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The Links List of Doomy Doom

Yes, and it's yet another links list. This one, however, could most likely be classified under the description of One Big Mother of a Links List.

Which most likely comes from a combination of the large amounts of time I have spent online searching for a house, waiting for others to come online so I can discuss said house searching, or just randomly killing time. Plus the random productiveness certain fandoms seem to be asserting right now.

In any case, there are a hell of a lot of links to check out here. Enjoy!

As always, previous links lists are here.

And, to the Linksmobile! Away!

Harry Potter

I'm pretty sure everyone knows the routine by now: If there is a Links List, drakyndra will start it with Harry Potter. But what else can I do with a fandom this huge and entertaining (and insane)?


And to start with, another movie parody. Or rather, evadne_noel's Goblet of Fire Breadbox Edition. I've recced some of her previous Breadboxes, and I had to include this one. Worth it for The Sentient Tongue Of Barty Crouch, if nothing else.

And on a more serious note, Iscariot. This was one of those fics I read years back and lost, and only recently found again. But this is an utterly stunning fic from Peter's POV, during the Second War, and paralleling the Last Supper. If you have any knowledge of the Bible version, this is breathtaking and disturbing. And the metaphor “Like a stone in water...” chills me with it's brilliance.

One Curse. When Peter Pettigrew framed Sirius Black, twelve Muggles were killed in the blast. These are their stories. From the mundane to the unusual, Alvira (scoradh) gives these characters life and originality. It's stories like this that gave me my love of minor character fics. Because knowing the ultimate fate of these people stings. And then there is those left behind...

The Girl Nobody Knows. Subtitled as "A Soliloquy", this is exactly that, a soliloquy from Hermione's point of view. But not the Hermione we know... or is it? Disturbing in all it's possibility, and the final line is chilling. (Especially if one understands the reference)

(reflect what you are). A fascinating Ron/Hermione/Harry fic, told from a truly unique perspective. The Trio is utterly perfect here (even if the OT3 does in parts go a little too far), and it balances humour with sadness well.

Now, the new(-ish) omniocular comm is home to a fabulous collection of gen fic and art. They are allof a high quality, seeing as it is an invitation only comm, and there are some very diverse fics. And since I do love my genfic, I seem to find quite a few fics to rer from here. These are some of my personal favourites:

- Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb. This is another one of those rare truly disturbing fics you sometimes find. As another reviewer commented, “God knows the mundane can be more awful than anything Voldemort can come up with,” and that summarises the horror of this fic perfectly. It's about Andromeda Tonks and her daughter and choices, and it is horrible and tragic and it just hurts.

- Somewhat Lighter Sympathy. Disturbing but somehow, oddly, not, this is a fic where Voldemort actually does something very, very smart for once when it comes to dealing with Harry. Seen entirely through the eyes of an OC, the brief look in on Harry and the people around him is fascinating in a warped sort of way. And the ending is chilling, and oddly emotional.

- Death And Precedence. A fascinating Barty Crouch Junior story, that attempts to explain exactly how a boy from such a promising and "good" family turned bad. The characterisation is fascinating, and you can see the future obsession and madness in this odd, detatched child. Really good.

- Not With Our Eyes. An intriguing little fic, focused mainly around two relatively minor, and often underestimated characters, Viktor Krum and Sibyll Trelawney. This gives the two life and a backstory, and at the same time, gives some disturbing insight into being used, in more ways than one.

- Five People Ted Tonks Met In Heaven. A fascinating and unique concept, made even more so by the wonderful artwork included in the fic. As well, it has some brilliantly different characterisation of some of the mysteriously unknown Order members, and most especially Ted Tonks.

- Moonshine. A greatly little conversation between Lupin and Luna Lovegood, set during PoA. Luna is marvellously herself here (which is a disturbingly uncommon trait), and Remus's reactions to her questioning is perfect. The last line is also utterly tremendous.

- Conspiracy Theory. A vague spinoff from snorkackcatcher's Nympadora Tonks and the Liquor of Jacmel (which I recced a while back) – but only in that it stars one of the major characters – this is an utter ball to read. This might just be because I love conspiracy theories, and the explanations for Roswell, for JFK's assassination and more are brilliant, but in any case it is so much fun to hear all the explanations just tie in and build on one another. It's like a Wizarding X-Files, almost.

