Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

It's a small world after all...

There are coincidences and coincidences, you know?

I mean, there are tose little things that make you go, "Well, that's weird." And then there are the things that make you go, "OMGWTF I don't fucking believe it!"

Today, I had a big one.

I'm just hanging around the house, right, after a long sleep in, and sylver_spiders and atygir get in, with a friend of theirs named Dylan. I, naturally, go to meet the guy, and join in the conversation.

So Dylan mentions something briefly about wearing a kilt, which amuses me briefly, and then starts talking about a pipe-band, and mention playing the bagpipes.

This suddenly links up a few things in my mind, and blurt out a question, asking if he had ever been on a ghost tour of Melbourne. (Don't ask)

To which he says yes, goggles at me, and then we both start laughing.

Here's the kicker: This guy who is a friend of two of my new room-mates - one of whom I met for the first time on Friday, the other I have known for less than a year - who is randomly visiting when I am in, is the same guy I met and talked with for several hours on a ghost tour of Melbourne back in 2003!

I still have his mobile number on my phone. And his business card.

Seriously, it's times like this world seems to be a crazy, crazy place.

On househuntiness: fa11ing_away, is Tuesday suitable for you to have another day house hunting? Because it suits altheas and I, and I want to get onto things right away.

Also, a lesson to be learnt: Do not get over-excited when you misread the words "Appointment with Tenant."

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