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TCI Review. Yes, I know it is rather late.

Well, seeing as I didpromise to do one, I decided I might as well get around to a review of The Christmas Invasion sometime in the not too distant future.

Of course, it meant seeing the episode again, which is a weight I shall have to bear. *looks noble*

In any case, if you want the non-spoiler version: I loved it to pieces. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I thought it was fabulous, witty and clever but serious and thought provoking in all the right parts, and very exciting. I also thought that David Tennant pwned majorly (hence the new icon, courtesy of ikonsbykate) as the Doctor, and I am so looking forward to the next season.

If you want a more detailed look, I bring a spoilery review. Well, not so much review as me going on about what stuff I liked the most.

Well, as I commented above, I really loved it. Of course, as people who know me well could tell you, that is a pretty common state - I have so many favourite fandoms and episodes and all, I could never possibly choose one. I tend to get wildly excited by a very large amount of things.

Think of it as just me being an eternal optimist and all.

But I did genuine love this episode. Because it was just so much fun. Stylisticly, in reminded me nothing so much as the better Buffy episodes, only on a much grander scale.

Which, in my eyes, is a good thing.

I mean, that mix of drama, humour, horror and surrealism just worked for me. It was clever and funny, but with some genuinely creepy moments and some utterly fabulous lines. (Personally, the "Witchcraft?" "Timelord." exchange does it for me everytime. It was just so amazing. Got to be my favourite lines.)

And it defintely struck me as taking a leaf from Joss's book. Humour to remove some of the overly serious moments ("Hold on...that's the Lion King," anyone?), but being able to go from light-hearted to deadly serious in a flash - ala the Torchwood London Death StarTM.

As well as the Joss tendency for copious references - the aforementioned Lion King comment, the Star Wars homages, the Arthur Dent remark which I love to pieces.

Not to mention the classic subversion of an old cliche, inwhich we takethe classic "Oh look, it's snowing at Christmas" ending, and making it something a hell of a lot darker and almost disturbing.

But, back to the episode itself.

I liked the start, with that fabulous crash landing (even if the FX were a little off), and the terrible, if forgivable in this case "Doctor Who?" pun. Seeing Jackie and Mickey so desperate for Rose to be there... it's so them, really. And for all their problems, they have changed so much from the start of the last season, haven't they? Mickey no longer cowers, but is willing to do something to stop that tree, and Jackie is willing to let Rose do what she wants, have her own life...

I love character evolution. It makes everyone seem so real.

But, anyway, Rose and her reaction to the Doctor...Someone said it so well in that the regeneration was nothing so much as a reminder to Rose of just how alien the Doctor is. "I though I knew him," she says, but how very wrong she is. The Doctor strikes me as someone who it is impossible to truly know, he is beyond that, beyond understanding. And Rose found this out in a big way.

Rose and Mickey were so very sweet, even if Rose's attitude to Mickey is starting to frustrate me. She is so very selfish to him. I mean, she loves the Doctor, even Mickey can see it, but she refuses to let go of Mickey. The poor boy, he puts up with so much for her, and she treats him like rubbish. I shall be so glad to see more of a pro-active Mickey in the upcoming season.

The Santas and the tree were cheesy, but entertainingly so (even if they apparently suffer from Stormtrooper Sydrome with their weapons), and I adore Jackie's "I'm going to be killed by a Christmas Tree!" The Doctor saving the day was great, although I started to get seriously worried for him after he colapsed again.

Now, the others...The Sycorax did, indeed rock (in the modern sense), and they certainly know how to get the world's attention. The whole UNIT sequence made me squee, despite never having seen any of the classic episode they are in, and the "Martians look completely different" cracked me up. Harriet Jones was great, and the "We know who you are" was amusing (And the patoff with the Sycorax was another thing that majorly cracked me up)

This was when the episode started to kick in, I had to say. It just...picked up pace. Particularly after the oh-so-creepy blood control stuff started. (Incidently, my Mum's an A+. She would have been on the roof. Not that there is anywhere very high one can get around home) We had Rose's oh-so brilliant breakdown, which was needed, she had been coping far too well so far. A slight flashback to PotW, really - Rose is fine when she is busy, but sitting there, helpless, she just completely falls apart. It made her seem so much more accessable.

And we started to hear about Torchwood. Intriguing, really. I shall really wonder how that works out. Oh, and the Major's complete fanboyism about the Doctor, "He is the stuff of legend" amused me greatly. I am unsure about what I think on Harriet's speech. Even I could see it was a stupid move, but the royal family on the roof sort of made up for it.

But, to seriously get into things, the Sycorax ships were awesome. The effects there were tremendous. And once Harriet and co got onboard - I never saw that stuff with the whip coming at all. I literally gasped out loud.

