Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

It's all about ME!

Due to the Doctor Who friending frenzy, I seem to have an influx of new friends, who probably haven't a freaking clue who I am. So, this is a sort of introductory post for that lot (though I shall probably add it to the memories, and refer back to it if I have any more mass friendages).

Anyways, hello. I am the individual that is called Drakyndra, or Draky. In RL, I am known as either Melissa, or That Girl With The Hat.

I am currently a 19 year old Arts/Science student at Melbourne Uni. (Majors are undecided, but I am strongly considering Psychology and Creative Writing.) My family consists of the parentals - Mum and Dad - and The Sister (who is entirey deserving of those capital letters, I assure you). I used to live with them, out in The Middle Of NowhereTM, however I a now living in Melbourne, because Melbourne Is Love.

I currently have a crappy telemarketing job, but am looking for other work. I am also looking for another flat, but I think I might be able to get a handle on that one soon.

I take my digital camera, a pen and my infamous quotes book with me everywhere. Because I like to remember the fun moments, the interesting things, to share them with the world and make them last.

What I write about in my LJ is everything, really. It's my life and my thoughts and my head. So, I tend to go on at length about Uni, about work, about friends, about my family, about random things I saw or heard or read or anything. I also tend to write rather epic reviews of TV/Movies/Books/Whatever, squee over whatever my current obsessions are, use my flist as an editing process for Creative Writing class, post amusing memes and a hell of a lot more.

I write what I think and what I feel and some people might find this offensive - unless you are a Harmonian, in which case you will find it offensive. This is my LJ, and they are my opinions, and I refuse to apologise for them. Feel free to debate them with me, though.

I very regularly post quotes which I have collected. I also semi-regularly post very long Links Lists. (The previous ones can be found here.

I read an utterly huge amount of fanfic, but very rarely write it. So far, I have two fanfics online (both Harry Potter), which are certainly never going to win any awards or gain me any fame, but is something. I also have two more unposted ones, mainly because I am too lazy to do a final polish and/or are rather less involved in the fandoms than I used to be, and so can't be bothered going to the effort of pimping them.

I will occasionally mention plot bunnies for fanfic. These may or may not come to anything, but prodding me to keep working on them might help.

As well as fanfic, I spend an awful lot of time at sporking communities - either on LJ, or over at GAFF, fandom_wank or the_hms_stfu. I also lurk at many different forums, depending on what my current obsession is at the time.

As for my likes and dislikes...

I like cats. I like pink. I like dressing up and costumes. I like crazy outfits from op-shops and I like expensive designer labels. I like hats and scarves and big earrings and badges and bright colours. I like shopping. I like chocolate and sickeningly sweet things. I like lemon and lime and all those sour flavours. I like listening to music. I like alternative music. I like musicals. I like dancing. I like going to the movies. I like DVDs. I like DVD commentaries. I like going to the movies. I like being completely, pointlessly silly. I like my Uni friends. I like our Uni clubs and their complete insane fun. I like laughing. I like reading. I like books. I like canon, as it is. I like canon speculation. I like canonical shipping. I like completely insane and impossible crack!shipping. I like fanfic. I like gen, and het, and slash, as long as it is well written. I like liking things. I like being enthusiastic and excited and happy.

I hate stupidity, I can't abide it. I hate prejudice. I hate bullies. I am anti-war and somewhat anti-governent (but mostly anti-Howard right now) I hate canon denial and idiotic shippers. And despite all this, I don't like hating things.

The motto I live by is "I'd rather be weird than ordinary." And the one thing I always strive to be is stubbornly, defiantly, my own self.

I am cheerful and overly emotional, and I have a fierce (at times a little too fierce) temper. I obsess over things easily, and I have so many favourite shows/episodes/characters/lines/fandoms I can never decide. I am hperactive and optimistic and opinionated and obsessive and let everyone know what's on my mind, and to borrow a quote, I've certainly got a gob.

If you want to know more about my interests and all, check out my profile. Or just read through my past posts.

But...yeah. That's me.

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