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Oh, the formality...

Argh! I can't escape from people talking about the goddamned bloody stupid formal! Yes I know it is a big deal and all, but it isn't THAT big. Everywhere I go people are on about dresses and makeup and fake tans and all, and who's staying over at who's place, and it is driving me completely MENTAL! I mean, these two girls got into a big fight because they have the same dress (shock,horror!) and people are panicking because they think they will be the only person without a tan.

It's all just so STUPID. It's just a formal, people. Dinner and a dance, that's it. It isn't the end of the freaking world, and your lives don't actually revolve around it.

*yawn* And in other news, my life has all of a sudden become incredibly hectic. As well as the aforementioned Formal, I also have 3 tests in the next two days. It's so freaky: I had 3 so far this term, and now I have about 6 in the next week. And I entirely forgot about the page of notes I was supposed to do for Physics until late last night. So I ended up writing one out until about quarter past two last night. Thus, I am now feeling rather comatose.

Oh, and aeque, watch out if you go to the Fforde Fforum. There is this huge bitch session going on now. Like you said, I massive fight, and it's kind of scary.

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