Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Life, cont.

So, despite the whole moving house thing, life appears to be continuing as always. I mean, uni has started up again (I had my first class for the semester today - Astronomy. And it is eeeee, good!)

Also, my timetable woes have been sorted out. The subject I needed to change has been changed, tutes have been selected for suitability, and due to luck of the draw and the whole Arts/Science dealio, I only have 14 and half hours a week this semester. I am such a bludger.

Still, it means I have no classes on Friday at all, and I have Wednesday and Thursday afternoons off. Which can only be a good thing.

Subjects for this semester:
106-025 Creative Writing 2: Across the Genres (Yays, Creative Writing!)
175-105 Introduction to Language (Introductory Linguistics. This replaces Contemporary Culture and Media, which clashed with other classes)
512-220 Quantitative Methods for Psychology 2 (Argh, statistics!)
640-176 The Solar System and the Cosmos (Looks good, even if it does mean to 9am lectures)

Also, the Joss Whedon Appreciation Society left their lolly bowl behind from Welcome Back thingy that was in North Court. So, I now have JWAS's bowl.

Also, ZOMGmovingisthebestthingever! It was the cause of some extreme squee on the weekend. Literally. I was jumping up and down in my bedroom.

Y'see, it's all to do with the epic tale of my Joss Whedon signed picture. (Obtained at the Serenity preview, and personalised to me. And he wrote "Hugs!" *sigh*)

After I got it, I went and put it in a black folder, in a plastic pocket so it wouldn't get damaged. Then, a little while after, I went home for a term break, and took it with me, to show my family (Not that any of them cared. Heathens). So, I get back to Uni after that, and unpack again. And a little while afterwards, I look for the picture. I can't find it. However, I did leave a whole pile of books and things back home, so I assume it is there. Annoying, but no problems.

Fastforward to the end of semester. I am packing up so I can take some stuff to lena_supercat's place when I stay there, and some to send home with Dad. I have far, far too much stuff, so I throw out a whole bunch of things, including large amounts of stationary. And including several black folders.

So, I am at Lena's with all that went on there, and then I head home for Chrissie, expecting to find the picture there. It isn't. I flash back to throwing out those black folders.

I expect you can imagine my reaction there. ;)

So, for the last few months, I have been silently angsting, because I thought I had thrown out my lovely Joss autograph by mistake. And then I get to moving in. After getting all the basics done, I start looking around for an extension cord, which I kind of need what with the layout of my room. I am going through my storage boxes, which have been untouched in months, searching for it. I open one of these random boxes, and I find... a black folder. I open it, and there it is - my signed picture.

There are no words for my reaction right then.

Suffice it to say, I am happy. Despite the lack of Internet, fridge (which I must ring about) and washing machine.

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