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Down with Technology (Yes, I am aware of the irony of this post)

It is official: technology is the root of all evil. It is the spawn of Satan, I say! It should all be detroyed, and the inventors punished. And I should probably run off and join an Amish community...

I am having the worst run with the technologies at the moment. Firstly, for some completely unknown reason, someone has gone and changed the connections on the boarding house printer. I'm sure they had noble intentions and all, but now no-one can get the BLOODY THING to print! And I have homework that needs to be printed!

They second thing that is behind this rant is the school network YET AGAIN! Over the weekend, FAP went and updated the server. Which is a good thing and all that. But now MY network doesn't like the site anymore, and has blocked the entire site: Forums, Review boards and all. It is so annoying! I have to go around submitting "unblock" requests yet again (this happened to FAP when we got a new server here as well) So if you NSG folks are wondering where I am, that's you're explanation. Hopefully it'll be unblocked soon, but until then I'll be rather MIA. Or, at the town library.

Sigh. Bloody computers! *shakes fist*

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