- Something Happened to Me Yesterday. A great young Peter fic. Peter gets a chance to be wanted and the centre of attention, through the most unusual means. Featuring a brilliant double act of Hagrid and Professor Sprout, as well. And, the Spy Pumpkins have to be one of the best concepts ever, they're hilarious.

Part of the Family. A short ficlet from the fabulous fernwithy, in which whilst planning her wedding, Tonks gets a letter from a... concerned relative.Very funny and realistic – or at least possible, from the current canon - and I do like the ending muchly.

The End is Nigh. Now there is a rather interesting story behind this, er, story. It was written for the perposterice challenge, in which authors take "summeries" from mctabby's Summary Executions, and write fic based on them. But this one is really great, crafting a fabulous friendship between Ginny and Luna in the year before they start Hogwarts. The characterisations are awesome, but it is the details that make this fic: how the Molly deals with the Jehovah's Witnesses, the incidents with the chickens, Luna's home, Luna's house (in fact, everything to do with Luna. Especially the Ravenous Werepuffins of St Kilda), and the orientation at Hogwarts.

Lord Voldemort's Diary. 1981 from Voldemort's point of view...told ala Bridget Jones' Diary. Utterly, utterly hysterical, complete with Senor Draco references and the most fitting final section ever.

25 Stories Penknife Never Wrote About The Marauders. Now the 25 Stories thing is a genre I quite like, but this take on it is utterly, utterly brilliant. Very Meta, poking fun at the books, at fanfic, at certain fanfic cliches, at certain types of fanfic and of the author's own fanfic. Unendingly fabulous and hilarious, from start to finish.

Freudian Slip. This... is a Harry/Draco fic. I am actually reccing a H/D fic. Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse. But still...it's fun and silly, and I think the kitchen appliances have got to be one of the best ideas ever.

All Your Grimmauld Place. Crack. Complete and utter crack. Also, completely and utterly hysterical, but what else can you expect from a story in which the majority of the dialogue is taken directly from a certain badly translated video game?

In Snape's Kitchen. The most cracked out version of the Book Seven Scene In Which All Questions Are Answered ever. Hilariously meta, and insanely brilliant. How can you not love something with the line: ”Severus Snape. After all this time. In the flesh.
Stir-frying the Dark Lord.”

Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords is No Basis for a System of Government. Discuss. Anyone who is at all familiar with Monty Python will recognise the title. And it pretty much implies exactly what lies within: a random and extremely amusing prank of the Weasley Twins, include exerts from a rather classic essay.

And since it has reminded me, the classic essay style fic: Sublimation and the Snitch, by copperbadge (Over at his fic journal, sam_storyteller, which is always worth a look). An essay by Remus Lupin on Quidditch as a metaphor for sex. Hysterical.

Sporks. A fic, with Remus/Sirius. And sporks. What is not to love? Especially once the spork starts being used as a certain metaphor. And the Marauder dialogue is hilarious.

And whilst on the subject of sporks, people really ought to check out The Revenge of Lord Vodkamort. In which, after they finish school (and defeat a Dark Lord), the Trio continues in the finest tradition of school leavers, and set up a share house, in which they get sloshed. A lot. Complete with spork fetishes, a carnivorous wardrobe, and purple nail polish.

A Million Light Years From Home. A Firefly/HP crossover, and an utterly gorgeous one at that. Sirius comes out of the Veil (somehow) on Persephone, and manages to works his way onboard Serenity as a dog. And then he is found out... With a great Sirius, an amazing River, and simultaneously sad and hopefully. Highly recommended to fans of either fandom.

Remembering Narnia. A lovely short little ficlet, which ties the Narnia books and the Harry Potter books together in a very charming way. Fascinating, really, and I do love the letter from Uncle Clive at the end.

Technical Support. A very clever and very funny HP/Good Omens crossover. In which Newt and Arthur Weasley bond over lack of electrical abilities, and things get taken a little too far. Very in the style of all the original authors, which takes some doing, I must say.

