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The Links List (With A Vengeance)

Yes, it's that links list time again. And as is only to be expected, what with the new season and all, we have Doctor Who fic like whoa. And, because I am feeling kind and generous and all, I'll go and categorise when they were written so those who are a few eps behind don't get spoilerised.

This has nothing to do with me killing time before I can watch the new episode. Really

But it's not all Doctor Who, you know. Just mostly.

No really, I swear.

My previous Links Lists can all be found here, as always.

Harry Potter

You know, at this point a links list without some Harry Potter links would just seem wrong.

Act of Contrition. Yes, this is a Ron/Ginny incest fic. But it is as dark and twisted and fucked up as incest fics should be, and it quite bleakly looks at loss and love and loneliness, and just how screwed up these can make people.

Waiver for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The omniocular non-fiction challenge has inspired a whole lot of really great fics and other stuff. This is just one example – the wording is brilliant, but the art and craftsmanship of it is ingenious.

Veritaserum, Then and Now. Another omniocular non-fiction fic, this is a short look at the labels on Veritaserum bottle in 1683 and 1995. Amusing on it's own account, but also a nice little jab at certain aspects of modern culture in the real world.

And another example: The Wizarding Darwin Awards. Seriously, how can you not love this? Because God knows the Wizarding world provides enough opportunity for stupidity-induced deaths, and some of these are just too funny for words. Special kudos to the conclusion and the “Watch it!” sections.

And my favourite of the non-fiction challenge things, this interactive map of Grimmauld Place. Sheer genius, and the details of the information in it is superb.

Correspondence Course. Remus and Sirius get summer jobs teaching magic via correspondence. And things get... interesting. I won't say any more for fear of spoiling it, but this is hilarious and brilliant, and oh so clever, and entirely worth reading.

On the Death of the Harry Potter Fandom.... So, the fandom is dying. Apparently. And the characters decide to do something about it. Amusingly cracktastic in the best possible way.

Totally True! In which all the worst things from fanfic come to haunt you. I sincerely pity Ron in this, the poor dear.

Severus Snape and the Useless Wangst. Snape has to deal with one of the most terrifying things ever – emo!Draco. Entirely giggleworthy, particularly Snape's utterly brilliant lines.

That's Why They Call Me Mr Fahrenheit. And we have a HP/Doctor Who crossover. A Ron/Ten crossover. Yes, really. Cracktastic, but amusing and fun. And the ending is a bit classic.

Chibi Death Eaters. What else can I say here but OMGSOCUTE! But they are. And yet, are still identifiable as themselves.*loves*

The Hagridizer. Enter any dialogue, and this will translate it into Hagrid's dialect. Great fun, especially if you enter some well known quotes.

And a very fun LJ comm, sporkhpmovie. Yes, it's a sporking of the entire GOF movie. Done via group effort, this is lots and lots of fun.

Doctor Who

Ah, Doctor Who! New canon, new debates, new wank and new fic! What is not to love?

There's been some great fic come out of the new canon, I must say. I'm loving it muchly.


Note: Anything before Series Two is at the top, and from The Christmas Invasion onwards, I have marked for spoilers.

The Lonely God(zilla). Despite the title, no spoilers at all. Instead, just a hilarious fic in which Godzilla, or all things, is used as a metaphor for a certain individual... By the marvellous cryptile. (I think I should just have her listed on permanent rec or something, the amount of times her fic ends up here)

Today's Not Over Yet. In which the brilliant misscam writes an Eight fic, that is wonderful and fun, and full of lovely references to all sorts of things, and somehow simultaneously so sad and very hopeful.

The Last Dalek's Livejournal. Come on, it was the last Dalek, it downloaded the Internet, and it was emo as all hell. Of course it had an LJ. Hilarious.

Closet Idealists. About Jack Harkness, and who and how he loves. Simple and powerful and utterly brilliant.

The Ragged Edge. About life on Gallifrey. About the Doctor and what makes him different. About chance and probability and the future. Brilliant and clever and insightful, and slightly scary. And the last line is chilling.

The Christmas Invasion

History Is Now And England. The Doctor's POV through TCI. Full of gorgeous literary – and not so literary – quotes, and some wonderful thoughts about change and family and traditions. I do rather like the clever old school refs as well.

