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Okay, so I got back into Melbourne yesterday. I was going to update and all that, too, but I just happened to find myself in the wonder that was Teh Intarwebz. And I got caught up in the whole downloading of TCI and all.

Well, I can't help it if it was more exciting than updating my LJ, can I?

Speaking of exciting, The Christmas Invasion = OMGTEHAWESOMES!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

A proper review will be forthcoming, mind. Just after I have had time to absorb it in properly. I mean, three times isn't nearly enough to have a decent understanding of the episode...

But, back to (the boredom that is) reality.

As I mentioned in my brief update, I managed to start my family Christmas in probably the worst way possible: I forgot to pack the presents. It was an extremely *headdesk*-y moment, made even moreso by the fact I had to give everyone IOUs for Chrissie.

But, before then, what you have all been waiting for: The reactions to The Hair.

Sadly, the purple hasn't lasted nearly as well as I had hoped, so it's now a sort of blonde with mauve streaks. It was a bit darker when I got to the Parentals, but not much, so it wasn't nearly as bold and obvious as I had hoped. Still, got some interesting reactions.

Mum: "Is your hair purple?" (I don't think she quite believed it to start with)
Dad: "At least it's better than that hat." (On behalf of my hat, I am highly offended.)
The Sister: "OH MY GOD!" (Followed by vows to dye her own hair pink. I think she liked it)

The reactions from assorted cousins, aunts and uncles on Christmas Day were rather amusing, too. Even if some of them kept insisting it was blue. My 70-something grandmother liked it, though. She said it was pretty.

But, apart from hair issues, Christmas was actually rather dull, personally. I spent far too much of my time at home copying my CDs back onto my computer, and seeing as The Sister got an iPod for Chrissie, but does not as yet have a laptop, I had to copy all her music onto it too. Which led to me polluting my computer with *shudders* Hanson.

I also spent far too much time vaguely convinced the Christmas tree was going to attack me. Which, though partially to do with a certain teaser trailer, had a lot more to do with The Sister's rather unique decorating style.

The present haul included rather too much chocolate for my own good, (Which I probably better put in the fridge before it melts) some random junky things, and the main stuff:
The Sister - A rather nice Vegetarian Recipe book
Mum - The ROTS DVD, a gift voucher for JB Hi-Fi, and the promise to buy some requirements for my flat when I get it.
Dad - More flat requirements, and an anti-virus program, of all things.

Oh well, it'll. And altheas, I shall seriously be getting into the flat hunt soon, so we must get some proper discussion going on.

Other randomness:

- I must apologise, altheas. My mother now knows you only as "Rob the Mexican."
- Speaking of mothers, mine also spent quite a bit of time bemoaning how hard it is to geta decent cocktail in Hamilton. Before going home and making up some (rather yummy) margaritas.
- You know you live in Australia, when on a long train trip, you get regular updates on the cricket score over the PA.
- It is impossible to lie down comfortably on one of those double seats on a train.
- The train ride also reminded me of why suburbia freaks me out so much - looking out the windows on the way into Melbourne, I was getting flashbacks to this random mall in Altona that I ended up in once, and I swear was completely out of the Twilight Zone. It was just so freakily soulless.
- Also, being uncomfortable, tired, hot, impatient and bored is not a good combination. It tends to make me very... twitchy.

Random Quotes:

The Sister: "I watched a documentary about Casanova on the ABC. Apparently he got around a lot."

The Sister: "So that's what an elephant and a camel makes: Donald Trump!"
It was a "You had to be there" thing.

From some crappy daytime soap: "I watch Law and Order, you set us up! It's a trap!"

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