Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Because I waited until after the vodka was gone to post...

So, I was going to post last night, but then there was the whole incident with the CHAS meeting and the bars and the drinks and the far too much vodka, so I decided to leave it be for a while.

In any case: House-huntiness from yesterday. Since I hadn't heard back from Gina, I went and gave her a call. It appears she has not as yet heard back from the owner of the place (who is in the UK, BTW), and as such was giving him twenty-four more hours to reply to her, and if he didn't by then (ie. today), she would go ahead and select tenants on Monday.

Which would be great for us, except another group has also apparently applied for the same place. So it's us versus them, really.

Wish us luck. *crosses fingers*

And onto more cheerful topics, the CHAS night. As always, we had a a meeting over food (sort of), in which we were vaguely productive, mainly in a "heading towards O-Week" way (Speaing of, I want to get my hair purple again for O-Week. Anyone willing to help me out one afternoon/middle of the day?)

And then, drinkies! First was Eurotrash, AKA The Place Where Tristan Got Some Booty. Where I had a Moscow Mule which had far too many shots of vodka in it. But was still nice.

Oh! And I can't forget: fa11ing_away and I managed to talk The Sonic Manipulator (who is now my very favourite busker) into playing the Doctor Who theme for us. It was very, very cool. *loves*

Then, off to 6 Links, where I had a Sex on the Beach (You can't have cocktails and not have something with an innuendo inspired name, sooner or later). Which was rather nice, actually, even if I was not at all fond of the bar.

And then to Robot again for...something. I am not entirely sure what. I believe this was the point I came to the definite conclusion that the more alcohol I have, the less verbally coherant I become. Which, considering I seem to talk more, makes for an interesting situation.


And, today-wise, work managed to restore my faith in the greatness of working Saturdays. Lots of nice peoples buying tickets.

Although I did have the randomly entertaining situation of managing to call - from supposedly residential numbers and one after the other - these places: the Monash University International Admissions Office, Nelson Alexander Real Estate (Mornington) and the Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre (!).


And then I came home to find David - no, a different David, a friend of sylver_spiders - there, and supply Cab Sav to go with our pizza delivery.

Because nothing says class like Cab Sav and pizza.

Some Random Quotes:
David: "I'm like last week's cheese. Risky, but still pretty good."

Me (On fa11ing_away's insistance): "I'll never think of fly fishing in the same way again."

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