about coping and coming to terms with the past, and how to find a place in a new world.

Cruciatus. An AU fic based on the simple concept: What if Peter Pettigrew never turned traitor. Short, but disturbingly compelling, and it just seems so right.

Passing Through Nature to Eternity. I don't normally recommend Founders Fics – for some reason they don't appeal to me much – but this one here is absolutely gorgeous. It takes what we know of the Founders, and makes them into these people we expect, and yet at the same time manages to flip so much on it's head. A beautiful story of the creation of Hogwarts, and what Hogwarts itself is.

Nymphadora Tonks and the Liquor of Jacmel. And now for something completely different, a nice, long plotty genfic, based around Nymphadora Tonks' first year as an Auror. Set during GoF, but not really getting involved with the book's plot much, this is well planned and very interesting look at the Wizarding World, the innermost works of the Ministry of Magic, and inside Tonks' own head. Started before HBP, but edited to fit canon, this is a great read.

Sirius Black, Super Genius. Written by the ever-hilarious sarahtales, one of the funniest things I have read in ages. A Marauders' Era fic, in which Sirius comes up with a “brilliant” plan to snap James out of his crush on Lily, this has some of the most unique characterisations I have ever read, and some of the most wonderfully quotable lines.

Intials. A brilliantly clever little fic by a_t_rain, the summary goes thus: Love at Grimmauld Place! RL/SB SS/HG HP/DM AD/MM PLZ R&R!
Read the summary. Read the fic. Read the summary again, and then laugh your arse off.

The Wank of the Fleet Harry Potter. Not so much a fanfic as a filk, but a fun little set of song lyrics, written after The Great Post-HBP Shipping Freakout. Very funny, although it does require some knowledge of assorted ship names. And you can also hear it sung by the author, as well.

Cowboys and Wizards in Space challenge. An all-inclusive, open Harry Potter/Firefly crossover challenge. Complete and utter crack, of course, but as anyone who knows me could tell you, when it comes to fanfic, I like crack. It's fairly new, so there are only a few completed as of yet, but more fics will be forthcoming.

Last time around, I went and recced heartsncraftslb's LJ as one place to find all her fabulous HP fics. Well, the dear has now gone and started up lbbeck, a journal solely for her works of fanfic. So yeah, check it out if you like funny and clever fics.

And non-fanfic links

A Guide to Harry Potter on Livejournal. In which several hundred LJ communities are sorted into catagories based on their central focus, and then all linked to from one page. In a word, comprehensive.

Hogwarts Dance Team. This has got to be one of the funniest videos I have seen in ages. Complete and utter crack, in the way that you can't believe that people actually did this.

Dementor/Ringwraith Slash Cartoon. *snickers* Come on, you know you were all thinking it! But it shouldn't be possible for evil creatures to look this cute.

Lucius Malfoy: 15th richest fictional character. For this alone, I consider Forbes.com cool. Written by someone who actually knows the canon, a very amusing profile. I mean, check out what he hold shares in!

Is JK Rowling Real? Or, when conspiracy theories become involved in fandom. Read it for the sheer and utter insanity.

Tom Riddle's Diary. In which you, too, can talk with a portion of the sould of Lord Voldemort. Fun, but you better not get too involved there, kids...

Doctor Who

What with the upcoming Christmas Special and the accompanying media hype (at least in the UK, anyway), this fandom has a lot of enthusiasm at the moment – especially when you consider the unbareable cool mini-ep shown a while back.

Of course, a side effect of a fandom which has a forthcoming major change is a lot of writers tend to...hold back a little. Especially in this case, seeing as everyone is waiting to see what the new Doctor is like.

So, in order to fill in the wait (especially for us poor overseas types), I bring Whoniverse entertainment.


Happy Hour Again. As a New Who fan, who is trying somewhat to get into the classic episodes, I love a nice fic combining new and old. Well, this has it in spades – Captain Jack manages to run into the Fifth Doctor and Turlough, and we are given a rather amusing possibility that sets up for Torchwood. Plus, Five/Turlough, Five/Jack and Jack/Turlough (all in UST form), and I adore Jack's completely blase response to seeing the Doctor in a new body.

