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The point has vanished

Yak! We had our fortnightly "Current Affairs" session today, and the speaker was some very boring lady. She studies Educational Sociology, or the Sociology of Education, or she educates people about Sociology. Or something. Anyway, it was about the most boring talk I have ever heard. She just rambled on and on about all sort of random things, and as far as I could tell there was just no reason or point behind it all. And we also saw the world's most random slide-show, which included statistics, quotes, and photos of an elephant, some old Mongolian, a quilt, ostritches, statues, a stained glass window, street signs, and (for some unknown reason) a scene from Buffy

And afterwards the Deputy Head went and ragged us out for being rude. Is there some rule that all Deputy Principals must be scary as all hell?

Tonight is our Theatre Night. We are seeing a show in Melbourne (called Vanishing Point) and so I will be getting back at 10:30. Sort of cancels any plans for homework tonight.

Oh, and a rumour is going round the boarding house, that two of the tutors sharing a room are actually lesbians. Most people I have spoken to don't believe it, but the Head of Boarding has heard it, so there is a bit of fuss going on. Weird.

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