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iPartment photos (Thank you, notmonica, for that description)

And, I can now bring you some photos of my fantabulous new place. Of course, it's still completely unfurninshed and all that right now, but hey, what can you expect?

But anyways,
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This is our kitchen, taken from the end with nothing in it, and thus lots of room for shelves/cupboards/whatever. Bit little, but what can you do?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

These two are the living area - it's a sort of L shape. And it's bigger than my phots make it look.

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is the master bedroom. Is so claiming for self because of the massive built-in wardrobe

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

And these are the other two bedrooms. The top one has a built in wardrobe, the other doesn't. So I expect altheas will get the wardrobeless one.

And I didn't bother taking pictures of the bathroom, because it wasn't that interesting.

Also, the pictures really do make it seem smaller than it is, because of the angle they are from and all.

But hey, yays for new place. Even if I do have to meet the owner at 9.30 tomorrow morning, so I can get keys for the new lock they are putting in (the current one is a bit broken).

But, as my Mum commented yesterday, all in all it was a successful day. Though I do wonder how much of that was to do with Mum, and how much was us. I mean, she did supply me with some very impressive looking references to use. (Her real estate agent - my Mum owns a flat in Hamilton - which sort of works because said agent is the mother of a girl I did ballet with, and the family accountant.)

But...yeah. New place equals yayness.

And after work Mum took me out for dinner at Mexican. With margaritas.

And I heard all the gossip from home. The Sister is back at school, and has just started Year 12, the poor thing. Oh, and there has been a snake plague around home. (As in, a couple of weeks back, there was a Snake lurking around the driveway. But by the time the shotgun was found, it had vanished again. Hence, some paranoia. So when Mum saw a run over snake on the driveway, she thought all was well. This was not to be: when she was down at the chook shed, feeding up just the other night, she had just closed the door...and noticed a snake about half a foot away from her hand. She rushed off to get the shotgun again, but by the time Dad had come back with it, this snake had also vanished. So now there is a snake somewhere near the cook shed. Lovely)

Oh, and fa11ing_away, is Monday suitable for you to come and help repurple my hair?

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