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In which I experiment with polls

So, seeing as my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, I probably should get on to organising things - particualrly because I actually want to do something fun this year, unlike the last few.

The main idea I'm having is fa11ing_away's suggestion of a cocktail party, which would be very fun. But there are a few details to that people need to consider if they wanted to come.

(For reference, the party would be on the evening of either Friday 26th or Saturday 27th of May)

Oh, and the poll is open to anyone. But higher importance will be given to the opinions of those who might actually attend.

Poll #722289 The Great Draky's Birthday Poll

So, what should I do for my birthday?

Go out for cocktails in the city
Cocktails at the iPartment
Drinks at the iPartment, before heading into the city for cocktails
Something else entire (suggestions please)

So, what else would you suggest, then?

And because you can't have a poll without tickyboxes

Ticky/Box OTP

Making polls is fun. I should do it more often.

ETA: Because it is just as important, I'd like it of people could comment specifying which date they would prefer: Friday 26th, Saturday 27th or something else entirely.
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