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"A little bit foxy."

Yay, I got it! (Note to self: don't bother waking up early. The downloads are all busy and slow. Wake up later, when they are less crowded)

This was written as I watched it for the second time.

To start with, the heading = my favourite bit. The entire CassanDoctor monologue was awesome. Samba! Foxy! Slim! The eyebrows! Hardly used! Rose thinks about him! ROFL!

But to get back to my chronolgical write up...

- Yeah, pull those levers, Ten! I heart the moody dramatic opening shots. And his smile. And the way he whacks the console to make it work.
- Rose, you are so mean to poor Mickey.
- New Earth is so pretty. I want to live there.
- Wheee! Spiderbots!
- The Doctor and Rose are so cute. They remind me why I do, genuinely, like the ship. It's just some of the bloody fans...
- New New York is so a Futurama reference. Futurama is canon, dammit!
- WTF? Is that Midsomer Murders music? Sounds like it.
- Ten doesn't like hospitals. Which makes sense, considering what happened to him in the movie in one.
- I heart the cat people. And the shop running joke.
- Ten is rather less clingy on Rose. I approve.
- I love the way Ten seems to have the time of his life in the shower (Eee, wet!Ten), whilst Rose freaks.
- The Duke's legal lady owns my soul.
- "I like impossible." I want an icon with that on it, it's such a great Doctor line.
- I heart Chip. I heart Rose calling him Gollum as well. And the creepy attraction he has for Cassandra.
- Rose, Cassandra so played you there.
- I love the description of the Doctor as "the lonely God."
- CassadRose rocks my socks. Points to Billie.
- "Any friendship expressed by the Duke of Manhattan does not constitute a formal legal contract." Legal lady, I love you.
- CassandRose does love her cleavage...
- And her snogging. That cracked me up big time. She's so into it, and he's all "huh?" The look on his face afterwards is just all glazed and disbeliving, and the high-pitched squeaky "Yep... still got it" just makes me fall over laughing. As does his suave hair swip.
- The Doctor is so onto CassandRose at the terminals. And he doesn't say anything. Sneaky bastard. (Also, this'll be the point where my fic spins off AU. So glad it wasn't entirely Russelled out of existance)
- Angry, broody Ten is hot liek whoa. Srsly.
- Shouty Ten is also scary as all hell. But still hot.
- This fact disturs me slightly.
- Oh Doctor, talk about some over-confidence? I love Ten's arrogance, it just strikes me as so Doctorish, but I know for a fact I read somewhere that it'll come back and bite Rose and the Doctor on the arse. And I am so looking forward to it, dammit.
- "Very, very calm." Oh boy, you are so in for it catlady. Very, very calm Doctor is what happened to Harriet Jones...
- CassandRose tie!porn! Calling him "lady-killer"! Really intimite whispering! Cassandra is so hot for him.
- The Flesh were rather creepy. But so much sadder when you realise that all they want is physical contact.
- Disease effects on that catnun were a bit dodgy.
- "I want that body safe." Hehe.
- Actually, the whole disease via touch thing is a bit dody, really. Oh well.
- Tiny thing, but I love Ten's little twirly jump when he slams the door.
- The CassanDoctor thing is the best. Thing. Ever. Fact. If someone could get me a transcript of that monolgue, I'd adore them forever.
- "I ORDER YOU TO LEAVE HER!" Guess who likes to be in charge...
- Cassandra gets depth and insight, and the Doctor takes her hand. Wonderful.
- Legal lady has a chair. Could she be any cooler?
- Ten takes charge, and kicks arse. I love you, Ten.
- Ten is having so much fun going down that lift shaft. He's such an adrenaline junky.
- More dodgy puns. Yep, still the same Doctor.
- Another wet!Ten moment. With baptismal imagery liek whoa, and bouncy gleeful Doctor, and it's almost ripped off the end of The Doctor Dances. Only with a zillion times more religious implications (and RTD is an atheist? WTF?). Let's just ignore the even dodgier science, shall we?
- "I'm the Doctor and I cured them." Not the best line ever, that. The hug with that chick was great, though.
- "Life will out!" however, is fabulous. As is Ten's glee. He does joy so well, Tennant.
- Wet pale shirt Doctor. Yummy.
- "You have taught me to look at it anew." Yep, that's a bit dodgy as well.
- On the other hand, Boe rocks (in the modern sense). Textbook enigmatic indeed. (Setting up series three, from what I hear. Getting long term, now...)
- CassanChip is even cooler than ordinary Chip.
- WTF? About turn much, Cassandra?
- Ten looks like a film noir detective in that coat in the shadows.
- They made me almost cry over Cassandra? How the hell did they do that?
- According to the credits, Legal Lady is Frau Clovis. I'll remember that.

Also, the trailer pwned liek whoa. Ninja monks of Awesomeness!

Non spoiler version = It was great fun, even if it did get a bit silly in parts, and is hardly a classic. But entirely worth it for the intense hilarity. Not as good as TCI, but I still loved it a lot, and it was intensely quotable. Basically, a whole lot of brilliant little things held together in a rather weak plot. And the trailers for next week win like whoa.

Also, Ten owns my soul.

*wants fic now. And not just cliche "Oh noes, I remember!" junk about Rose

(PS. Confidential viewable anywhere? Even if it's just an online vid place? Anything non-torrent is fine for me)
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