There Is No Christmas On Mars. Remember A Turn Of The Earth and how very much I loved it? Well, this is a sequel type thing, set during TCI, but from Trisha's POV. Full of lovely, three dimensional OCs and minor characters (Howard is a favourite of mine), and that thing I love, how the big stories effect the little people.

So Let The Bells Ring Out. On Boxing Day, Ten and Mickey bond over DIY. Sort of Russelled by School Reunion, but still great fun, we get here Joyous!Ten and self-depricating!Mickey, and some lovely bonding and it's just lots of fun. And it has a few really great throwaway gags. There should be more Mickey and Ten fic.

The Memory Be Green. A Ten introspection fic, in which he considers himself through Rose's eyes, and what she does and doesn't see or understand, and through his own memory. Nice, but with just that faint hint of the darkness Ten has.

Sundries and Oddments. Just a selection of conversations and moments in the lives and travels of Ten and Rose. Cute and clever and fun, with great characterisation and some fabulous dialogue.

A Thousand Languages. A Ten/Rose marriage fic, but one with a difference in which the marriage isn't the important thing, they are. Very sad and very hopeful, and just overall sheer brilliance.

Ten Fantasies Rose Tyler Lost About Love and One She FoundThis fic would probably slot in a few episodes in ahead, but there are no spoilers for them, so it gets listed here. By misscam, this is a companion piece to Ten Lessons The Doctor Learned From Sex and One He Didn't (Though you don't need to read that for this one), this is a fic about Rose getting a hard dose of the realities and facts of love and relationships. In which Rose learns the hard way, and perhaps even teaches the Doctor a few things. I also love the little Jackie bits in this.

And then there is What The Doctor Forgot, in which Cam pulls off her own unique speciality, aka Nine/Rose/Ten fic. Complete with pre-Rose Nine who is as emo as all hell, and a Nine/Ten snog, and Ten being a bit kinky, and lots of lovely wibbliness. And evil chickens.

New Earth

Downtime. Another of cryptile's great fics, this is technically set before New Earth, but seeing as it fills the gap between TCI and here, I thought it worked better here. Anyway, effing brilliant. With a tremendous Ten, sweet and chatty and with those dark undertones, and great little bits with Rose and Mickey and Jackie (and the Doctor's relationships with them all) and some hilarious running jokes. Just plain great.

This Is Flesh. Another misscam fic. About life and living and physicality, complete with shower smut and gratuitous snogging, and some deep and sad thoughts as well. I love the way it all links together smut and seriousness and all.

Pomegranate Seeds. A brilliant (and slightly scary) little fic in which Rose wonders just what the price will be for accompanying a so-called God. Deals with Teh Hubris and the differences between Nine and Ten, and how the travels have changed Rose as well.

De Natura Deorum. The stories of Gods and Storms and Wolves, and the children of these stories. Brilliant and breathtaking and bewildering, creepy and clever beyond all words, and just plain fucking awesome. If you read one fic on my list, make it this one.

Want. The Doctor has changed. And now there are things that he wants. In which Ten is, quite frankly, a slut. All about desire and wanting things (that he can and can't have), and what wanting things means. Dark and full of love/hate and some very alien logic.

And just to be slightly gratuitous, I'll pimp my own fic, Possession. It's an AU of part way through New Earth (if you read it, you'll see what I mean), and it's a bit of very, very dark smut, with some dodgy consent issues. The summary: "It isn't Rose in there, but he pretends it is."

Tooth And Claw

Three Jack drabbles. Three drabbles based on speculations about Torchwood, and the little we know from canon, all of these are just plain scary. True drabbles, so they'll only take a few moments to read, but so worth it.

School Reunion

No White Flag. A gorgeous Doctor/Sarah Jane fic. Beautiful and sad and poignant, all about loss and love, and most of all about Sarah Jane, and how she feels and as felt about the Doctor. For something written before the episode was shown, it's astoundingly accurate.

His Story. Rose asks how many there have been. And the Doctor doesn't think of them. All about looking back and what has happened, and what will happen after. All the afters for all the old companions are brilliant, as are his thoughts on them all.

Her Father's Eyes. Yes, it's babyfic. But babyfic of the scary kind (which is always the best kind, really). About love and fear and both fearing and fearing for the ones you love. I love all the old school refs, they are very cute, and almost sad, but it is the fear in this fic that makes it good.

