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What is this I spy? Why, it's another links list!

Yes, it's that time again. Another bountiful list of links for everyone to peruse and be entertained by.

Well, hopefully, anyway.

This list has a particularly large selection of Doctor Who links, what with the exciting new canon we had recently, which provoked much fanficcing and amusement (as well as being an utterly brilliant episode in it's own right). Not that all the fic I have to recommend is The Christmas Invasion of course.

And you can't have a links list with copious Harry Potter links, can you?

Links are sorted by fandom (or absence of), yeah, yeah, you know the drill.

My previous links lists can be found here, for those interested. (Yes, I have finally gotten around to doing some tags for them. I am as shocked as you are)

And, on with the show...

Harry Potter

Well, I had to start with Harry Potter links, didn't I? It's practically a tradition now. Not that there is any absence of Harry Potter things to rec. For all it's wacky batshitness, there's no denying that Harry Potter fans can come up with some awfully entertaining stuff on the web.


To start with, the The Harry Potter Gen Ficathon Masterlist. Because genfic is love, and this gives you a huge number of fascinating looking genfics, for so very many different characters.

The Art of Make Believe. A Harry Potter AU, only not, and a slight Buffy crossover, this is utterly brilliant, and one of the most unique ideas I have ever come across. And frighteningly easy to empathise with for everyone who's ever been one of those geeky outcasts...

Downwards Spiral. A look at the death of Dumbledore, and the reactions of various students through the eyes of Colin Creevy. The backstory of the Creevys is gorgeous, but how the other students are seen is utterly inspired. For this fic alone, I love Colin.

Like Eckletricity. Something a bit different – young Arthur and Molly fluff. How they met and fell and love. Sweet and innocent in a way so few fics seem to be in this fandom.

9.8ms-2. And from the younger generation, an utterly fascinating Harry/Ginny fic, all about love and falling. I utterly adore the last line of this story.

'Twas Brillig, and the Slithy Toves. Both post-OotP and in the Marauder era, a wonderful comparison between the Weasley Twins and the Marauders, and the Remus of then and now. A Remus/Sirius fic post-OotP that isn't painfully angsty for once.

Sixteen Ways to Tell the Weasley Twins Apart. It seems I have a weakness for these sort of fics. In any case, a great little character study about the twins, and all their differences and similarities.

At the Turning of the Year. Draco Malfoy's life, told through six Christmases. A fascinating look at the Malfoy family – and especially Draco - that humanises them without making them into saints.

The Worst Case Scenario Handbook: Harry Potter. By the incomparable rowan_r, some hilarious instructions on how survival all sort of horrific events one might find in the wizarding world. My favourite section: 'What To Do If JK Rowling Hates You.”

Come to think of it, all rowen_r's fic is hilarious, and well worth taking a look at. Especially Strictus Snipe and a Cure for Writer's Block, which is simultaneously an utterly brilliant parody of fanfiction, and a highly amusing Snupin fic. Yes, I am reccing a Snape/Lupin fic. Mark down this date, because it won't happen again for a very long time.

Other links

Harry Potter Sims. Yes, this is technically someone's LJ. But an LJ pretty much entirely devoted to reenacting the HP books, using The Sims. The scenes themselves are good, but the "lost scenes" are brilliant.

And, for something completely different, a Harry/Ginny fanart rec list. What can I say, I'm a canon-shipper. And this particular pairing seems to have produced some great fanart. Especially since HBP, and all the material within...

Now, I have recced Art Dungeon before (how could I not, it's one of the best HP fanart sites around). Well, Marta's latest artwork is a doozy: The Potterverse. Pretty much every single character in the entire Potterverse, in the one picture. Just plain wow.

Again, from caladan_dd, who I have recced before, but an utterly gorgeous Series of Dumbledore and Fawkes pictures. Completely breathtaking.

Over at hp_fringeart, there has been a challenge as of late to imitate famous artworks, using the HP characters. There have been a lot of really good pieces done, however, I have to say my favourite is this Birth of Venus remix, by the ever so talented leelastarsky.

Doctor Who

Ah, my newest major obsession. This fandom might rival the Potterites when it comes to crazy (I mean, look at the Outpost Gallifrey forums. They're practically the Fountain of Wank, really.), but again, it can be mightily entertaining, wank or no wank.

And, as already mention, TCI has caused a massive influx of new stuff to read. And I ain't arguing here...


Hello, Major Tom. Now this is great fun. A Doctor Who/Farscape crossover (For those who don't know me well, I'm a crossover fanatic) in which Jack is Crichton fanboy, there are copious mentions of leather trousers, and there are lots of misunderstandings.

We Shouldn't Keep Meeting Like This. Another crossover, this time a brain-bendingly brilliant Stargate/DW one, in which Jack meets... Jack. Also gets points from me for actually using the whole time-travel thing that is a part of Doctor Who. And not just using it, but playing with it, so enjoy trying to keep the timeline straight!

