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Tristan got some booty!

So, I was going to write up this post last night. However, when I got back last night I was slightly tipsy - if by "slightly", you mean "unable to focus on the computer long enough to complete a sentence" - so decided sleep would be preferable.

But, in any case the alcohol is now out of my system, and I can thus describe my night out.

The Chinese for dinner was edible, which mightn't sound like much but automatically makes it a huge step up from certain other places I have been. Got in a big conversation during the meal with altheas and fa11ing_away in regards to house-hunting and the like, so hopefully there will be results soonish.

Meeting was rather interesting - discussed t-shirts (coming soon), badges (more to be made) the website, plans for O-week, and the big issue, which was room bookings and the like what with the changes to C and S. Oh, and tinyteddyqueen apparently bought 7 kilograms of sherbet bombs for us.

Things didn't seem to go to badly, so I judge the meeting a success. Particularly as it was held in a Chinese restaurant.

Then, our allmighty search for a new CHAS pub. The first place we found was a very new (opened New Year's) place called Eurotrash, I believe, with some truly funky decor, and a very nice cocktail menu.

And some extremely good Long Island Iced Teas.

I think all pub crawls should start off with Long Island Iced Teas.

It also had a bartender who got on very well with becker_. Extremely well. The certainly disappeared for a long time. *coughs*

I must go back there, though, because I want to try the rest of the drinks on their cocktail menu. They looked very, very nice...

Anyways, after that we did a bit of pub related wandering, before turning up at another place (Hell's Kitchen, I think?) which was okay, if a bit too dark for my liking. Had nice Vodka Sunrises though. (Though they should technically have been Vodka Sunsets, seeing as they were made in the wrong order)

And after that we headed to this very interesting Japanese club, called Robot, where I manages to try Sake for the first time - didn't mind it at all, actually - and Pink Mohitos, which are the best cocktails ever. All tall and pink and citrus-y and with mint in them...

Anyway, all in all, a very good night. I must do it again sometime.

And I give you
Image hosting by Photobucket

The sign above says it all, really.

Work was rather amusing today. I rang up one bloke who wanted to know how I got his number. And when I told him it was from the phonebook, accused me of lying. (Because he had a silent number) I mentioned it was an old phonebook. He said he'd had a silent number for almost 10 years. So I read the number. And the name. And the address. He started to imply I was doing something illegal to get this information. I told him it was in the phonebook. He said he had checked every phonebook over the past ten years (!) and his number wasn't it any of them. I said it had to be, I was reading it. He said I was lying, and started talking about law-suits. I tried not to laugh, because seeing as I was telling the truth, he was so pwned if he tried.

So, he asked to speak to my boss. Dunno what happened there, although she mentioned afterwards that she somehow got him to direct his towards the phonebook people, rather than us.

Still...it was utterly hilarious. There is nothing funnier than arguing with someone who is 100% wrong and can't change this, and yet is adamant they are right.

Random Quotes:

becker_: (to tinyteddyqueen) "Now I have bra-rash because of your t-shirt."

Me (by request of fa11ing_away): "They have cages around the stores! What, are they afraid the stores are going to attack?"

(About the sake)
Phil: "Perhaps it's a 15 percent error margin."
aurileus: "Perhaps it's a 15 percent survival rate."

Anyone and Everyone: "Tristan got some booty!"

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