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Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

Drakyndra: Pervil timegasm and perverter of the innocent.

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Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom
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I probably should do a proper bio...

And here it is, new and improved!(Circa 2009 finally. Even more finally than last time I did it.)

I am the individual most commonly known (online at least) as Drakyndra. In that strange and mysterious thing they call "the Real World", I generally answer to Melissa. Or Mel. Or Purple Thing. Or "That girl with the hat."

Okay, not so much Purple Thing any more. It was a phase.

In the Real WorldTM, I am a 23 year old University student, currently majoring in Psychology (finished!), Sociology and English. Sometime within the next year I will actually be finished and have to actually leave the comforting bosom of Uni. Ack.

I possess a mother, a father and The Sister. However, I don't see that much of them, what with the living over four hours away and all. (Except The Sister, but she's, well, my younger sister.) I also lock some of my family-related posts mainly when I am bitching about them. Don't worry if I haven't friended you back, you aren't missing out on much.

I am currently living in Second Floor Version 2.0: The iPartment, with fa11ing_away and The HouseMatt, to steal a phrase. Be afraid, be very afraid.

My LJ is generally my assorted randoms of all kinds, from Uni to work to my friends to fandomness. I used to put up Links Lists of assorted links that amuse/entertain/interest me. I should do another of those soon, shouldn't I?

I have about a zillion fandoms in totally, and tend to jump from one to another at a moments notice. My current main fandoms of obsession are FMA and Reboot!Trek, with rather frequent dippings in and out of dozens of others (particular assorted comics and anime fandoms). I don't believe in fandom monogamy.

More info can be found if you check out my current interests, icons, MyAnimeList and My TVTropes page.

A one word description of me, courtesy of laurenmitchell: "OMGFireflywibblyJossgirl."

According to fa11ing_away, I am a "sad and scary fangirl."

Another description, courtesy of nostalgia_lj: "Pervil timegasm and perverter of the innocent."

chocolatepot: "You're right to be frightened. One time, she made a post where she said that she liked Reinette better than Rose! That made a corner of the fandom slide off the cliffs and into the sea ... it will forever be known as Drakyndria, the lost continent."


Claims to fame: I was responsible for Doctor Who killing Snarry. And I once hugged Joss Whedon.

Myself and kittenblah are the two co-cpatains* of the TICKYBOX/Doctor/Door OT3. Anyone who wants to join our Ship Of Pure Awesome is welcome too, so long as you bring your own wooden spoon. And become our willing mniions*
*These are not typos. They are signifiers of our OT3's outrageous awesomeness.

I am a mod at torchwoodcoffee and lifeonmartha. Though the only one of these I spend any amount of time on is LoM and even that isn't much right now, but pester me if there is urgently required moderating.

I am also the founder of the Blowing Shit Up Agenda. All dues to be paid to me, thanks.

Totally isn't a member of the Evil Cabal controlling Doctor Who fandom. Or a sekritly oppressive Ninja

And a much longer description of me can be found in this post. It's way bit out of date, though.

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