The Substitute. One of those long abandoned WIPs, that will never get any further along, but in the case of this fic, the small amount that was complete is so good I still fell comfortable reccing it. A HP fic, in which the Hagrid quits to marry Madam Maxime, and the Care of Magical Creatures position goes to a certain Steve Irwin. Yes, really. And strangely enough, not nearly as cracktastic as it sounds. Very witty and clever, and for all Irwin annoys me, he is rather sweet in this fic.

And, because I am a crossover h0r, Reading is Fundamental to our Understanding. A Thursday Next/HP crossover, in which Lupin gets just a little to involved in a book he is reading. Watch out for Murpholistopolies's Law!

And a little something we call meta-crack, children. Canon Rape. Something every person who likes crossovers should read at least once. It's a Harry Potter/Full Metal Alchemist fandom pairing. Must be read to be believed.


I've Had Enough! An utterly gorgeous illustration of the final Dumbledore's office scene in OotP. The amount of detail here is incredible – and beautifully done – and the emotions of the scene are almost tangible.

The Ministry's Most Wanted. And on a hugely different note, we have here a great cartoon-style pic, of assorted Death Eater mugshots. Amusing and interesting.

Defence Against the Dark Arts? A short comic, that pretty much speaks for itself. I think Harry's expression in the last frame is what makes it for me.

Buckbeak Mountain. Ah, how those Brokeback Mountain poster parodies have swept the internet. And with results as fun a this, who could resist? Love the move tagline.

Live From The Three Broomsticks! The trio (and Ginny) as... a rock band? Very cute and sweet, and the art is great. The looks Harry and Ginny are giving each other are adorable, and Drummer!Ron owns my soul.

Shadowed. A very simple, but beautiful Harry picture. Understated, but gorgeous, and it proves you don't need flashy colours or huge amounts of detail to make something original and wonderful.

Now, I know I have recced caladan_dd's fanart before. Well, as wonderful as all her art is, this is a particular favourite of mine: Dumbledore and Fawkes. A series of pictures, rather than just one, not only is the artwork in this astounding, but the personality in the pictures is just beautiful. And the final one is heartbreaking.

Other Stuff

The Harry Potter Lexicon. Good grief! I hadn't realised I hadn't linked to this yet. Pretty much the essential source for any HP related canon knowledge, from the tiniest of canon characters to spells, dates, times and pretty much the minutiae of the Potterverse.

Harry Potter casts a spell on accident prone children. Proof they really will do scientific studies on just about anything these days. But it is rather amusing (particularly the fourth response, "Hidden Dangers")

Doctor Who

Seeing as The Christmas Invasion was screened less than two months ago (it seems like so much longer), the fandom still seems to be riding on it's creative wave. Not to mention, what with being on tenterhooks waiting for New Season screening type news.

In any case, a bloody huge lot of Doctor Who links this time 'round. Which is wonderful, really. *enjoys mightily*


To start: Five Minute The Christmas Invasion. Because I adore all the Five Minute Doctor Who, but this is shiny and new. And as much as I loved TCI, I love this parody as well.

measure loss and gain. Now this has to go down as one of the most disturbing and weird fics that I have ever liked. It's Rose/Doctor/TARDIS (Yes, really), and more twisted and dark and fucked up than you could possibly expect. And you can never quite work out just who is using who here...

Give And Take. The fact this was written for a "porn battle" sort of implies to the content, but well, as one of the comments says, for porn it's awfully cute. But it's Ten/Rose and it's shameless porn, and it's very well written.

Fit to be Tied: Extended version. Well, this just takes tie!porn to the utter max. Ten/Five/Turlough and utter, shameless smut. Utterly wonderful shameless smut that is.

Okay, enough with the smut, and onto a few other things...

Now, a while back I recced a whole lot of icebluenothing's fanfic.Because it was all so fabulous, and he's just a great writer. And Silencer just backs this up. A drabble – a genuine, only 100 words, drabble – but damn it is good. (Also, it's all from Old School canon. Which, oddly enough, makes me love it more)

La Petite Mort. Read the title. Read the fic. And when you get to the end, tell me, was that really what you thought this fic was about?

