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Links List Liek Whoa

So, due to all the stuff that was finding a new place to live, moving into our fabulicious iPartment and then Uni starting up again, I am rather behind on doing my links list.


But, it is here at last, complete with excessive Doctor Who fanfic (I thought I had better clear all these links out before they get Russelled and/or overwhelmed by all the new episode fics), and some extreme silliness. Enjoy!

All previous Links Lists can be found here, yeah, yeah, you know the drill.

Harry Potter

And we start again with Harry Potter links. Naturally.


Black Widow (The Blaise's Mum Has Got It Going On Tango). A great fic courtesy of the Remix Redux archive (which I really must take a good scour through one of these days), a lovely fic about the infamous mother of Blaise Zabini, and her seven husbands. Her characterisation is wonderful and fun, I love the format and it's interlude definition things, and the ending is marvellous. By a Marks, so I dunno if they have an LJ.

Indistinguishable. Successful young entrepreneurs Fred and George Weasley, whose products sometimes seem almost magical, are interviewed by the Sunday Times Magazine. Lots of fun, and some great little sly references to all sorts of things. Very true to character, I must say.

Honour Among Thieves. In which Williamson (one of those very briefly mentioned Aurors) needs to steal from the Crown Jewels.And requires the assisstance of one Mundungus Fletcher... A great genfic that is very funny and fun.

Sorted Differently. A set of very cute what if scenarios, based around the idea of the Sorting being done through a means other than the Sorting Hat. I think the Squid is my favourite one...

The Death of a Soul, A Blowjob Beneath a Table, and the Rain of Toads that Followed. A delightfully cracky piece of Harry/Draco smut, written in a brilliant Douglas Adams-ish style, complete with druggo!Draco and anonymous blow jobs. Far, far too much fun.

All The Men Remus Lupin Never Shagged. I think the author's summary pretty much says it all: ”Remus is having lots of dirty, hot, fabulous sex with other men. Unfortunately, it's all Tonks' head. What to do when you're a straight girl obsessed with slash gay men?” A gentle mockery of all those “Remus must be GAY!” fanbrats. And lots of hot sex, naturally.

HermionePotter and the Triumph of Delusion. An utterly hysterical crackfic, based on a comment made over at Fandom_Wank. With the some of the most disturbingly hilarious innuendo and metaphors you will ever read. And a “Doctor Who killed Snarry!” reference.

A Very Special Report. A Harry Potter/The Daily Show crossover (though entirely easy to follow if you don't watch The Daily Show), in which the Trio watch a rather interesting news report. Worth it for the snarking on the wizarding world, twisted through the modern world.

Other Stuff

The Usual Suspects. A very stylish line-up of some anime-esque HP characters. Yeah, they all look far too glamorous and well dressed and all that, but still, it's some great artwork. Pity there is no Neville, mind...

After Voldemort's Defeat. A very funny little set of comics, set, as the title implies, after Voldemort's defeat. Because it made me giggle.

Doctor Who

A new season coming up, with a new Doctor whom we have only seen in one episode (plus bonus features), trailers and teasers and clips building...

No wonder this fandom is full of excitement right now. Which means fun fic liek whoa (though the number of new fics is dropping slightly right now, as a lot of people are waiting for the new season so their ideas don't get completely Russelled. Also, new canon is love.


Truth (The Fire Alarm Remix). Another great Remix fic, this one all about Rose, and the Doctor's background, and truth and what she dares to do. A fabulous concept, some nice subtle referencing to old companions, and a little shippy but not too shippy, if you know what I mean. By the marvellous taraljc

And another Doctor Who remix fic, Shag Or Die (The Fear And Loathing remix), which took the wickedly funny parody of all those “aliens made us have sex" fics Oi, If Mary Sue's on the Next Planet ,I Quit, Doctor, and turned it into something dark and nasty and manipulative, and not at all nice. Wonderfully fascinating.

This Strange Place. Easily winner of the most uniquely styled fic (well...drabble, really) that I have ever come across, this manages to pack a huge impact. Very impressive.

Past Imperfect. In which Ten and Rose run into Six and Evelyn (the audio companion). Although I have only seen a small amount of Six's episodes, I have to admit to having a distinct fondness for him.Which may explain why I loved this fic hugely – it's clever, and fun, and well characterised, and you can't not love two Doctor's snarking at one another about clothing. And the character interactions are great.

Helter Skelter. By cryptile, who's fics I have recced before, this is a great look inside the Doctor's head during the events of the episode Rose. It has the most wonderful spiky and cynical characterisation for Nine, an explanation for the accent that made me sporfle, and some wonderful first thoughts about one Miss Rose Tyler...

