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For lizbee, lotus79, and everyone else who wanted to hear those spoilers

Well, seeing as a bunch of people who comment on my last post wanted to hear the spoilers that made me squee (and they aren't members of the OG, I thought I would oblige them.

Just this once, of course. ;)

Anyway, the spoilers are in the OG Spoiler Section Set Report thread (which you need to have signed up for to access).

Start at post 335, and read onwards.

morton dill:
They're also filming at the moment outside the Glamorgan building in Cathays Park - I've just come from there. I was chatting to someone there and he was telling me that it was for Love and Monsters and the scene being shot was "Elton sees the Slitheen Ship hit Big Ben" and later being shot is "Elton shopping as Autons come to life" (in the Hayes I think), and people run as "Autons fire". Are there both Slitheen and Autons in this episode? Seems a bit overkill They're filming in Splott tomorrow and finish filming on Friday (for the whole series).

Anyway, the shot seemed to be crowd scene and a bloke (Dan Zeff?) was directing various suits to walk around.

I saw the location "Urban Wasteland" written on his sheet as well, which seems to tie in with above posts.

amaccann: (This is him speculating, but I agree with it)
Interesting; isn't this the episode that emphasises the notion of how the Doctor can appear at the end of anyone's street or something? Perhaps this adventure is told from the point of view of an orindary man who witnesses all these events that have revolved around the Doctor, perhaps continuing the work of Clive?

The things I do for you lovely OG people!!!

Following-up from all these sightings and postings, I took a little detour on my way to the gym tonight. Needless to say, I didn't get to the gym and am now back home having frozen off every possible freezable bit by standing in the Hayes in Cardiff in the middle of....an Auton attack!!

The long version?? Okay....made my way to the area behind/alongside the Central Railway Station in Cardiff. A number of the usual vans and lighting rigs and a couple of large arc lights fully illuminated. Not much sign of life but some people lurking near the vans. Couldn't help thinking something was going on somewhere so wandered into the city centre. In the hayes, outside La Fosse (where the restaurant interiors for 'Rose' were shot and within spitting distance of St David's centre, the scene of the major Auton attack) yet more illuminated lights, a camera, some metal chairs set up. One or two security guards. Curiouser and curiouser. Suddenly....the distant sound of screams. Lots of screams. Traced it to an area a few hundred yards away, near the Library area. Here are a couple of dozen extras all carrying shopping etc. At first I thought they were just curious members of the public watching what was clearly filming for Dr Who despite the absence of anything discernibly recognisable as being from Dr Who....until I saw a technician in the background walking about with an Auton prosthetic mask in his hand!! Something's afoot!! But here's the fun!! "Action!" All the people around me startinmg running and screaming, panicky. There's me in the middle of it all, freezing in my fleece, hands in my pockets. What could I do? Obviously....I ran and screamed too, running discreetly off set so I could watch from a more sensible distance. So if you see a stocky cold-looking bloke in a blue fleece in episode 11....that'll be me then!!

The scene was rehearsed/recorded a few times and then the whole unit moved off to the Hayes. Here's where it got interesting. More rehearsing of people running and screaming, unmade-up Autons amongst trhem (including the Auton bride....yaay, she's back!), a taxi with a Henrik's livery was manoeuvred into place, then a motorbike.. Cue the smoke, burning debris, Hustle's Marc Warren dodging amongst the chaos and nearly getting run over by the taxi. After a few rehearsals the Autons were sealed into their masks (they still don't join up at the back) and the attack scene was filmed again. Looks like those who weren't impressed by the Auton break-out in 'Rose' might be a little happier this time..

Filming wrapped up about 9.30pm and eveyone toddled off. Sorry,. must dash....nice warm cappuccino awaits!! .

BrownCoatCat: (Another bit of speculation, which I think is less likely, but would still enjoy seeing)
Does anybody else think that this episode is going a "What If the Doctor was never on Earth during the events of Rose or Aliens of London type episode. Showing the dire concequences of an Universe without the Doctor.

morton dill:
This one with the Autons and Slitheen is definitely Love and Monsters - it was written on a sheet of paper.

fatpaddykillah: (More good sounding speculation on the spoilers)
Hmmm, I'm liking the sound of this too. Are we about to get a story that follows one bystander's perspective on some of the mad events we followed in Series One and the effect it has on them and their world-view? Feels like another Boom Town-style conundrum, playing with some of the moral issues that the show may have neglected in the past. Well, that'll be the opening idea, followed by loads of mayhem as the character gets involved in whatever new thing Victor Kennedy is planning, natch.

There we go. Spoilers for all!

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