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This day is now closed (Take 2)

And once again I am back from an open day. I got to have a nice look around at Melbourne Uni, even if I did manage to somehow get myself lost for quite a while. Unfortunately, due to a weird conjunction of circumstances (my train arrive in Melbourne late, getting on the wrong tram, the aforementioned lostness and the fact it started pouring) I never got to see the Halls of Residence. At least I got all the brochures...

Oh, yes I actually did manage to go and see Hellboy with my sister last night. It was actually rather good, lots of great one-liners and special effects, and the atmosphere of the movie was just amazing. A good night out. And I heard they will be making a sequel to it, also. Even more movies for me to look forward too.

Oh, and the boarding house had the annual "Urbans versus Rurals" soccer match while I was stuck on the stupid train. And Rurals won, so yay!

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