Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

You will be misscaminated

Last night was the best night ever for fandom crazy.

Firstly, a little while back, Fandom_Wank decided they were getting sick of the never-ending supply of Harmonywank. And so, an offshoot comm was opened solely for Harmonians and their batshit.

And, just yesterday, the first new post was added, about Harmonians planning a convention. Seems the normal mildly silly sort of thing, but guess who showed up then? Yes, everyone's favourite Internet Lawyer, vanceone.

Naturally, new comm go boom. Lots and lots of hilariously entertaining crazy.

But that wasn't my main source of amusement. That privilege has to go to the Rose Pearse, and the batshit crazy of her over-defensive fanbrats.

If you want lots of links and quotes et al, check out my write up of the whole fiasco , but if you want the short version:

- Rose Pearse is the author of some rather dreadful Doctor Who Rose/Nine fanfic.
- Rose Pearse stores all her fics (in two painfully long and boring series') on a site she named "The Best Doctor Who Fiction On The Net"
- Rose Pearse called her site that because, although she doesn't read other people's fanfic, she is certain that by now, some must be "almost as good as [hers]"
- Rose Pearse has a devoted collection of idiotic fanbrats
- Rose Pearse and said fanbrats have somehow gained the delusion that all fanfic on LJ is porn (Which isn't true. It just seems that way sometimes)
- Rose Pearse has a guestbook in which she asks for feedback and constructive criticism.

So, a certain anon gives a less than positive review in the guestbook, and gets widely denounced as being a jealous lievjournal person. (Which is, of course, all about the porn)

I reply, also anon, arguing that not everything on LJ is porn, and that there is some damned good fanfic to be found there (including some recommended authors and stories). And am also accused of being jealous - and also, of being misscam, whom Ms Pearse knew of from other forums et al.

I deny this, and tell Ms Pearse that she might be able to learn something from the authors I mentioned.

Then, I am accused of being misscam - as is the other mouse. My posts are deleted for "language". My IP is blocked. (I only have the next bit from a cut and paste from a friend, but apparently at least one other anon - this time, one I actually don't know - also gives a less than positive review.

And then Rose Pearse closes down the guestbook, due to "abuse". And starts whinging on her MSN group about the jealous LJ-ers (and misscam, whom we apparently all are).

As a result: We are now, officially, all porn obsessed LJers. And misscam. Sounds like fun!

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