Reclamation. This is a sequel to Acceptance and Loss, which I recced in my previous Links List. But in any case, it's a great Jack-fic, set after PotW, and deals with what happens to him from then until he meets up with the Doctor again. Including dealing with Torchwood, both in TCI and beyond (I love how Jack is fitted into that, as well as how Jack finds out what really went on.) Also, it has one of the best openings to a fic I have come across.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast. The Doctor and Rose, told in fragments. A nice little Ten/Rose fic, that manages to be sweet without being soppy, and without being overwhelmingly true love-ish. And I do rather like the short vignettes.

The Best Sort Of Blame. Another Ten/Rose fic, this one about being a little more...impudent. And asking some slightly naughty questions. Such as just what effect regeneration has on certain aspects of the Doctor. Very, very good and highly recommended. And it now has an out-take: The Best Sort Of Missing Scene. The fact that this has an adult rating says it all really. But from the Doctor's POV this time, and still very, very good.

Predictable. An out-take from TCI, this is a great look at the similarities and differences between the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, and Rose's worry about how this would affect her relationship with him as seen from Rose's point of view.

Everything Old is New Yet Again. Yes, it's another "Rose gets to know the new Doctor" fics. But it's lots of fun, what with a dead on Ten (who is hyper and silly and never stops talking). And the Tolkein bit is very amusing. A few (minor) spelling and formatting issues, but the delightful characterisation more than more than makes up for them.

Come To Dust. Another one of those Rose considering the Doctor fics, but don't let that fool you: this is very unique, and astoundingly good. It begins from the end of Rose's first episode and runs all the way through to the end of TCI, and is about what the Doctor shows Rose, and what she learns from it.Utterly beautiful and touching, and just right, dammit. cryptile, the author, currently has a multi-chaptered fic going, which is very, very good, however I think I'll wait until it's finished until I add it to a Links List.

Shapes. And a type of fic that is somewhat similar, but also very different – a Doctor POV on said changes. This one consists of the Tenths Doctor pondering about shapes and changes, both of himself and in relation to other things, and is a very clever study. The changes the regeneration caused mentally is particularly well described.

Moments Of Revelation. Rose and the Doctor are at the seaside, when they just happen to encounter a rather...familiar old man. A short little fic about Rose changes, and Rose coming to accept the Doctor is all his aspects.

Change Your Mind. A Jackie POV fic on the Doctor and Rose and her changing relationships with both. Sorta kinda written for me, so how could I not rec this? The fact that it is, as the cliche goes, fantastic, is also a bonus. I could say a lot of things about this fic, most of which can be found in my epic review, but all I'll do here is say that it is utterly fabulous and highly recommended to everyone, but especially those who like alternate POVs. Or Jackie, the poor darling.

Cash Cow. So just how does the Doctor get all his money from? This gives one – highly amusing – answer. And you can't not love the setting of the fic...

Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Woman I Learned From Humans. Okay, the whole Girl!Doctor thing in Doctor Who fandom is one of those things which I just Don't Get. I know a lot of people like it, and some of the fics are quite good, but it's just one of those things that could never quite get my interest. However, with this fic, calapine has managed to pull off the impossible and actually get me to like a Girl!Doctor fic. It's amusing and clever, and both very serious and very silly in parts, and has managed to drag Sarah Jane into the realm of companions I have never seen but am intrigued by. And the dialogue is just perfect.

17 Reasons Why Romana is (better than) the Doctor. Now, I've never actually seen any of the episodes with Romana in them (yes, one of these days I shall have to raid certain libraries for Classic Who DVDs and have a marathon). But this fic makes her and relationship with the Doctor completely and utterly fascinating.

The One Where Rose Doesn't Meet Any Fishpeople. Sort of like a crackfic, but not. In which Ten and Rose run into Two, and have some interesting discussions. Complete with an amusingly meta metaphor on memory.

Never Flip The Urple Switch. Written for International Urple Day, (see here for a definition of Urple), in which Rose comes down with a heavy dose of Urple. Rated NC-17, for adult language and extreme urple, this is completely and utterly hysterical.

Last Humans. In which Rose and the Doctor run into Dave Lister in a bar in the future. Sad and thoughtful in parts, but the details are hilarious; I love the implied Jack/Ace Rimmer (which there so should be more of), and Drunk!Ten is a riot.

