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Yes, and it is back to the world that is school. Sigh. At least there are only 3 weeks left of this term. Which makes it kind of weird that only last Friday I got my report back from last time. Jeez, take your time, people! If anyone was interested, for the four subjects I do at school - Indonesian is by correspondance - I got straight As. *gloat* Which is kind of good for someone who is a gold medal winner at the Procrastination Olympics. Oh, and I got my Chem test back from last Friday. 100% again. *double gloat*

Yes, I am a uber-geek.

Chem was rather intesting today. We have started talking about the history of chemistry (in particular Atomic Theory) so we started talking about Alchemists. Which naturally led to the Philosopher's Stone, and brought on much Potteresque discussion.Then in Physics we started talking about gravity. Which led to talking about attraction between bodies, and hence humour. Also, we just discovered that our Physics teacher got married last school holidays. And considering that it is now the seventh week of term, she's done a pretty good job of hiding it.

Oh, how I wish it were the holidays!

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