Things were looking mighty dark here, especially when Rose and co went to run and hide. And then they got caught. I liked the "Yellow Girl" comment, and her speech was charmingly pathetic. But it was nothing more than build up for the moment, what has to be one of the very best character entrances I have ever seen. "Did you miss me?"

The tea explanation was one of the very best things I have heard in an age, but it was nothing to how completely and utterly brilliant DT was as the Doctor. Missing for most of the episode, he managed to steal the show without question. His self-questioning and casual disregard of the Sycorax leader, his wonderful, "Am I rude? Rude and not ginger?" that "Am I sexy?" and wink at Rose (Dear Lord, yes you are!), the whole "great big threatening button that should never ever be pressed" deal, the tasteing of the blood (and his facial expressions afterwards) and Lion King thing, and then the challenge...

I could go on. And I probably will.

Not the best sword fight I have ever seen, but I did like it very much. The hand chopping was serious OMG moment, but the growing it back of course lead to my very favourite lines. And the very Star Warsishness I loved, as it gave the subtle feel that the production team were going "Eat this, Lucas!" And then we had "Very Arthur Dent...nice man" which my crossover-obsessed self adored, as well as the utterly brilliant "No second chances" and death by satsuma. (WTF is a satsuma, anyway?)

"It. Is. Defended." pwned, seriously, and damn, it gave me chills. Which of course led to the whole Harriet vs. the Doctor thing over the Sycorax.

I have debated this hugely on other forums, but basically what I think comes down to this: Harriet's actions were understandable and very human, and they obviously were something she was very relucatant to do, but I am ultimately on the Doctor's side. The Sycorax had surrendered, and were leaving, and to kill them was murder. Just because there was the potential they might come back and attack didn't make it right to shoot them down, just as it I don't think it was right to invade Iraq on the potential they might have weapons of mass destruction.

But, to be less political, the Doctor was very scary here. We got to see just what he was capable of, and a reminder that he isn't a nice person, charm and jokes aside. I think the best summation of this was another LJ comment I read, that remarked that while CE's Doctor seemed stand-offish and gruff on the outside, he was actually rather soft and sentimental really, DT's is a direct opposite, seeming charming and kind and nice at first glance, but with a very hard, very dark streak within.

Which I rather like, actually.

That said, Harriet's quiet sorry as the Doctor and co walked off was heartbreaking.

The wardrobe scene (accompanied by that fabulous song) was utterly amazing, and how bloody much do I want that wardrobe. I loved seeing DT with the scarf around his neck, and the look on his face as he found his new outfit. Which was even better when we saw Rose's reaction to it.

The newly domestic Doctor was also something I had rather liked, as I had hoped that our new Doctor would get on better with Mickey and Jackie, and he truly did (Jackie actually seemed rather fond of him). The glasses were an unexpected bonus, I must say.

And then the snow with the sting in the tail. Oh, and Rose and Doctor's little conversation which had to be one of the sweetest things I have seen in a long time. The "Fantastic" was slotted in so well, even if I think it's the last we shall hear of that in a while. Quite liked "Trouble's just the bits inbetween" as well.

Oh, and the trailer! I so cannot wait for the next season. The Cybermen look very cool, and there is so much else I am looking forward to - Queen Victoria and the Doctor being "Scottish", that thing with the Face of Boe was rather compelling, actually, Sarah Jane (who I am dying to see despite having never seen an episode with her in it, just because the idea has so incredibly much potential), the Doctor's ecstatic reaction to K-9, and of course, the kiss that killed the fandom. I don't know how I shall cope with the wait.

Wow, I wrote a lot there.

Actually, I got about half a page written before I realised I was writing less about TCI and more about New Who meta. I chopped that for now, but I shall probably extend it and post it sometime in the future.

...Because it's not as if I haven't shown my opinions enough, is it?

Now, to RL...

Also, some random chick just off Sydney Road was having a garage sale for all her clothes. All her very, very funky clothes. (She was heading overseas, apparently).

And...well, you know me, how could I possibly resist?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The lighting in the photo is a shocker, but that's not the point. The point is my fabulous new coat. Think it's worth the $20 it cost me?

The room-mate is currently pissy at me (No, not pfctdayelise, the other one). And it is for bloody stupid reasons - because I haven't gone and bought more food, despite the fact I didn't eat any of the food she wanted replaced. I don't drink milk, so why the fuck should I have to buy more when it runs out? I didn't even know it had run out, what with the not drinking it and all.

See, if pfctdayelise wanted me to do a chore or something, she'd ask me to do it. The other flatmate just whines that I haven't done it. All jokes aside, I ain't a freaking psychic, dear!

*sighs* I must get back on the flat search. altheas, anything specific you want me to look out for/can help on?

ETA: Because I didn't say it last night, Happy New Year!

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  • So, about LJ these days...

    Well, LiveJournal seems to be headed on the out, given some rather questionable changes to the terms of use, and mass migration to Dreamwidth seems…

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