I am sure anyone who reads fic is at least somewhat aware of those 100 fic challenges going around, right? Pretty simple concept, to pick a character or pairing, and then write 100 fics for it, based around a set of prompts. Well, cantralian has chosen to do hers on the Tenth Doctor, and her masterlist can be found here. Some delightful and very interesting fics, even more so because they are written as time passes, and as more knowledge is gained about upcoming episodes, they change quite a bit. A particular favourite of mine is The Strongest Shape. Supposedly set post-Torchwood, this is a great take on the Doctor and Rose meeting up with Jack again, and even if I know for a fact that it'll be completely jossed (russelled?) by The Christmas Invasion, I am still rather fond of it.

The Turn of the Earth series. I really adore this series, which takes a look at how the actions of Rose and the Doctor affect those left behind on Earth, with a particular focus on Mickey. Mickey has bourn the brunt of some terrible character bashing, I have noticed, and it was wonderful to find a fic that added great depth and three dimesionality to him, as well as other characters like Jackie, and those we have only heard of, like Trisha and Shireen. And not only does this series make them all seem real and human, they develop. Utterly brilliant, it made me cry at the end. The world really needs more Mickey fics, in my opinion.

Never A Choice. Courtesy of the delightlful misscam, and induced by her wonderfully perverted flist (Mwahahaha!), we have here a Nine/Rose/Ten fic, which manages to be simultaneously sad and hopeful. And also very, very hot. Rose, you lucky, lucky bitch...

Also by misscam we have a great little set of paired fics. Passing By, was the first written, in which Rose is given a chance to go back say goodbye to Nine (by Ten) and does so in a rather...physical manner, and then there is River Run, which gives you Ten's point of view as he waits from Rose in the TARDIS, and the memories of start to wash over how of that very encounter. Both very hot, and utterly heartbreaking for Ten, it almost made me cry.

And whilst we are talking about Cam, I shall be ever so narcissistic and point you to this brief ficlet, written on a dare from myself,and starring David Tennant and me. Hey, how could I possibly resist?

And everything ficless

Aggedor.com. A great collection of assorted short Doctor Who video clips, for all the Doctors, and a few other Who related things as well. Get ready to download a lot of things from here.

What a way to go... Simultaneously sad and amusing, this photo is...well, it's one of those things you really need to see for yourself.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic: Daleks. A rather amusing little play on that infamous BBC statement on how on the Daleks “Do not do porn.”

Geisha Dalek. This quite simply has to be seen to be believed. I mean, seriously, I do wonder how on earth people get these ideas in their heads.

Games on the Official Site. Including my personal favourite, SuDocWho. Yes, on the count of three, we can all groan at the horrendous pun...

While I am on the official site, I might as well mention (most of you should know this already) the “unofficial” official sites, as it were. Last season we had Who Is Doctor Who? (really great site for info, even if not the nicest looking, this one- and it's just had a pre-Christmas update), UNIT.org and Geocomtex. And from a technical stand point Who is Bad Wolf? as well, I suppose.
Well, the first of these sites for the new season is up now: The Guinevere One Project. In which the public can find out all about a rocket, due to land on Mars on Christmas Day...

And on websites, an utterly, utterly brilliant fan made website – better than a lot of the real ones, actually – is The Cybus Corporation Site. Choc-a-bloc full of continuity references and spoilers (or at least what we think spoilers might mean), but very, very cool.

Other Fandoms

I can't go without a few reclists, can I?

So, to start off with, a rather nice LJ comm: rec50. Exactly what the name says, really. You request a certain fandom (in larger fandoms, a certain character or pairing), and then have to reccomend 50 fics for it, following a table of types, themes and ideas. Lots of great stuff, some of which has been recommended elsewhere, but a lot of which hasn't, and a very diverse selection of fandoms.

And, courtesy of rynne, she of the epicly long fic recs lists, a Star Wars reclist. It's very long – around 90 fics – and has all sorts of great fics from all different places, some of which I quite adore. Also includes a lot of Luke fics which, as a Luke fangirl, I highly approve of.

Post-Serenity Reclist. Only a relatively short list, but complete with some wonderfully sad and moving fics.

Jerry the Frog's Serenity Parody. How could I possibly resist? Yet another of the great Jerry the Frog handpuppet parodies, this one being one of the most quotable I have seen in ages.

Serenity in 1000 words. And, to absolutely no-one's surprise whatsoever, I bring you yet another movie parody.

And while I am at it, Fiveminute.net. The place to go for all your sci-fi related (and a few others) television and movie parodies.

