Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

I have purple hair! Again!

And so the hair had been repurplified!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Isn't it fabulicious? Great thankies must go to fa11ing_away for doing it for me. *huggles*

Speaking of fa11ing_away, we seem to have gotten somewhere in getting utilities for the iPartment set up. Yays! And tomorrow the two of us shall go shopping for a fridge and washing machine, and a bed for me (I hope). So all should soon be set for moving in on Saturday!

I think I like this week. It seems very interesting. And I get to scare all the ickle firsties on Thursday and Friday. *cackles wildly*

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