Bad Guys. Another of those fics I managed to lose and then find again. This one is a Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover, but it isn't played for laughs. Well, not much. The Doctor takes Rose to Coruscant and they run into a certain Chosen One (and his wife), and provokes a lot of thought on evil and good. Surprisingly dark, really.

Ergo. What can I say, expect I am far too fond of crossovers? And that the idea that Sherlock Holmes knows all about the Doctor amuses me greatly? Still, an interesting outside look at certain aspects of the DW universe. And it has Holmes! *loves*

Erm...and this isn't exactly Doctor Who, except is sort of is. Well, Doctor Who RPF (Real Person Slash, to be precise). Call Me Doctor. It's a Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant fic...dear Lord, did I just write that? And it's exceedingly smutty for a short fic.

I think I am going to hell now, after reccing that. But it's so good...

Other Stuff

Doctor Who fandom links. Courtesy of taraljc, a whole lot of Doctor Who related links. Mostly LJ based, and tending towards the fanfic and art making community, this is a fabulous to place links of all kinds. Some haven't been updated in quite a while, mind.

Doctor Who in Frankston! I mentioned this article to a few of my friends a little while ago, and they didn't believe me. Fools. So here it is, in all it's glory: The Doctor , in my city (well, Frankston, which is sort of my city). There is no end to the cool.

The Whovian Observer. An absolutely fantastic (pun not intended) Doctor Who webcomic. Updated once a week I believe, this has the most fabulous artwork, and is great fun to read. It has reviews, commentary on Who-related news, some very fun Classic Who related funnies, and just generally anything Who related. This is the main page, with the most recent comic, but I'll rec a few of my faves from the archives:
- The Doctor's New Clothes. Or, that's one crossover I can guarantee you will never see anywhere else.
- The predicted response to David Tennant's casting. Well, that is completely and utterly dead on, I must say. The Tennant cartoon, though...*swoons*
- Evil Jelly Babies. My favourite comic for cracking up random Doctor Who fans. Hilarious.

Remember that time (well, the most recent time) that Doctor Who made Fandom_Wank? Well, it came with one of the most entertaining offshoot threads ever: The Epic Doctor Who Wank Quotes Thread. Birth of much amusement, and many icons.

Star Wars

I seem to be drifting away from this fandom as of late – what happens when one finds other shiny new fandoms to play in, I suppose. Still, there are some good links to found here and there.

An Infinite Black Void With Finite Boundaries. A really fabulously styled Darth Vader fic (it was written by imadra_blue for the 1character challenge, in which people are given 50 prompts and can only write one sentence for each), and a great look at Vader from the moment he became a Sith to the end of RotJ. Very well characterised.

A Mechanical Spirit. Now, this is just cute and funny. Set after RotJ, it features Han, Luke and the ghost of Anakin, having a discussion about mechanics. Very amusing, particularly Han's reactions.

Big Damn Captains. In which Malcolm Reynolds and Han Solo meet up at the Mos Eisley Cantina. And compare stories (and ships). Highly amusing, and just a little poignant in parts.

Young Luke sees Obi-Wan at the Tatooine Market. Young Luke and Obi-Wan is one of those things there really isn't enough of, so I really love this picture. The artwork is beautiful,and the expression on Obi-Wan's face is so perfectly sad.

Star Wars Valentines. Because they are all a) hysterical, and b) so much better than actual Valentine's day cards.

Vader Meets The Empty Child. Now this is just hilarious. The art is great, but the speech bubbles just made me fall over laughing.

The Empire Brokeback. Just when you think you've seen it all...there comes this. Brokeback Mountain trailer parodies are apparently the big thing on the Internet right now, and this Star Wars version is just classic.

Other Fandoms

To start off with, my very favourite video I have ever found on the Internet: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. There are no words for how amazingly awesomely awesome this video is. Seriously, if you try just one link on my list, it should be this.

And because after linking to that, I can't not include this: Chuck Norris Facts. My current favourite: ”If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever.”

Planet Schmanet, Janet. In which Anthony Stewart Head sings the song from The Rocky Horror Show...in full costume. Giles in fishnets and high heels – it's mind boggling!

Spiderman Will make You Gay. A short video that, well, defies words. You have to see it to believe it, really. Very amusing, mind.

