Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

The Sisterly Invasion

So, the parentals somehow managed to get some free tickets to a Commonwealth Games athletics session (It was a fairly blah morning session, but lets just ignore that for now) It was on this (Monday) morning.

And, for reason known only to herself, The Sister decided to come up a little early, and ended up crashing on the iPartment couch from Saturday onwards.

Which was rather...random.

On Saturday, we toddled over to neo_leviathan's party for a bit (along with fa11ing_away and her marvellous crutches). However, geekery and learning to play crazy card games is apparently not The Sister's idea of a fun party, so we left early (and, apparently, before all the fun stuff happened. *sigh*)

At which point we came back to the iPartment, had some food, and...watched The Phantom Menace.

And my sister claims she isn't a geek?

Anyways, on Sunday we did some shopping, firstly in the city, and then at the Vic Market, which was rather fun - I got some lovely stripey toe-socks, and a cheap skirt, and this great beaded belt thingy, and My Squishy. (Eeee, Squishy!)

And then we hung around for a bit until the parentals arrived (they were staying in a motel), and we went out for dinner at a Turkish place. Which was rather nice, if they gave us way, way too much food.

Oh, and for dessert I had a furry monster. (Don't ask).

And then, this morning was the Games. I had to get up far too early, and then we headed down to the MCG to see some athletics. Which wasn't bad, though it would have been rather better if I didn't have to leave so early, and thus could have actually seen some more of it. Or if I wasn't so tired.

But I got thunder sticks out of it, so yay!

Also, iPartment is now networked. Mwahahaha!

Random Quote:

laurenmitchell: "Don't shoot the cripple, Darren, it's not polite."

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