Make The Man. Another fic from the ever-fabulous cryptile, this is a great little fic in which the Tenth Doctor ponders his clothes, and what they really mean - particularly a certain leather jacket. I love all the little old school references, but this is a great little reflection on both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

Pipe Dreams. A great little short fic, with Rose having some rather disturbing dreams,and the Doctor being terribly cryptic about what went on on Satellite Five. Sort of dark and creepy and very sad, and at the same time hopeful in a very odd sort of way.

Heart. Cute without being all sappy or sugary, I'm reccing this not only because of the very nice scene of the tenth Doctor showing pictures of previous Doctors to Rose, or the fascinating conversation between the TARDIS and the Doctor (not as weird as it sounds), but also the wonderful little study on the Doctor's new persona.

One Thing We Always Suspected About Captain Jack. An older fic, but an utterly brilliant one, this is an utterly hysterical classic parody. I defy you to read this and not burst at laughing at at least one point.

Then There Was One. Jackiefic! Because one can always use some more Jackiefic! A great look at the woman who is always being left behind, and what it's like for her.

Cherish. Another Jackie fic, this one all about coping with being left behind, and how she has no idea what is going on with Rose. Very sad, really, and the inclusion of Mickey at one point is very sweet.

Life Begins At Forty (Or How Jackie Tyler Shagged An Alien). A Ten/Jackie fic. Yes, really. But it's surprisingly sweet for a smutfic, and gives a great little insight inside what actually goes on in Jackie's head.

Leave The Light On. On gorgeously atmospheric and moving fic, that effectively ties together two stories – Jack getting know Rose and the Doctor, and Jack's childhood on an Earth colony, in particular the truly disturbing tale of his older sister. Very sad, and a beautifully characterised background for Jack.

Holding Pattern. This is an utterly fabulous take on exactly what's going on with Jack's missing memories. It's weird, it's unique, it has some great ideas that play around with time-travel, and Jack being lovely and heroic – and at times not so much. Includes some theoretical stuff with Torchwood.The end is great, in a sort of mind bending way.

Time; present. In which Rose gets forced to take a young relative of hers to a sci-fi con (fabulous concept), and runs into a certain flirtatious conman from the future. And Rose is torn between taking him up on his offer, and her loyalty to the Doctor and the other Jack. All about what she means to him, and what it would mean if she slept with him, and this is a terrible description for a great fic, so just read it, okay?

Full Circle A sequel to The Strongest Shape, which I recced a while back (you don't need to read it though, to get the gist of this one – just assume that Ten and Rose have gone and picked up Jack form Torchwood again), a fascinating story in which out trio gets seperated, and Rose runs into a certain Time Agent in the middle of an assassination attempt. A great character study of Jack and how he has (and hasn't) been changed by his time with Rose and the Doctor, and the ending is an utter killer.

And another by cantralian, Little Lies. A Rose/Doctor/Jack fic, but without all the far too sweet and fluffiness they normally seem to suffer from.This fic is all about manipulation and possession and twisted power dynamics, and just how dark and nasty love can really be..

Redux. Written for me by shanaqui, a lovely little fic in which Ten meets up with Jack again after a long period of time. Just the faintest slashy undertones, and very sweet.

Now, I was going to rec some of ishie's fic, but realised I had her entire Doctor Who fic selection on my reclist. So, I figured I'd just add her whofic.com user profile. And let people go from there. The fics at this point of time that I rather liked: It Didn't Happen Like This.Subtitled “Five ways Rose Tyler didn't learn about regeneration (and one she did)” this is a great little take on the whole regeneration topic. “One" is utterly hilarious, but they are all wonderful. Whirlwind, which is about the mundanity of Rose's (old) life, and what she had to look forward too, and gives a great insight in why she chose to run off with the Doctor; and Void, which is Jack POV fic set post POTW, and is wonderfully moving and sad, all about his losses.

Stop The Planet, I Want To Get Off. Apparently somewhat inspired by a certain rant of mine, a fabulous minor character fic, set in the format of a message board for survivors of the Sycorax blood control. Guessing certain characters we know is rather fun, but this is a fabulous look at how ordinary people have been affected by the huge events of Christmas Day.

Save Yourselves. This fic is rather hard to explain – the lives of adults seen through the eyes of a child, and what might happen to Rose and Mickey, and argh! It's just so terribly sad and dark and sort of creepy but not, and you really just have to read it for yourself.

