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Your Horoscope for today...

Slightly random: Does anyone else get slightly freaked out when they dig up horoscope descriptions and all, and find out they describe them pretty much exactly?

Because I have pretty much no faith in horoscopes and all that - they are complete rubbish, particularly the daily ones - but I just random decided to see what this Chinese horoscope had to say about me, and was weirded out by the accuracy.

Fire Tiger - 1866, 1926, 1986
This type of Tiger finds it difficult to contain his enthusiasm and boundless energy. He is always ready for action and for going from one place to another. Transient by nature, he is most concerned with the present. He is independent and unconventional, and his moves are hard to predict. The only thing one can be sure of is that when he acts, he will be dramatic and uninfluential. Fire makes him even more expressive than he already is. This Tiger never fails to impress anyone he is after or to transmit his electric vitality to any project he decides to undertake.

He seeks constantly to convert his nervous energy and inspirations into forceful action. At times, he is downright theatrical. Generous to the hilt, he will also display more leadership qualities than tigers of the other elements. To him, everything he does is worthwhile and imperative, so don't try to tell him otherwise. He is thoroughly optimistic soul and has no use for doomsday prophets.

Brilliantly commanding, imposing and open, the Fire Tiger is sensual and finds it hard ever to be impersonal about anything in his or her life.

This was grabbed from this Chinese Horoscope site.

Seriously, to the people who know me, is that scarily accurate or what?
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