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Well, you certainly couldn't say it was a boring day... - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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January 9th, 2006

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11:17 pm - Well, you certainly couldn't say it was a boring day...
Today was rather... interesting. I was going to say it was eventful, but there weren't any where near enough events to make it, er, full, so I think interesting will suffice.

At least until I come up with a more suitable adjective, anyway.

Had my job intervew this morning. *ack at the getting up early* I didn't think it went too badly, but there were heaps of others getting interviews at similar times than me, and I am not hugely surprised that I didn't get the call to come back tomorrow.

But, after the earliness, I had rather a lot of time to kill. So after, a while of wanderin around looking at shops (and not finding anything I desperately desired), I wandered up to Uni, with half a mind to tune out fo a while in the Computer labs.

I did manage to run into neo_leviathan and nearlyalegume. (nearlyalegume informed me that without The Hat, and with blonde hair, she didn't recognise me)

But yeah, work. It was very interesting, and this time I do think that's a suitable adjective.

I mean, one of my callbacks from Saturday was this lady who bought tickets last year. And when I informed her that the last lot of tickets she bought would have expired months ago, she completely went and lost it at me. Ranting about how it was a huge ripoff, how she wanted nothing more to do with us ever again, how she was never told the tickets had an expiry date (despite the fact that said date is printed on the front of the freaking tickets), about how it's all a big scam and waste of money, and how she would tell all her friends to boycott us...

And then she demanded to speak to my boss (I'd spent several minutes at this point going "I'm sorry, but there isn't anything I can do.") Boss wasn't in, so she demanded that I tell said boss to ring her immediately tomorrow, and then hung up on me.

*sighs* She was the first really bitchy, ranty one I've come across. There've been a few who are annoyed at being called, who get a little pissy, and one who complained that her night out was ruined (because she didn't think to book seats before turning up at the freaking show), but only the one bitchy, ranty lady. I shall be interested to see what goes down tomorrow.

Rest of work was quite good, actually. Made second quota (18 tickets), which meant $74 for the four hours, which makes me quite happy. And I got asked to demonstrate what stand-up comedy was, though I'm still unsure as to whether or not it was a joke.

The most amusing thing, however, was the guy who started flirting with me. Seriously.

Who the hell flirts with the telemarkers?

But he was actually very funny, and I sold him 6 tickets, and spent about 20 minutes chatting to him about random stuff whilst I got his details, so it was a fun way to spend time at work.

And, an amusing picture for the Star Wars fans on my flist:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You can't not grin at those mental images.

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Date:January 9th, 2006 09:36 am (UTC)
I hate people who rant at those who work in call centres. I used to get about five ranty/abusive phone calls every day. It used to drive me mad.

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