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They like me! They really do...

Don't you hate it when your server drops out just when you are trying to update something? Mine did that just then, so I have start all over again.

Ahem. Oh, yes. I am in a rather good mood right now, because azn_girl asked the other day if she could put Tale as Old as Time up on a fanfic site she is creating. Which I find rather thrilling: they thinks it's good! I feel so loved.

Also, whilst in the fandom. maegunnbatt, my dear sweet beta,not only managed to get Passion back to me, betaed and all, in record time, but also managed to A)give me some helpful advice, and B) say really nice things. *GLOMPS* to Megdear.

And onto the real world: I seem to have suddenly become very busy. Yesterday I finally bought my ticket for the Year 12 Formal. Since the theme is "Hollywood" apparently, the ticket was designed to look like it was on film. Quite cute, actually.

We have our annual Boarder's Theatre Night tomorrow. So after school we will be driving up to Melbourne,and then going to see some show no one has ever heard of. Thrilling. </sarcasm>

The Parents will be coming down for a visit on the weekend. Which means that not only will I get a chance to see them for the first time in ages, but that I can also get my Formal Dress In An Indescribable Colour brought down. (We can't decide if the colour is actually red, pink or orange. Which sounds very strange, but it looks nice on, actually)

And, of course, this Sunday is the Melbourne Uni Open Day. So I shall be there for a while, hopefully checking out the residential colleges et al.

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