Rose And Her Bitches. The new TARDIS crew works out sleeping arrangements. And bonds. Through sex. AKA Nos does Ten/Rose/Mickey crackfic. Completely giggleworthy.

The Girl In The Fireplace

*coughs* There might just be a slight Ten/Reinette tendency here. Possibly.

La Joie De La Vie. Okay, this was written pre-GITF, and so was heartily Russelled by that episode, but since it takes in certain spoilers from our knowledge of the episode, it gets put here. And it is still good enough in it's own right to be recced. Anyway, we have a Ten/Madame de Pompadour love story told out of order, lived out of order, and it is painful and sad and beautiful and hopefully, and has lots of Damn Hot smut. Also, it manages to use the phrase "Take me, Time Lord" and not make it hokey, and so it would win for that fact alone.

Beyond Locked Doors. A brilliant Ten/Reinette story, told partially third person, partially from Reinette's POV, and dealing with her life and thoughts and the part the Doctor played in both. So very sad and tragic and beautiful. Oh, and some very lovely smut – well "dancing" rather.

The Short Revolution of Time. An AU, in which the fireplace doesn't work, and the Doctor does end up taking the slow path with Reinette. Sad and painful, yet hopeful and sweet and full of love, this is just a completely brilliant what-if for that episode. I want more Ten/Reinette fic like this.

And not exactly fic, but it probably should go here: A list of Ten/Reinette links. Fics, reviews, icons and meta, all about our lovely little ship. *adores*

Other Stuff

Song For Ten Fanart. Okay, it's very cute and is a great bit of anime-style art. (Even if the Great Big Eyes freak me out a little)

Flirting Daleks. Okay, that's just plain funny.

The Master's new world domination technique. Found, very fittingly, via metaquotes, this just has to be read. Trust me on this one.

Also, an OG post that made me laugh hysterically: Post 15 of this thread. By Rob Shearman (yes, that one), it cracked me up completely. Read from the start of thread (don't worry, it isn't long) for context, hit post 15, die laughing , and then explore some of the very interesting responses to it.

Other Fandoms

The Best Home Made Lightsaber Duel Ever Well... I haven't seen enough fanvids to tell if the title is accurate, but this is certainly a very, very impressive vid, with some brilliant fighting, great choreography that is quite unique, and an ending I really do love. As is said: “Impressive. Most impressive.”

They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard! This Flash has no introduction. This flash needs no introduction.

Links Outside Fandom

One Legged man doing Dance Dance Revolution. This is just plain awesome. Hats off to this guy, because he is an utter star.

Sex Bomb, on ice. And another star is Evgeni Plushenko, who had the balls to perform this at a big ice skating event. Best. Ice skating routine. Ever. I was in tears of laughter.

Philips Shave Everywhere ad. Because when advertising has a sense of humour, and doesn't take itself to seriously, it can actually be pretty damn funny.

Sleepy Head Kitten. Aww, this is just the cutest thing ever. *huggles the adorable kitten*

The Badger Song. Take every single one of those flash animations that we have all seen, and then smoosh them together. I think it'd probably look a bit like this...

A great use for a whisky bottle. Ah, those crazy Russians, whatever will they think of next?

Evil Laugh Activated Hair-Dryer Best concept ever. Srsly. *wants one liek whoa*

Astrophotography. Photos of astronomical objects. Too gorgeous for words.

Childhood Masterpieces. In which we see some of histories great artists, and their signature pieces – as made when the artist was a child. Amusing, and very cute. All kudos to the people behind these. (More can be found here, and here.

The Bad Baby Names Blog. Exactly what it says. As people who have known me for a while can tell you, I have a fascination with bad baby names. This blog just happens to fit my entertainment needs perfectly.

And as an extra-special bonus, The LiveJournal Fanmix. Greatest. Fanmix. Ever.

Not quite 60 links this time, so smaller than the last few, but that's still a damned lot of links. Hoorah!
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  • So, about LJ these days...

    Well, LiveJournal seems to be headed on the out, given some rather questionable changes to the terms of use, and mass migration to Dreamwidth seems…

  • RIP Sir Pterry

    What a thing to wake up to. I ended up crying over my breakfast as I read all the tributes today. I just don't really know what to say - in spite of…

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