Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Huzzah! I have a job!

La-di-dah, all is well in the world right now. For I now have a job!

Yeah, it's a fairly crappy one (selling tickets to the Comedy Club over the phone), but hey, it's work. I get experience, and fairly decent hours, and pay that is okay.

Of course, the fact that the others who also got jobs were three foreign backpackers and a disabled guy says a lot about the class of the job.

Mind you, the disabled bloke was quite nice. He has Asperger's Sydrome, and he offered to get me a job with the Epilepsy Foundation if I didn't like the telemarketing thing.

So, my trial period shall start next Wednesday, meaning I shall be back in Melbourne as of Tuesday sometime. So, away about 5 days. I think I can live with that. And, there will be a certain invasion waiting for me once I get back...

And, because they amused me, a new meme.

<td align="center"> QuizGalaxy.com!

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Oh, so very, very true...

<td align="center"> QuizGalaxy.com!

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

And this one just makes me sporfle.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to put this up, but from our adventures in hair dying:
neo_leviathan: "It's Multiple Rob Sydrome! It's like multiple personality syndrome, only not."

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