CSI: Death by Chocolate. As people who know my taste in fanfic well can assure you, I am a sucker for a crossover. Particularly some of the...rather odder ones around. This one, however, takes the cake in that it has a completely crackified premise, and works. Yes, it's a CSI (Original series) and Charlie and the Chocolte Factory (the new version) crossover. Brilliant and insane. But what else can you expect from any fic where the witnesses give sychronised statements with dance routines?

Speaking of cracky crossovers, Bringing Religiosity to the Slimey-Wimeys. Courtesy of that den of crack, ithurtsmybrain, we have a here a Firefly/LotR crossover.Brilliant in a Pratchett-esque sort of way.

And another crossover: One Big Happy Pantheon. This one is a Good Omens/Dogma crossover, and boy, is it fun. The two fandoms work so very well together, not to mention the fun when our two otherworldy duos manage to meet up with one another...

20 Random Facts About Jedi. Using that “20 things...” meme style that went around quite recently, this somehow manages to make a gorgeous little AU, which gets into the heads of the characters so very perfectly.

Two Men and an Arcade. As people who have read my LJ as of late would know, I quite adore Blackpool. Sadly, though, there are very few Blackpool fanfics. This is supposedly the first chapter of a longer fic, but it works well as a standalone. Plus, Ripley/Carlisle slashy undertones...

And now that you are all familiar with certain Blackpool characters, something that a few people on my flist might enjoy a little more: Treasons, Stratagems and Spoils. Or, in other words, flthy, dirty, and hot as hell Ripley/Carlisle smut. I'm not exactly a rampant slasher, but I'll make an exception for this pairing. Come on, you know the smut is tempting you...

And just because some of you might not be convinced of the supremely wonderful slashiness of Blackpool, I give you The Enduring Love Story of Carlisle, Holden and Blythe. A story told in screencapsof the undeniable slashiness of this wonderful, wonderful fandom. I loves it muchly, yes I do.

TheFinalKnight's Fanfic Quotes Page. Huzzah! Someone else out there shares my quotes obsession. And their pages is so organised. Lots and lots of great fanfic uotes, from many different fandoms, and links back to the fics themselves. Brilliant!

New Dan Brown Book. A very funny little parody by maple_clef, which gives the cliches that Brown is so fond of a nice little thumping.

Paul Gadzikowski's Cartoons. These are great little funny cartoons in a very unique style, encompassing almost every fandom one can think of, but with special focus on Star Trek, Doctor Who and Buffy. One of my recent favourites is this one here. The site is updated very regularly.

The Erotic Adventures of Buffy and Evil Vampire Willow. The title says it all, really. A rather amusing set of comics, complete with all the wonderfully weird and kinky jokes you can think of.

Casanova Drawing. A great little cartoon-esque style drawing, based around the BBC version of Casanova. *coughs* The one starring a certain David Tennant, I do mean. Very cute, and quite impressive, really.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. And, an entertaining picture of an entirely different kind. Though the artists is obviously very skilled, the subject matter...well, let's just say it has to be seen to be believed. And no, it isn't pornographic.

And if you thought that one was hysterical, just take a look at another one by the same artist. The mind-boggles at how s/he came up with the concept of this. Again, it has to be seen to be believed.

Spoiler Alert! Not so much part of a fandom as a bit of good meta, a rather amusing comic about spoilers. Big ones. Err...well, of a sort. Just read it.

The Nine Circles of Nerd Hell. Metaquoted, and deservedly so, this is freaking hilarious. You can't help but love it, really.

The Internet Is... utter crack, apparently. Or at least this section of fandom_wank is. Ah, how I love these oh-so-random comment threads...

And, speaking of of f_w, The most meta comment thread ever. Well, it's not really f_w, but in all other respects, all you have to do is “insert debate here”, and you'd have a very typical f_w discussion.

Whilst I am on a f_w theme, Fandom Wank wiki. The place to go to find out about classic wanks, f_w injokes, commonly used phrases, and great icons. Whilst you are there, check out this page. No, I am not reccing it because it has links to the epic Doctor Who thread, and my “Doctor Who killed Snarry” claim to fame. Honestly

And, for something that isn't in itself a fandom thing, but just seems to be used as that rather frequently, the Magic iPod Eightball, found at ipod_8ball. Ask any question, and people will repond with what their iPod comes up with. Fun, even if it does seem to keep predicting Harry dies in Book 7.

