Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Mutant Psychic Lettuces in the Fridge!

So, the iPartment now has a phone connection. Huzzah! And as such, I can get dial-up, in the wait for our broadband to be connected. *sends psychic brainwaves to company to hurry up*

On the subject of psychic things, we have discovered a mutant psychic lettuce in our fridge. Well, I think it is a mutant psychic lettuce, anyway. altheas - and lena_supercat, who had come over to help put up shelves - were less convinced, and so we spent far too much time discussing how one can tell the difference between a regular lettuce and a mutant psychic one.

I love my cracked out conversations.

Also, what with that whole getting a new job thing I mentioned, it seems to have worked out. The trial went well, it seems. I have one more week at the Comedy Club, and then the week after I start up with my new job. Telemarketing again, this one is doing surveys, rather than selling tickets. So, a base rate rather than commission, which I shall much appreciate. Also, less hours and it is located in Carlton, so less travel, which is very good.

Dad came down yesterday, and brought some of my stuff from home. These include my cat rug, my CDs, all my DVD covers, and last years' textbooks, which I can either re-use or sell.

Also, the rest of my Harry Potter books - I could only fit HBP in my box. I felt so very deprived...

I still need a bedframe and shelves in my room though. *sighs*

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