The Mickathon Masterlist, aka a post full of links to Mickey based fics. Which is impossible not to love, really.

One great fic from the Mickathon: Crystal Palace One, The United Legions of the Planet Zartog Nil. A very funny little fic in which Mickey saving the world from evil alien football players. Yes, really. Lots of fun.

And another Mickathon fic, Four Ways Mickey Never Travelled with the Doctor and One Proposition that was Never Made, I do very much like Five Things fics, but this one is utterly brilliant. Starts of nice and innocent, but it gets wonderfully outrageous and funny in some of the later sections. And it has Mickey/Ten, which is a whole world of awesome on it's own.

And a final Mickathon rec, Spark Plugs. A rather sweet Mickey-POV fic on his relationship with Rose (and, by that default, the Doctor), through a conversation he has with the entertaining Shireen. Great to get Mickey's POV on everything, and hearing Shireen lust over Ten is rather hilarious, I have to say.

Blame Game. In which the incomparable misscam writes hilarious, adorable, oh-so-very cute and utterly fabulous Ten/Rose porn. Too much fun for words, it must be read and adored by all. *loves muchly*

And some more misscam fics:

- Ten Lessons The Doctor Learnt From Sex And One He Didn't. As the title implies, some lovely, lovely Ten!smut. Vut this fic is about so much more than sex. About love and letting go, and... gah! Great dialogue, and gorgeous Old Who references (the Bruce Lee quip is a fave), and a fascinating look inside Ten's head, and how he thinks, and I just cannot rec this fic enough.

- Mirror Dancing, a darkish Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose Au fic, dealing with letting go of fantasy and accepting reality. In parts cute, in parts smutty, in parts terribly sad, but always fabulous.

And back onto other people...
Self Control. Some old school smut here, but how it's done... Basically, it starts off as a light and very funny Five/Turlough fic, clever and highly amusing. But part way through it takes a rather darker twist, as inside Five's head, you get some rather disturbing insight at just what went on between a very young Doctor and a certain individual with a predilection for black back when he was at university... Brilliant psychological study and great characterisation, complete with great lines and, of course, smut.

Other Stuff

Clocks. An utterly stunning fanvid (grab it quick while you still can), set to the Coldplay song. Using clips of Nine, Ten and the TV Movie, the editing is utterly astonishing, and this really has to be truly the best fanvid I have ever come across. I love it ardently.

Radio Times Advert. Cute, very funny, and cleverly done, this is a great little ad (obviously, Radio Times knows when it's onto a good thing...)

A selection of Dead Ringers clips. You know those fabulous Tom Baker impersonations Jon Culshaw does? A whole selection of both video and audio clips compiled for your entertainment needs.

Star Wars

Star Wars reclist A whole list of Star Wars fanfic recs,some of which I've read, some of which I haven't (mainly because some of them are based on the EU, and that is not my thing), but lost of great stuff to chek out.

An example of a good fic from that list: But, Master!. A funny little look at the rules of grammer. Rather meta, and the dialogue is fabulous.

On A Damn Fool Idealistic Crusade. Written for the 1character challenge (One character, 50 themes, one sentence for each theme), this is a study on Luke Skywalker. Luke's always been my very favourite Star Wars character, and this is a great set of snippets of his entire life, sad and joyful and at times very insightful.

Foundation. A lovely Luke and Obi-Wan fic (a favourite concept of mine), going from a young Luke giving “Ben" that name, to Obi-Wan beyond death. It's great to see how their lives are intertwined, and the prequels reflected on through the OT.

A Certain Point of View. Another young Luke and Obi-Wan fic (this one written for me by rynne). In which Luke wants to see the stars, and Ben is acting as a sort of guardian angel. Beautiful and rather sad, almost.

Not Exactly Had. Owen and Beru deal with the fact that no matter how much they love Luke, he will never be entirely theirs. Beautiful, and almost painfully sad.

Awesome. The most truly awesome picture in the history of the universe. See it, you'll know what's true.

Earth's entry in the Galactic Republic's wikipedia. What can I say, it made me giggle.

Other Fandoms

They do exist, m'kay?

Momentary Seizure of Love. AKA The ultimate in crackfic. I think this pretty much says it all, really: ”HP/BtVS/Velvet Goldmine/Good Omens/Stargate SG-1/Doctor Who/Life On Mars". Great fun, even if you don't know all the fandoms.