Star Wars Kid Videos. Hey, I had to link to it sooner or later! Though I must say, I think I like the Attack of the Clones version most of all.

And, as a treat for you all, The Serenity Blooper Reel. No Firefly an could possibly resist this. Lots of fun. Though, as the poster asks, you must promise to buy the Serenity DVD when it's released. Promise, okay? *looks stern*

And outside fandom...

As I have said before, the world is a weird and wacky place, and quite entertaining, really. And you can find some especially strange things online...

Altervistas Bizarre Web Directory. A rather old site now – some of the links are dead, and there have certainly been a lot of strange sites recently not linked to here – but still great for finding some of the complete and utter insanity that resides online.

A few of my favourite links from here include:
- The True Evils of Jar-Jar Binks. You will read the heading. And then you will fall over in utter hysterics. Or possibly want to kill yourself at the disturbing thoughts that come to mind. In any case, it's a doozy of a site.
- Jesus Christ Superstore. If you think the name of this site is great, wait until you read the tagline. ”Putting the fun back into fundamentalism, and the laughter into sectarian slaughter.”
- Mind Guard. Described as “Psychotropic Mind-Control Protection,” this has got to be one of the funniest sites I have seen in ages. Every detail about it is brilliant, and the people behind it have gone to extraordinary detail. While you are there, do check out the “Top 10 Signals” on the sidebar, they are awesome.
- Ninja Burger. The world's predominant underground ninja-run fast food delivery service. I think the tagline says it all: ”Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit Seppuku!”
- The Toast Bible. The real story of the Bible, and all the toast related goodness that religions have hidden from us for years.

http://abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijk.com/ Because it is just so pointlessly brilliant, you can't help but love it.

The Official God FAQ. YOU MUST VISIT THIS SITE! Seriously worth looking at.

Guess the Dictator and/or Television Character. A game that has been around for a few years now, but an utter classic. Lots of fun, but I still think the most amusing part of it is the and/or in the title. Or possibly some of the completely and utterly insane questions that sometimes come up.

The Blue Ball Machine. No, not in any way dirty, just one of the coolest looking animations I have seen in ages. Oh, the detail...

The Best Christmas Lights Display EVER. You must watch this video, for there is no end to it's complete and utter awesomeness.

Cillit Bang Remix. In which an ad for a cleaning product is given a fabulous dance remix. Crack, in the best possible way.

A deep comic. This just made me giggle, it's so very clever.

Making Fine Art Super. Okay, a little while back, one website ran a competition, in which contestants had to photoshop a superhero – or supervillain – into a classic piece of art. This is the final collection. Personally, I quite like Batty Night, but all in all, there are 64 to choose from, so there is something to amuse everyone.

Glitter Graphics. The source of that shiny writing that seems to be floating around LJ more and more these days. More sparkly things that you can poke a stick at!

Graffiti from Pompeii. I have no idea if this is real or not, but even if false, the idea of all this Roman graffiti amuses me greatly. Particularly of you read some of it.

The World's Most Retarded Puns. Nothing more or less than it claims to be, just one page full of some of the most terrible, terrible puns you will ever come across.

True Porn Clerk Stories. The tales of someone working at a video store complete with a large porn section. Very, very funny, if occasionally a little disturbing.

The Utah Baby Namer. Just when you think that bad baby names can't get any worse, you find this site.

How to Fry an Egg on an XP. Exactly what it says, really. Instructions on frying an egg with one's computer. Complete with photographs.

On display in Russia: Rasputin's Penis. Just when you thought that museum displays couldn't get any stranger, along comes something to blow it out of the water. Complete with photographs! Gosh, I love saying that as of late.

Available on eBay: Limbo! No, not the game with the pole, the metaphysical construct. Bidding has finished, and it was apparently sold for nine pounds fifty.

And that's it for now. Another 90 plus links worth checking out. Until next time, have fun!

Oh, and before I forget: Merry Christmas!
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  • So, about LJ these days...

    Well, LiveJournal seems to be headed on the out, given some rather questionable changes to the terms of use, and mass migration to Dreamwidth seems…

  • RIP Sir Pterry

    What a thing to wake up to. I ended up crying over my breakfast as I read all the tributes today. I just don't really know what to say - in spite of…

  • Caffeine truly is the lifeblood of government

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