And another crossover, but one that had to happen. Now There's a Frood Who Know's Where His Towel Is. Yes, it's a DW/Hitchhikers crossover. And it's one of the most hilarious and quotable fics I have come across. To wit: ”"He's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a jacket,"

Five Moments In a Life That Never Was. Beautiful and so very, very sad, this is a fic about Susan, and identity and home. Utterly gorgeous, somehow cadhla makes me cry for a character I barely know. The fandom needs more fic likes this.

Lineage. Another Susan fic (for a character I barely know, I'm quite fond of her), set before the series starts. Fascinating in itself, but utterly tragic once you consider the implications of it all.

Closed Circle. Despite the slightly insane sounding concept, what we have here is a Rose/One fic that actually works. Touching and beautiful and so very, very sad.

And another one from the ever-fabulous calapine, Four Times When the Doctor Saved the Universe, and Once When He Didn't. Her first try at Ten (apparently), and it is so utterly perfect. Ten is adorable and hilarious, and the the other characters are just as much fun. And it has Ten/Five! *is dead from the awesome*

Acceptance and Loss. A gorgeous bit of Jack-fic, detailing the development in the relationship between Jack, Rose and the Doctor through the few episodes he was a part. The characterisations are great, and it has the best explanation for why the Doctor left Jack behind that I have come across so far.

Requiem for Pilot Fish. Just what happened to those "pilot fish" after the Sycorax ship went boom? A very funny short, in a style somewhat reminiscent of Terry Pratchett.

Now, I've recced cantralian's fic before, (Yes, yes, it's all fabulous, you know the drill) but here is one of her newer fics, inspired by TCI. Touch is a great little fic about Rose's acceptance of the new Doctor, and how different he is. Sweet and thoughtful.

Another person's fic I've recced before is, of course, misscam. Well, recently 50lyricsfanfic set up a challenge to write 50 fanfics, each with a few lines of lyrics as a prompt. misscam claimed Doctor/Rose for this challenge, and her masterlist can be found here. There are only a few fics fics there so far, but knowing the author, by the time the table is full, it will be chock-a-block with some amazing writing.

A Sort Of Man. Gah. How is it possible for a fic with absolutely no sex (or even kissing) in it to be so hot? In which Ten comes to terms with his new self and his relationship with Rose. Almost stream of consciousness, and utterly compelling, with some gorgeously evocative imagery. And did I mention, hot?

Other than fic

For the Planet. It's a Doctor Who fanvid! To the Cpatain Planet theme song! How could anyone not love this? Hilarious (especially the timing of the Emperor Dalek), so grab it while you still can.

Behind the Sofa. This is great collaborative blog in which a bunch of DW fans review the latest episodes, and just generally talk about everything Who-related that is going on in the world. Fun reviews, and as it's a group, all sorts of varying opinions on things.

And some Whovian meta, courtesy of the OG. Which, despite it's sheer insanity and wankiness, can occasionally come up with a few treasures. (Note: you must be a member to read these)

The Once and Future King. An utterly fabulous and fascinating discussion on the many Arthurian references and connections found within The Christmas Invasion. Not just meta, but educational meta. And as I am quite fond of Arthurian legends, one I found utterly compelling.

This was Doctor Who. A great little analytical piece on how each of the past Doctor's actions could easily be found in Tennant's performance in TCI. I adore this thread.

Whedon's world

Hey, I'm a shameless Joss fangirl (I'm listening to songs from Once More, With Feeling as I type this),how could I not have a section for his works?

Firefly Virtual Season Two. For all thos people out there who desperately want more Firefly, I give you a virtual season, set between the end of the Series, and Serenity. In which we get a whole lot of charmingly fic-ified stories. Only one as yet, but the next is due out on the 18th. Looks very promising.

Something Wrong with the Body Politic. A disturbing and yet fascinating Firefly fic, in which Simon watches the River Tam sessions. Tragic and horrifying.

Big Damn Zombies, Sir. A very, very funny Firefly one-shot, in which Jayne...becomes a zombie. Yes, really. Well, sort of anyway. The reactions from the other characters are classic. And highly amusing.

Of Kings and Hairy Feet. A crossover – well, sort of - in which the Firefly crew play at being the LotR characters. Enchantingly silly.

A Gift of Ordinary Magic. A Buffy/HP crossover, put here because it is rather more Buffyverse than Harry Potter. But an utterly awesome fic, looking at magic, and how it can affect life in so many ways. Xander focused (I love me some Xander gen), this is dark and disturbing, and at times very, very bleak, yet it ends in a wonderfully hopeful manner.

The End of the Beginning. Yes, yet another Buffy/HP crossover, but this one is one of the classics of the type. Written way back in 2003 (and started before OotP came out, so soundly Jossed out of all recognition), this fic is still an utterly brilliant combination of the two fandoms in a way that actually makes sense – Ripper!Giles and Ethan Rayne get caught up in events of the first Voldemort War. Utterly brilliant in how it works, especially in the play of differnces between Giles and Ethan.

And from the master himself, Joss Whedon on the future of television. Joss, Joss, Joss. Oh, how I love you so. This article cracks me up.