Unexpected Places. A short Firefly ficlet, in which Simon discovers just what might have been for some of the crew, if only it weren't for the war. Worth it for the sheer mind-boggling awesomness of the concept of Jayne as a “professional snowball fighter.”

Jayne's Magnificent Cock. No, it's not a smut fic. What it is is a very funny piece of vaguely crackified short fiction that always makes me giggle. Lots of fun.

A Blessed Event. A Good Omens fic, complete with slash. No, not your typical Crowley/Aziraphale kind of slash, something a little more unusual (though those two are as subtexty as ever). Worth it for the completely crackified pairing, it's consequences, and Aziraphale being evil – in an entirely angelic manner, of course.

Gay Sparrow. In which someone takes a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, and gives it some...highly interesting subtitles. Slashy fun.

Pirate of the Caribbean Dance Challenge. In which a whole bunch of performers are dressed as characters from PotC, and dance – though it's more acrobatics than dancing, mostly – to music from the soundtrack. Absolutely breathtaking.

The best LotR ad EVER. Because it's just so true. And you wanna know the best bit? This was an ad actually shown on television.

Some terribly cute young!Boromir comics. I'm not even a big Lord of the Rings fan, and I think these are great...

All Shapes Hunger: Teenagers and Fanfiction And now for something completely different, a great academic essay on fanfiction and why people write it. Interesting, and glossary of terms at the end amused me greatly.

Fandom-Free Links

Episodes of Robot Chicken: Because it is just so random and funny and I loves it muchly, m'kay? One here, here, and here. Or you could just search for it on You Tube

”The Joker" Video Clip. So, a fan wins a competition to make a clip for a Fatboy Slim contests. The video is very clever, too cute for words. (Eeee, kittens! With funny hats!)

Everybody Else Has Had More Sex Than me. A great song, made even better by an utterly hilarious video clip (and it isn't even at all dirty!) The bunny is so adorable.

The Big Ad Yeah, it's an ad for beer, but it is the best ad ever. And damn, it is big.

Do you all remember the wonderful Funny Cats video? Well, I've just gone and turned up Funny Cats 2. Perhaps not quite as classic as the original, but it's still got some damned funny clips going there.

Here Comes Dr. Tran. There are no words to describe this video. Just watch it, it had me in hysterics.

How To Kill A Mockingbird. To Kill a Mockingbird, but with added pirates. And ninjas. And dinosaurs. And space battles. And burning sharks.

Real Life Simpsons Opening Titles. In which people have gone to a huge amount of effort, and created those opening titles for The Simpsons, but with real people. Sheer genius.

That really gay Numa Numa video clip. I don't know if it intentional or not, but this clip is too funny for words.

The Sims 2 Numa Dance. Sims dancing to Numa Numa. What's not to love?

The Numa Numa guy. Because fat guys trying to be sexy never fails to bring the funny in. Neither does the Numa Numa song, for that matter.

Disco Jesus. Because it's just plain funny. And the amount of effort that must have gone into making it...

Geek Phone Sex Ad. Don't let the fact that it is starring Paris Hilton put you off (which only adds to the realism, in my opinion), very funny, especially for those in on all the references. Worth sticking around for the end, if only to see Paris put on a scarf and say some very wrong things.

Mac killed my inner child. Because not everyone likes Macs, okay? *pointed look at certain on my flist*

Internet Argument-Losing Bingo. Because it is just so damn true. As anyone who has spent any time on fandom_wank could assure you...

Movie posters ala Snakes on a Plane. What if all movies were produced by the people who made Snakes on a Plane? We imagine the posters might look something like this...Takes a very long time to load, what with the large number of graphics, but so worth it – it's hilarious!

Trompe L'Oeil Pavement Art. Quite simply, the best pavement art ever. You will see these pictures, and you will be astounded. Mind-bogglingly good.

May I Take Your Order?. A badly translated Chinese restaurant menu, and all the wackyness that ensues therein. Cowboy Leg, anyone?

Bush and Blair screentoys. Far too much fun for words.

Create Your Own Dan Brown Novel! As the disclaimer says, “Use your browser's "Reload" button to create another novel, each one as original and well thought out as a real Dan Brown best-seller.”

Roach Brooches. As much as I love accessories, I really don't think you'll see me in these any time soon.

Nihilist Gum. Because it makes me grin.

And an extra special bonus that isn't behind a cut because all should see it: The Snakes On A Plane Trailer. Go on, you know you want to watch it...

(And whilst we are on the topic, check on snakes_in_a_fic. Other fandoms! With added snakes!)

Which all in all, makes almost 100 links. Impressive.
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