Queer Eye for the Fandom Guy. Hilarious! The Queer Eye guys take on some interesting subjects, from a variety of fandoms. The dialogue is classic.

A Boy Less Ordinary. Now, here's something you don't see an awful lot of: Chrestomanci fanfic. Now, I am a big fan of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci books (especially Christopher, whom I utterly adore), and I thought this fic was fabulous. It stars Tom, as a buy who is just so abnormal compared to the rest of his family. And one day he says that oh-so-powerful word, Chrestomanci. Wonderful in it's humour, and in how it plays with a few cliches. Also, teenage Christopher!

The fic is continued on here and here.

In The Alley (How It All Comes Down). Now, as much as I did actually like the ending to Angel (very fitting and all that), it was as open-ended as it is possible to be. And so, the fanficcers took to it avidly. I rather like this take on what happens next, mainly because it is less about what happens as the characters themselves – which are, of course, the key point. And I do like the ending, even if it is just another take on a common concept.

Strange Goings On On The 13th February. Hee! It's a Buffy/Doctor Who crossover! With Spike and Andrew and a Dalek! What isn't to love here? Very silly, but fun.

Apples. A great little Discworld/Lord of the Rings crossover, which comes up with a great theory for the origins of Binky. Plus, it has the most marvellous characterisation of a horse I have ever come across.

Now, a little while back I recced Paul Gadzikowski's triangle cartoons. Well, it seems the man himself now has an LJ (scarfman), and whilst browsing it, I came across this highly amusing cartoon, in which we find his musings on slash.

Barbie Adventures: Barbie's Love Dilemma. I wasn't quite sure where to catagorise this, but "Other Fandoms" seemed to fit best. In any case, the twisted tale of Barbie's dark spiral into addiction. With pictures!

The Real(er) World

The Weekly World News Website. Weekly World News has a website! I think my life is now complete. For all your crazy, crazy news supplies. An example: on the day I wroe up this link, one of the headlines was “10 More Commandments Found.”

Cute Overload. Exactly what it says on the tin. Too much cute for words!

Kitten War. And whilst we are on the subject of really, really cute things, a competition in which people vote for the cutest kitten. Even more cuteness!

And now for an entirely different take on war: Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure. Be George Dubya! Invade Iraq! In text adventure style!

The Darwin Awards... Movie. Dear Me, whatever will they think of next? The official website for this positively insane sounding movie concept.

I Am Bored.com. The ultimate in time killing sites. Far too entertaining for it's own good.

Despair, Inc. A store for all those people who just can't stand those bloody motivational pictures and all workplaces seem to love. Because too much sarcasm is never enough.

The Ten Weirdest USB Devices Ever. Whatever will they think of next? Utter crack.

And proof that eBay, as wonderful as it is, is complete and utter crack. To wit: A single brussel sprout. Which sold for 1550 pounds. Ah, eBay, I love and all your wacky sales...

And since we are talking about weird stuff being sold, one cannot go past Way Out Auctions. Read it and gape.

Tom Baker Says. Ah, the wonders o technology. Due to some genius, over in the UK when one sends a text message to a certain selection of landlines, the message will then by read out...by Tom Baker. Naturally, some people have had an awful lot of fun with this...

The Pi Song. A song...about Pi. The lyrics alone are utterly bonkers (What do you expect, what with a chorus which is just someone reciting the digits of pi?), but the video is hilariously awful.

Hooked On A Feeling. A Music Video. Starring David Hasselhoff. There are no words.

Kenya. It's got lions and tigers, y'know...

A Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes flash animation. Okay, the song is a classic. And you can't not love the images...

Actually, check out everything at Weebl's Stuff. It's all so very fabulous. Especially the toons, which pwn liek whoa. And I defy you to get Annoying out of your head. Ever.

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me. Completely and utterly adorable. And the song is truly awesome.

The Great Big Button That Should Never, Ever Be Pressed. Because we all know what we do with those...

Download the Internet. Yes, now you too can download the entire internet. It may take some time, though...

Or, if you don't feel like downloading the internet right now, you could shut down the Internet instead. Why must they make it a big shiny red button, why?

Dear Lord. That's more than 110 links. Whoa.
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