Other Fandoms

And to start with, as always, another reclist. Or rather, derivational, which is a fic rec journal. Run by flyingcarpet, this is updated quite frequently, and focuses mainly on Harry Potter and Buffyverse fics. The fics chosen are great. Quite a few seem to be on various list of mine now and in the past...

Tennant!Love story transcript. A story written by assorted members of tennant_love, during one of their weekly chats. Sadly, I couldn't take part, but even just looking at this...it is the crackiest bit of crack!fic I have ever come across.

The Very Secret Diary of Captain Jack Sparrow. And, a deliciously funny PotC/LotR crossover (Yes, really), in the style of The Very Secret Diaries, as the title implies. Highly amusing.

Good and Evil Claim the Twenty-First Century. Hehe! Social Commentary, courtesy of Crowley and Aziraphale. It makes me giggle. (Also, it's Good Omens gen. Which can be disturbingly hard to find at times)

Crowley and Aziraphale's New Years Resolutions, 2006. This would be considered fanfic, if it wasn't for the fact it was written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Yes, that Neil and Terry. So it's canon. Sort of. But in any case, utterly, utterly hysterical. If you are a fan of Good Omens, you must read this. Everyone else mus read it, as well.

My Bitten Heart. I looked over my past links lists, and noticed that I hadn't recced this fic yet. And I was utterly astounded. This has to be my all time favourite Star Wars fic. One of those most gorgeously heart-breaking things I have ever read, this is a look at Luke and Vader reflected through the eyes of an OC. AU from the book Shadows of the Empire, this fic makes me bawl like a baby every time I read it. I love it so very, very much...

Watching all six Star Wars films simultaneously. Proof that yes, some people really will try anything. But rather interesting reading, especially some of the connections that come up between the different movies.

The Star Wars Episode Three l33t trailer. Because it reduces me to tears of laughter, and is so damn funny that it must be shared with all and sundry.

Episode Three: Animated. Another rather amusing Star Wars thing, in which Episode Three is summarised in this great little (well, 6 minute) animated short. Very funny.

What the Doctor did next. In which fanfiction gets mainstream exposure. And isn't completely panned. Basically, back in December, The Times (of the UK), went and published an article on fanfiction, complete with quotes, links to major sites and a reference to Cassie Claire (naturally). This is the article. An interesting read.

Outside fandom

Manybook.net. In the tradition of Project Gutenberg, free ebooks for all! What is there not to love about this site?

Pi to One Million Decimal Places. Just for the sheer hell of it..

SHIFT KEY ADDICTION. Oh, anonymous memes, how I love you and your cracked out comment threads so.

Ms Pink gets her revenge. Something I am sure anyone who has ever posted in a forum can relate to...

The CHAS Website. For those not in the know, CHAS is the Cosmic Hitchhikers Appreciation Society, one of my Uni clubs. And this is the official site. Still a WIP (courtesy of the lovely fa11ing_away, but lots of fun is planned. And no, I am not just pimping this because I am on the committee, and want people to join. Really.

Worst Album Covers Ever. Completely and utterly hysterical, some of these have to be seen to be believed. They certainly live up to their name, though.

Inspired Baby Names of 2005. Well, not so much inspired as completely batshit. But utterly hilarious, even if they do make you feel very sorry for the poor kids who have to live with the names.

The case of the disappearing teaspoons: a longitudinal study. Ah, the wonders of science. And one must check out the responses, they are even better than the study itself.

Aluminium Foil Deflector Beanies. The official homepage for AFDBs (or as they are more commonly known tin-hats) Instructions of how to make them, how to wear them, and the dangers of not wearing one. Vital for psychotronic protection. ;)

Belgium doesn't exist! *falls over laughing* Best conspiracy theory ever. And the site will amuse the Hitchhiker's fans on my flist as well, methinks.

And whil we are on the subject of conspiracies, Zapato Productions Intradimensional. Home for all your conspiracy theory supplies, theories, news reports and much more. As the tagline says, “Serving the Paranoid since 1997.”

Human Virus Scanner. Discover what viruses you are currently suffering from!

Ham Licence. Without this, you may be using Ham illegally! Necessary for all legal usage of ham.

And the source it came from, Temple ov thee Lemur, which is a great source of all sorts of interesting randomness.

Irish Curse Generator. Come up with curses! In Irish!

Funny Cats Video. Another one of those hilarious videos I love to bits and think everyone should watch.

Shakespeare Action Figure. Yes, you read that correctly. An action figure...of William Shakespeare. Whatever will they think of next?

The Joy of Sexual Physics. Combining physics with sex. And not just the ordinary kinds of physics, either. Utterly one of a kind. Everyone should read this.

iBuzz. And you thought iPod add-ons couldn't get any stranger... Introducing the iBuzz. A music activated sex-toy. That plugs right into your iPod. *boggles*

Two-headed snake up for auction. So weird, and yet true. Seriously, the snake looks like something out of Harry Potter, but it's real. And it even has a video of the snake. Now, for spare couple of thousand grand...

And that makes just over 70 new links. Wow.
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