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News Flash: Death Eaters infiltrating the Publishing Industry.

I was messing around in Maths today, when I noticed something extremely suspicious. Our textbook was credited to one "Sue Avery." So I took a closer look, and can now say, without doubt, that the Death Eaters have written this textbook. An example of this:

Two chemicals, A and B, are put together in a solutionwhere they react to form a compound, X. The rate of increase of the mass, xkg, of X is proportional to the product of the masses of unreacted A and B present at time t minutes. It takes 1kg of A and 3kg of B to form 4kg of X. Initially 2kg of A and 3kg of B are put together in solution. One kg of X forms in 1 minute.
a. Set up the appropriate differential equation...

As you can see, a question of this nature could only have been created by the Forces of Evil.(tm)It's a plot, I tells ya, an evil plot to corrupt the minds of todays youngsters...

And in other news...
I told Mr Harris he got mentioned as being evil. He was highly amused by this.

Something I found when doing Indonesian: The word for "Gemini" in Indonesian is "Mintuna." But mintuna also means a female crab. Weird.

The title of Star Wars Ep 3 has been announced. Revenge of the Sith. Here's hoping it's better than Ep 1 or 2.

Had a chat with Vanessa, the German exchange student earlier. She was teaching people how to swear in German.

Am currently rather thrilled because on the honour roll for my house at school, I found a S. Black. So exciting.

The computer room has suddenly become crowded...

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