Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

On The Job

So, ages and ages ago, I went and applied online for a job selling stuff at the Commonwealth Games. And then went and promptly forgot about it.

Which meant I was most surprised when they went and rang me up today, and asked me to go in for an interview tomorrow.

But, another job interview is nothing to sniff at, so I shall be off to Malvern tomorrow. (Even if it does mean having to wake up before noon, shock, horror)

But another job would be nice. The current one is a bit crappy. Well, in itself it isn't particularly bad, but the pay is awful. I got last weeks, and it was hardly anything - but then again, I was only starting last week, and I sold enough tickets yesterday to get a lot more than I did last week already.

It was rather amusing today, though. Things got very random near the end, because one guy quit, and another went home sick, so not many people were around, so the rest of us ended up talking far too much. We got onto obsessions, and I managed to freak them out with my far too detailed knowledge of Doctor Who - and I'm only a newbie, really.

I also somehow managed to randomly phone a lady who had, several months ago, not only purchased tickets from us, but from another girl named Melissa. Who, according to the boss was only with the company for three days.

The coincidence was most impressive.

Also, it is another mark of my geekery that everytime I walk past the theatre where The Lion King is on on the way to work, I always end up grinning.

Oh, msgenevieve, your CD arrived the other. Mondo thanks to you, as it shall be most appreciated by me and my computer's almost full memory.

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