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This is a post of many things

I was going to post last night, but I sort of got, um, distracted, and it never happened. So this post is two somewhat eventful days shoved together, and thus will be long and behind an LJ cut.

Well, cuts.

Well, the main reason for The n00b Invasion has been uncovered: several of the oldbies are leaving. Maire (I think that's how it spelt) left last week, and Aaron went on Wednesday.

This made me very sad. I liked Aaron. He was funny and clever and nice and amused by my random geekiness and gave nice hugs and had a British accent.

He should not have been allowed to leave. *pouts*

Still, on Wednesday night after work, we went out for Thai food and drinkies. Which was rather fun with all the crazy talking and Peter's tall tales and just randomness. And the Thai place r0xx0rs.

Still, The n00b Invasion is settling. If by settling, one means "disappearing entirely." Of the five n00bs earlier in the week, only two are still staying on: Nathan, the Harry Potter look-alike, and this other guy whose name I forget.

Perhaps they were scared off by us oldbies, and our weirdness. Case in point: Somehow we ended up discussing Smurf mpreg the other day. No, I don't know how it happened either.

*sighs* But work itself is pretty crappy this week. Or maybe I'm just too tired and stressed to do well.

Of course, said stress is not bloody fun. Especially after the incident on Wednesday night that sent me into a minor nervous breakdown.

I'd just gotten back from our Thai goodbye thing for Aaron, and so it was rather late, around 1-ish. So I toddle upto the front door of the building. And I can't get in.

I am puzzled, and so try to sneak in through the basement. I can't get in their either.

And why is this?

Because they changed the locks in the building. And nobody told me!

So I am freaking out, at 1am, unable to get in the building. Serious hysterics are going on. Luckily, two girls happen to be heading in, and they take pity on me and let me in.

Also, they explain that I should have gotten a letter of explanation and a new key, and I start to work things out.

It seems that a week or so ago, we got a letter address to "The Resident." Seeing as I am not technically a resident, I didn't exactly feel it was my place to open the damn thing, so I just left it for the others. Now, sometime last week, one of the room-mates did open and read it, and left a note explaining it.

However, they didn't leave it anywhere particularly noticable, just in a pile of other papers. And since I'm not about to go through everyone's stuff...

Hence slight pissiness.

*sighs again* Still, I leave tomorrow. I think I shall be very glad, lack of proper housing notwithstanding.

So, in lieu of the uber-angst and weirdness of the day, I am planning to mess around a bit online, update teh LJ and then toddle off to bed.

And I start doing this, and am just seeing what's what, when over on the OG, I stumble over nostalgia_lj. Who then talks me into trying out their chatroom there.

After some minor computer issues - the chatroom isn't working for me, and I end up having to reinstall java, and what with that and the restarting of the computer, and then reinstalling MSN 'cos it got all weird - I toddle on in.

(On an extremely random note, somehow with all this reinstalling and restarting, I manage to mysteriously get another gig free in my harddrive. Which still baffles me entirely, but at least it means I stop getting those bloody "You are low on memory" messages)

Anyhoo, misscam somehow also gets dragged into the chatroom, and I somehow ended up talking there all night.

It was a fabulous chat, though. There was lots of scheming between misscam, nostalgia_lj, there was the destroying of nostalgia_lj's childhood, we invented the word "pervil" (See icon, courtesy of misscam), and we also put in an investigation into the Ways of Boy Fandom.

Well, we scared off a few of the fanboys, and others seemed rather too interested in what we were on about, but still, it was an educational process. We witnessed genuine canonwars and fact comparing, which strikes me as a classier version of pissing contests.

Still, 'twas a very, very good chat. Even if it did mean I turned up at work today entirely dead.

That was about the only thing going my way this week. I hadn't heard anything from the Real Estate agents, so I went and rang them. And it appears that the three from Woodards we missed out on - all three! - and the only notification was a message left on someone's phone (we don't know whose, yet). The Brickworks application hasn't even been processed yet, what with an inspection going on at the place this weekend. So it's till possible, yet unlikely methinks.

So, the hunt will be back on next week, once fa11ing_away is back in Melbourne. I think Tuesday and Wednesday morning were altheas's suggested times.

Until then, seeing as lena_supercat is back on Saturday, I move out tomorrow. sylver_spiders was kind enough to let me crash at her place for a while during teh hunt, and tinyteddyqueen will be bringing a car to help transport my stuffs tomorrow. And I have the day off work.

Still, I bloody well hope we find a place soon.

What a few days...

Also, on an extremely random note, at the work the other day, I found my screwdriver in my handbag. WTF?

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